Saam Daam Dand Bhed 19th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Will Vijay Forgive Bulbul?

Saam Daam Dand Bhed 19th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bulbul pleads Vijay to forgive her. Vijay says he hurt her unknowingly, but she hurt his family’s feeling purposefully, he will never forgive her for that. He never thought of Mandira after marrying Bulbul and was loyal to Bulbul always. Bulbul continues pleading. Vijay says if his family forgives her, then he will forgive her. She asks to take him to her house.

Angad returns home and angrily breaks things. Sadhna stops him. Angad cries how can Vijay chachu do this to him, he was always Chachu’s loyal hanuman, he would not have mind if Chachu had nominated some talent candidate, but he chose fit for nothing Agastya and proved that he values his real brother and not relatives like them. Sadhna asks him to calm down, she will speak to Vijay. He shouts no need and gives his promise not to speak about this, he knows what to do now.

Gayatri walks in and asks Sadhna if she is happy about Vijay’s new party and Agastya being selected as candidate. Resham walks in with Agastya and asks him to take Sadhna’s blessings as Vijay is clibing new heights with Sadhna’s blessings. Agastya touches Sadhna’s feet. Vijay walks in Bulbul. Sadhna shouts ghost, then says it is Bulbul, asks why did she return after insulting them so much, if she has anything left. Bulbul apologizes Sadhna and all and says Mandira asked to do this, she should not have believed Mandira and done this heinous act. Sadhna tells Gayatri nobody cares about them and don’t mind anyone insulting them, why should they bother, let them do whatever they want, looking a Vijay. She walks away. Bulbul looks at Vijay. Vijay signals she will not get his forgiveness.

In Sadhna’s room, Angad fumes that Vijay is taking his decisions himself and does whatever he want s to ignoring them. Bulbul walks in and asks Sadna to take back her room. Sadhna scolds she is not a kid to obey her whatever she wants to, she is fine with this room.

Mandira goes to her parent’s house and angrily searches something. Malkain asks what is she searhching. Mandira scolds her not to trouble her. Malkain leaves. Mandira finds Vijay’s love letter for her and plans to show it to Ananth. Tejaswini tells Ananth that he is ignoring Mandira’s misbehaviors as he is blindly in her love. Mandira walks in. Ananth asks where was she. She yells he is trying to control her. Ananth says he is just asking. Drama continues…..

Mandira drops letter in front of Ananth. Ananth picks it, but she snatches it. he asks whose letter it was. She says nobody’s and acts as sleeping. He picks letter and looks tensed.

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