Saam Daam Dand Bhed 13th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Badki Dadi Motivates Dejected Bulbul To Fightback

Saam Daam Dand Bhed 13th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bulbul returns to her room shattered. BD enters and tries to calm her down, but Bulbul cries that she is inauspicious and earlier got Vijay away from his love, now Vijay himself went away from her, she is very inauspicious. BD tries and finally slaps her when she shouts she wants to die. Bulbul stops. BD says she has to stay here and fight for her right, this house is hers.

In living room, Mandira starts her drama and asks Sadhna to accept her and Vijay’s marriage for Vijay’s happiness. Sadhna asks who Vijay, the one is standing is not her family member. Gayatri tongue lashes next. Mandira addresses Vijay as Jaan and asks if he will see his wife being insulted by his family. Vijay smiles. Family continues opposing Vijay’s decision.

Bulbul walks down. Vijay hopes she goes away from here and not bear this pain. Mandira asks Bulbul to stop. Gayatri tongue lashes ther. Mandira asks Vijay to speak, else she will upload consummation Vasu’s video. Vijay asks Bulbul to stay back. She asks if he is telling or he is obeying Mandira. Vijay says he is telling. mandira says Bulbul is like her sister and her sister will perform her graha pravesh. Sadhna and BD tongue lash Vijay next. Vijay asks Bulbul to do as Mandira says. Bulbul agrees and does Mandira’s graha pravesh. Mandira walks in kicking rice bowl thinking she will kick out Bulbul from this house completely and from vijay’s life. She pushes Bulbul. BD holds Bulbul. Mandira says Bulbul was coming in her way, so she pushed her. She then asks Bulbul to do her milk ritual like a good sister and asks Vijay if her ritual will happen or not. Vijay says why not and asks Bulbul to follow Mandira’s instructions. Bulbul obeys,

Bulbul goes to kitchen and fills big bowl with milk. Gayatri tries to provoke Bulbul, but she does not react. Bulbul’s hands shake. Sadhna and Gayatri hold her. Sadhna says she hates Bulbul, but she considers her as bahu and will not give her right to Mandira…Drama continues..

Precap: No precap.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Absolutely disgusting…..Do you guys know that you are teaching people to do wrong by showing such acts like blackmailing people, making this videos and threatening to release it in media…Vijay is a politician and still was so easily convinced to marry Mandira….There are laws in this country and it is a crime to marry another women if you are already married….where are the opposition party and how come they are so silent on this whole matter…..There needs to be a change in the shows they telecast for the world to see and mock Indian mentality….

  2. I am disappointed completely with the story line how can everyone in the family be quite while Mandira’s evil triumph. Vijay is an MLA and yet he gives in to such cheap blackmail. The story writers should wake up.

  3. I think producers have so much money but he didn’t know how to spend money that’s why he take this type of creepy shows

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