Saam Daam Dand Bhed 10th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Bulbul Corners Ananth

Saam Daam Dand Bhed 10th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bulbul closes Sadhna’s room window and seeing a man outside thinks it cannot be Vijay. Ananth standing outside house thinks he will break Vijay’s family ties. Vijay pampers sleeping Bulbul and says why she thinks so much even in sleep. Bulbul opens eyes and asks why he pampers her only in sleep. Their head strikes and their nok jhok starts. On the other side, Mandira goes to kitchen and does not find servants. Ananth says he has given off to all servants as Mandira loves cooking, he saw it at Vijay’s house. He also wants to enjoy her prepared food. Tejaswini passes by. Ananth calls her and says Mandira loves cooking, she can tell her breakfast menu to her. He says he is going for workout and when he returns, he needs French toast. Tejaswini says she needs kiwi and pomegranate juice and wants her to clean kitchen first and prepare her breakfast.

Vijay walks to Sadhna and asks if he became stranger to her, she can scold him like a son, why did she hide such a big issue. Sadhna thinks Bulbul told him about last night. Vijay says he found torn papers in Angad’s room, if he wanted to stand in election. Sadhna says Angad grew up holding Vijay’s hand and considers him as his idol, he wanted to get nomination ticket on his merit and not as Vijay’s nephew. Sadhna says Angad kept his nomination form. Vijay says he did not find any form and he searched whole night. Resham hears their conversation and keeps back nomination paper in file. Sadhna walks to Angad who is with Resham and says they thought wrongly about Vijay, he did not find Angad’s form, so Angad should apologize. Angad says Vijay is a lier and shows form in file. Resham says Vijay must have overlooked Angad’s form trying to find Agastya’s form.

Vijay cancels his party rally due to lack of funds. Bulbul thinks this cannot be coincidental and walks to Ananth. Ananth asks why did she come here. She gives him prasad and says she prayed for him and Vijay and reminds him of his and Vijay’s friendship. Ananth asks why is she reminding her all this. Bulbul says Vijay cares for him, so he hid truth not to hurt him, he apologizes by heart, if Ananth forgave Vijay truly. Bulbul continues convincing Ananth and asks him not to shatter their dream of political party.

Precap: Mandira questions Bulbul why did she meet Ananth. Bulbul finds chain and locket and thinks she has seen it somewhere.

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