Saam Daam Dand Bhed 12th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Ritu Meets Vijay

Saam Daam Dand Bhed 12th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bulbul continues confronting Ananth and reminds him that Vijay is his true friend. Ananth says he has always considered Vijay as brother and thinks he will not spare Vijay for his betrayal. He assures Bulbul and she leaves. Mandira sees Bulbul and asks why did she meet Ananth, what did she say him. Bulbul offers her kumkum and says it is pride of married woman, she should accept it. Mandira continues yelling. Bulbul leaves.

Rasik continues brainwashing Angad and asks him not to make any mistake which will end his political career before starting. Angad says he just wants to stand in election. Rasik thinks he will break Vijay’s family into pieces.

Mandira is in kitchen when Tejaswini walks in and asks her to prepare special food as Ananth’s special friends are coming. Mandira fumes.

Bulbul returns home and sees gold chain and locket near main gate, picks it and thinks she has seen it somewhere. Ananth on the other side fixes Vijay and his family’s photos to chess pawns and thinks he will play such a game that Vijay’s whole family will shattered into pieces and Vijay will be found no where. At his home, Mandira prepares food and thinks who must be Ananth’s special friend. Ananth walks in with Mandira’s parents. Mandira is surprised to see her parents and reacts negatively. Malkain asks if she is not happy seeing her parents.

Gayatri walks into kitchen and asks Sadhna why did not she prepare food yet and gives her long list of menu. Bulbul walks in and tells Sadhna that she brought temple thread for her as she was tensed after Prabhath’s death anniversary. Sadhna asks to use it herself. Gayatri yells she must have done black magic and burns thread.

A lady walks into Vijay’s office and waits for him. Vijay walks in. Lady meets him and introduces herself as Ritu, shaking hands. Vijay asks if he knows her. She gives him 25 lakhs donation for his party. Vijay says he cannot accept it. Ritu says he has to as her company funds parties, he can check her company’s profile, she has already followed his impressive story. Vijay hesitates even then. Ritu says even Ananth wants him to accept this donation as she had met Ananth 2 days ago and he discussed about party donation. Vijay gets happy. Ritu says she will leave now and next time will have coffee. Vijay says he forgot and invites her for coffee. She says next time and leaves. Vijay gets happy thinking Ananth helped him..

Precap: Sadhna gets a call, person says he is Prabhath and she has to get him mukti. Sadhna shockingly searches him. Bulbul takes phone and speaks next.

Update Credit to: MA

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