Saam Daam Dand Bhed 18th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Vijay Disguises As Old Man

Saam Daam Dand Bhed 18th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mandira teaches girl’s dance to Agastya wearing high heeled sandals. Agastya falls down. Vijay gets worried. Agastya says he will learn dance in heels soon. Vijay says he trust his Agastya. Agastya says Aggu. Vijay emotionally hugs him. Gayatri calls grocer and asks if Bulbul came there. He says no. Gayatri thinks she has to find out what they are all up to and search Mandira’s room. Agastya gets tensed seeing girl’s dress. Bulbul, Mandira, and Vasu disguise him as girl Sadhna searches Mandira’s cupboard and tries to steal he clothes. BD asks her if she found out what is happening. Gayatri finds wig in cupboard. Agaystya as Mohini dances on Mera Chain Wain Sab Ujda…song…Yug records video. Vijay praises that he is looking exactly like girl and thanks Mandira. Angad says he has to send Mohini’s details to Pankaj.

Angad calls Vijay that Angad is searching for a girl for his party, he kept Mohini’s pamphlet in newpaper, but it fell down. Bulbul says not to worry, he did his job well. Pankaj finds pamphlet and comes to meet Mohini. His puppet Raghav rings door bell and says Pankaj has himself come to meet her and opens door. Vijay disguised as old muslim man meets them while family hides in a room. Vijay asks who are they. Pankaj asks who is. Vijay starts acting as Akbar Allahbadi of Amar Akbar Anthony movie. Raghav says this name is stolen from films. Vijay says Subhash Ghai stole his name when he went for mushayara.. Pankaj says he wants to meet Mohini. Vijay says everyone from Kashmir to Kanyakumari are searching Mohini. Raghav asks then how they dont know Mohini. Vijay says Mohini is from Delhi. Pankaj says he wants to see Mohini’s mujra. Vijay says it is insult to Mohini. Pankaj shows money. Vijay acts. Pankaj calls Moini looking at pamphlet. Yug says pamphlet has his friend’s number.

Pankaj asks Vijay to take his number. Vijay says he will reach his home with Mohini. Pankaj asks to call his number from his mobile. Mandira scolds Bulbul that she did not do proper homework before planning this. Bulbul asks Yug to call Vijay from his number, Pankaj will think it is his number. Phone rings. Vijay says phone rang, he will reach Pankaj’s home in some time.

Pankaj walks out. Baba calls him and warns to be careful as Vijay is planning to force him to confess his crime. Pankaj asks not to worry.

Mandira on the other side discourages Bulbul that her plan is full of defects, they have to think something else.

Precap: Sadhna asks Vijay and team where were they. Gayatri notices lipstick on Pankaj’s lips, and BD asks where had he been to.

Update Credit to: MA

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