Saam Daam Dand Bhed 14th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Mandira Tries To Win Bulbul’s Heart

Saam Daam Dand Bhed 14th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bulbul excitedly asks Sadhna if she saw her baby on ultrasound, Vidhayakji will be so happy to hear the new of her pregnancy. Mandira stands stocked. Doctor says Bulbul is behaving as if she is hearing about her pregnancy first time. Sadhna says she knew, but she was tensed earlier hearing she cannot become pregnant. Bulbul happily walks to home temple and thanks god for giving her a boon. Doctor gives sonography CD to Sadhna. Sadhna tells Gayatri Bulbul is pregnant. Gayatri says chudail Mandira is not here, they already played this drama and shoudl think something else. Gayatri says Bulbul is really pregnant. Bulbul says doctor gave her baby’s sono CD. Family rejoices hearing that and takes selfie with her. She calls Vijay, but his phone is not reachable.

Vijay tied by baba’s goon in a godown asks Vishal to remove his monkey cap as he has identified him and his jijaji. Raghuvanshi/Baba hearing conversation over phone fumes. Vijay says he will get out of here and expose baba. Baba shouts. Vijay baba could not handle his daughter, how will he handle him. Baba angrily throws phone. Vishal removes his monkey cap. He reaches back to Baba. Baba asks why did he come here leaving Vijay there. Vishal says he ordered to kill Vijay as per Baba’s order. Baba says Vijay will first suffer like his daughter Mandira is suffering and then die.

Mandira imagines Bulbul taunting her and angrily throws things. Vasu and Gayatri gift god’s idols to Bulbul and asks to look at the idols first thing in the morning. Vasu says she needs a little sister. Angad says he needs a little brother. They argue. Bulbul enjoys. Mandira gets jealous seeing them ignoring her. Gayatri asks Bulbul to kick out Mandira. Vasu says she should before Mandira harms Bulbul. Bulbul stops them and feels sad. Gayatri apologizes Bulbul and asks not to get disheartened. Sadhna blesses Bulbul that they will get their heir via her womb.

Mandira thinks she should get Bulbul’s baby aborted via some plan, but before that she has to gain Bulbul’s trust. She cries in front of Bulbul that she was wrong and thought by bearing child,s he will gain Vijay’s confidence, but god punished her by giving Bulbul a baby, she will bear child for Bulbul and Bulbul should not disown her child. Gayatri says Mandira is shedding crocodile tears. Bulbul says she will give a chance to Mandira as promised. Gayatri warns to bear child and leave this house after delivery. Mandira agrees and says she just need a chance to repent. She goes aside and thinks she should get Bulbul’s baby aborted via an accident. She then sees a pregnant woman buying papaya and old lady stopping her saying it is not good for baby.

Precap: Mandira gives paya juice to Bulbul. Bulbul drinks it. Mandira smirks.

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