Saam Daam Dand Bhed 20th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Mandira Provokes Ananth

Saam Daam Dand Bhed 20th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bulbul tries hard to seek family’s forgiveness. She serves food. Gayatri comes and sits of Bublul’s seat. Resham praises Agastya that he will be a good politician, asks Sadhna if he will. Sadhna fumes and leaves. Bulbul serves food to everyone, but they all ignore her. Gayatri yells she is losing weight and walks away with Resham yelling Vijay may have forgiven Bulbul, but they all will not. Bulbul takes food to Angad’s room and requests to have it. Angad says she is not that important to ignore food, he is angry on something else and asks her to get out. Bulbul walks away sadly. She then goes to her room. Vijay tries to walk away with bedsheet and pillow. She says she will go out. Vijay says nobody should have to and sleeps on sofa. Bulbul says she deserves sleeping on sofa and not on bed.

Mandira sees Ananth working and silently drops Vijay’s letter on floor. Ananth picks it back, but Mandira snatches it back. Ananth says it looked like someone’s letter. Mandira says it is not and acts as sleeping. Anandita wakes up and picks letter and reads it. He is shocked to see a love letter for Mandira with recent date, thinks whom Mandira has not forgotten yet. Mandira smirks thinking she changed date on Vijay’s letter, now he himself will reunite her with Vijay. Next morning, Ananth jogs on treadmill remembering what is written on letter and increases speed beyond 20 kmph. He falls down and injures his hand. Tejaswini rushes to him and asks if he is hurt, she will call doctor. Ananth says Mandira hurt his feelings and tells about love letter. She says they need to find out who he is. Ananth says he knows this handwriting, but cannot remember. She asks him not to worry, she will spy on Mandira and will find out whom she meets. Mandira drives car and notices Tejaswini following her, thinks her plan is working well. Tejaswini thinks she will find out whom Mandira will meet.

Next morning, Bulbul goes to kitchen to prepare food. Sadhna comes and starts preparing food separately. Bulbul tries to speak. Sadhna says when she is in kitchen, Bulbul should not come, anyways this house is so big that they cannot strike often. Bulbul reminisces telling same to Sadhna. Vijay thinks Bulbul has to fight her own battle. He goes to living room and asks Angad why did not he meet him since 2 days, there is a lot of work pending. Angad says he does not want to work with him anymore. Vijay asks if he felt bad regarding something. Angad says who is he to feel bad. Vijay asks what happened…

Precap: Mandira invites Vijay and family for holy celebrations from Kaushalpur royal family. During celebrations, she thinks whatever Bulbul tries, she will get back Vijay. Bulbul thinks she will not let Mandira take Vijay back.

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