Saam Daam Dand Bhed 17th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Mandira Tries To Harm Bulbul Again

Saam Daam Dand Bhed 17th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mandira organizes a magician party for Bulbul. Angad and Agastya distribute gifts among children and asks them to to enjoy till magician comes. Gayatri enters after makeover and asks if she is looking beautiful. They both taunt her and then Vasu. Bulbul asks them to go and get ready for party. They say they are already ready. Mandira thinks her puppet magician will finish Bulbul’s baby today. Party starts. Children dance on stage. Magician enters. Gayatri seeing him asks who is this black crow. He takes out rose from her hair and praises her beauty. She excitedly says he is a magician then.

Magician then goes to Mandira’s room. Mandira asks if he really can target Bulbul. He shows h er magic box trick and appears from another box. She says she is not interested in seeing his magic and wants to know if he can harm Bulbul or not. He says once Bulbul enter magic box and walks on secret route, secret door will open and she will fall 6 feet under ground. Mandira gets excited that Bulbul will lose her baby. She then asks what if Bulbul does not enter magic box. He says he will make a situation and force her to enter box. Mandira rejoices.

Vishal tells baba that his plan is foolproof this time and Vijay will be destroyed completely. Baba likes his aide and laughs.

Magician starts his tricks. Children enjoy and clap. They play musical chair and Bulbul loses. Magician says as a punishment, Bulbul has to get part in his trick and asks her to enter magical box. Bulbul gets up, but Sadhna stops her and says she is prengnant and should rest. Mandira and magician get tense. Children chant cheating.. Magician says it is a simple trick and asks Vasu to participate. Sadhna says Vijay is out of town, so she cannot permit her. Magician calls Vasu. Vasu walks into magic box and gets out of another box. Magician asks Bulbul to come on stage now. Bulbul walks into magic box, enters and shouts Bhabii… Vijay is tortured by Baba’s goons on the other side..

Precap: Baba warns Vijay that he will destroy his family. Vijay pulls baba’s chair and makes him fall. Baba orders to torture him more.

Update Credit to: MA

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