Saam Daam Dand Bhed 15th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Mandira’s Wicked Move

Saam Daam Dand Bhed 15th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sadhna walks to Bulbul and asks how is she. Bulbul says she is feeling weak. Sadhna says her kid is troubling her, he would be very mischievous. Bulbul says she is enjoying feeling a mother and enjoying this sweet pain. Vasu says chachi is worried bout chacha. Sadhna says he has gone to meet a famous doctor for Bulbul. Vasu checks internet and says that doctor’s details are not on internet at all. Sadhna asks Gayatri to bring buttermilk for Vijay.

Gayatri walks to kitchen. Mandira preparing papaya juice for Bulbul gets tensed and hides papaya. Gayatri asks what is she doing. Mandira shows muskmelon and asys she is preparing juice for herself. Gayatri leaves kitchen, walks to Bulbul and gives her butter milk. Bulbul says she does not want it. Mandira walks in and says she prepared muskmelon juice for them both. Gayatri asks her to drink first. Mandira drinks her glass and walks out saying it is up to Bulbul to drink juice or obey her family and throw it. She walks out and smirks thinking she knew Gayatri would do same, so she exchanged glass.

After sometime, fruit vendor rings door bell and gives money to Sadhna saying a pregnant lady bought papay, muskmelon, etc from him and forgot to take change. She thinks Bulbul did not go out, who must be then. Gayatri says Mandira for sure, but papaya is harmful for pregnancy. Sadhna runs up calling Bulbul. Bulbul is about to drink juice when Sadhna throws glass and informs Mandira tricked her harm her baby. Bulbul does not believe. Gayatri takes them to Mandira and confronts why did she give papaya juice. Mandira says she did not know papaya is harmful, why did not Gayatri stop her when she was preparing papaya juice. Gayatri gets confused and thinks she is at mistake. Mandira yells at her that if she makes mistakes, she does not say anything.

Vijay acts as unconscious and steals Visha’s goon’s mobile. At home, Gayatri apologizes Bulbul and says she did not mean to harm her. Vijay calls her, but Gayatri does not let her pick phone. Bulbul calls back, but goons return and kick Vijay. Phone falls far away. Bulbul does not hear from anyone and disconnects call. After sometime, Mandira starts her emotional drama and tellls Bulbul she has selected names for baby boys and girls both, then acts as emotional. Bulbul consoles her. mandira says she will organize magic show for her at home.

Precap: Mandira orders magician to kill Bulbul.

Update Credit to: MA

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