Saadi Love Story (part 21)

It’s been 2 weeks since Sanskar had called Ragini and since the day he called her a new hope starts arising in Ragini’s heart. Hope, that he’ll come back soon; Hope that everything will be normal between them soon. And since that day her wait for him has started with a new zeal. It was as if his one phone call has given strength to her dyeing hope. Though he didn’t spoke a word to her that day yet she could read his quietness and can understand what he was going through over dere and why did he called her. She knows he too was missing her just like the way she is missing him nd datsy he had called her.

She was counting each and every day for him to return impatiently. She can’t even express how much she has missed him. She missed his killer smile, she missed those alluring eyes of his which seems to burn her body in desire, she missed the warmth of his embrace which was always dere wenever she needs him, she miss his smell around her, she miss those secret good night pecks on his forehead that she use to give him wen he was fast asleep without his knowledge, she miss making coffee for him, she miss arranging clothes for him every morning, she miss their conversation on this thing or other, she missed their comforting words with which he soothes all her restlessness, she missed HIM!!!!! yes she miss him like anything and desperately waiting for him to come back so that she could tell him what her life is without him nd how much essential is he for her. He was as essential for her as her breath. And without him she can’t live even for a minute.

Though her behaviour was still the same yet there is an unknown satisfaction in her heart, that even being miles away Sanskar remembered her and this satisfaction was enough to bring back the glow on her face to some extent. Yet his distance has made her aloof from everyone. Since the day Sanskar had called her she waited each and every day for his call but Sanskar haven’t called her after that day yet she waited nd waited. She too wanted to test to which extent he’s going to keep her away from him nd extent of her wait for him. People say that Love makes a person crazy nd it’s true in Ragini’s case. Yes she’s crazily in love with her husband nd will love him till her last breath.

Her each day begins with her wait for him nd her each night ended with clutching his shirt close to her while sleeping on couch to get his feel nd warmth around her. Yes she didn’t sleep on the bed since the tym Sanskar had gone to London, she just couldn’t. Therefore her every night ended by sleeping on couch holding his shirt close to her so that she could feel him close to her nd her aching heart can get little relief. AP though was happy to see that glow getting back on her face yet she was worried due to her aloofness nd the distance between Ragsan. She knows that something had definitely went wrong between them nd she wanted to talk to Sanskar or Ragini regarding this but seeing Ragini’s current situation she just cant ask anything to her while Sanskar always avoided this topic. Sighing she too just waits for Sanskar to return.

sahil was once again back from base after his ground duties nd seeing Sanskar’s absence nd Ragini’s aloofness he sensed something fishy nd his sharp mind instantly understands that something is definitely wrong between Ragsan. And as he enquired about it AP and others though indirectly he was confirmed that all is not well between them. Taking this as opportunity he tried many tymes to talk to her or to grab her attention so that he could brainwash her nd get back what was his; his Ragini. but no matter how much he tries he had to face failure each nd Everytym as Ragini was so much lost in Sanskar’s love nd her wait for him dat she never pays attention to what he was saying nd even worse sometimes she just say that she was feeling tired so she cant talk now wenever he comes to talk to her. In other words, she had completely avoided Sahil’s presence around her. It was as if he didn’t exist for her which was true anyways As if she had forgotten whole world including him in the Love of Sansakr. For only Sanskar’s name is engraved in her heart nd sahil was like a close chapter for her now. She never had feelings for before too but it was as if now she had forgotten him as a friend too. Sahil though was enraged with this behavior of hers but tried to maintain his cool so that he could make things falls back into right place.

“Enough is enough Ragini. You are coming with us today and its final” Heer said in a final tone

“Don’t even open your mouth to give any excuse because we are not going to buy it.” Heer said wen she saw Ragini opening her mouth to give another excuse of hers nd Ragini instantly shuts up her mouth twisting her lips.

Both heer and Uttara are trying their best to bring Ragini back to herself since the tym Sanskar had left but Ragini was too much adamant to be aloof so today they decided to take her out from this aloofness by hook or by crook. So here they are trying to take her with them for shopping from past 1 hour nd wen they saw that she’s still not ready to give up they decided to try another way to take her out with them. So here they are literally threatening her to take her with them

“Please guys! why don’t you understand. I don’t feel…”

“Like going anywhere, isn’t it?” Heer said completing her incomplete sentence arching her brows nd Ragini nodded her head in yes innocently

“Ragini, we are listening to same line from past 1 month so now either change this line or just come with us because we are definitely not going to buy this excuse of yours.” Heer said sternly. These two devils are hell bent today to take her out, she thought as she looked other side.

“What’s wrong with you Ragini? Since the tym Bhai has gone to London you had become so lifeless. I mean this is not the first tym Bhai had gone somewhere but this is for the first tym you are behaving like this. Did anything went wrong between you nd Bhai?” Uttara asked concerned nd Ragini looked at Heer who was equally as clueless as Uttara as Rasgini haven’t told about that night to her too.

“Nothing like that Uttara everything is fine between me nd Sanskar. Trust me.”Ragini said with a faint smile because last thing she wants is to family know about the truth of their relation.

“Then what’s the problem that you had become so aloof to everyone since the tym Jiju had gone to London.” Heer groaned in irritation not able to find out the hidden pain in her friends life making both Ragini and Uttara jumped due to her sudden outburst.

“It’s nothing like that Heer. Ok you both want me to go to shopping with you? fine I’ll go with both of you. Happy now?” Ragini said finally sighing in defeat nd both Heer and Uttara cheered in happiness.

“Great, ye Hui Na baat. O God Ragini you don’t know how much happy I am. You know I had already planned what nd where we are going to buy. And Ragini we’ll buy something to renovate your room too. I mean just look at this room. It looks so dull. Ye Bhai bhi Na, his room is exactly like him, boring. But don’t worry we’ll change whole of its picture. Like this painting we’ll remove it from here nd will place something else. And see there’s not a single pic of you nd Bhai together, we’ll put both of urs wedding pic here in the centre of the wall nd dis Swara Bhabhi’s and Bhai pic we’ll remove and will place…” Uttara was ranting in excitement wen Ragini interrupted in between.

“No Uttara we won’t change anything in this room.” Ragini said interrupting her in mid nd Uttara looked at her confused

“Sanskar doesn’t like any changes especially in his room nd I don’t want to do anything what he don’t like. He had many memories with each nd every belonging of this room nd I just can’t keep those memories away from him. When Sanskar will come back den I want this room to be exactly the way he likes so that he won’t feel stranger in his own room. Each nd every thing of this room will remain at its own place nd will not go anywhere. This room will remain in the way it is because like Sanskar I too love it in this way only. Therefore we are not going to renovate it all” Ragini said with a sweet smile lost somewhere in her own words as her mind nd heart again got captured by only one name nd that is “Sanskar”.

Heer and Uttara just looked at her unblinkingly not believing that she’s really a human. Here she loves her husband beyond the limits of sanity nd he’s still living with the memories of his past nd inspite of being jealous or pained she’s here supporting him in that. How anyone can love someone so crazily that she didn’t have any expectations from him, they thought as they looked at Ragini lost in the thoughts of Sanskar.

“Fine Ragini, no one will change anything in this room. But abhi you need to change” Heer said breaking Ragini’s trance nd she looked at her confused.

“Arey for going out. Are you planning to go shopping with us in these clothes? Now c’mon go nd change fast. We are getting late.” Heer said literally pushing Ragini towards the washroom along with her closed without giving her any chance to protest further.


Kavya was pacing to and fro in her room fuming badly. She really doesn’t understand that what magic did Ragini had spelled on everyone that no one sees anything beyond her. Just like Heer and Uttara who were hell bent in taking her out for shopping much to her protest. Kavya was passing by Ragini’s room wen she overheard their conversation nd saw how they are successful in finally taking Ragini out. Not once did they ask Kavya. Forget about asking they didn’t even thought of taking her out. Does she need to tell everyone that she too exists in the same house only, in case they forgot it? But it seems that no one even care to think about her. its been an hour since Ragini had gone out but Kavya mood was still the same

“Enough is enough. Now I can’t tolerate it anymore. What is it in this Ragini that I don’t have? No one sees anything beyond her. Maa, Laksh, Uttara nd even my own husband Nikhil everyone seems to be so crazy for her. I thought that after Swara I’ll be the one who’ll get utmost attention in this house but Hume kya pata tha that after Swara’s death this Ragini will roam all around in this house like her shadow. And the worst part is that everyone loves her beyond any limit. Ragini is happy so every member celebrates her happiness, she is sad then everyone mourns in this house. But why should I complaint about others wen my own husband never cares about me but that Ragini. he seems to be so fond of her then his own wife. And even Sanskar bhai seems to be so close to her. Ok agree now he’s not here but he’ll come back sooner or later nd what I am seeing nd feeling between both of them now-a-days it seems that they both are very much close to each other. It’s not a good sign wat if Sanskar bhaiya names all the property under Ragini’s name. No, I can’t let this happen. I had to do something before everything slips from my hand. By hook or by crook I’ll get my own position in this house.” Kavya said determinedly as her evil mind started working on the plan to get rid from this trouble named Ragini. She was thinking only of some plan wen she heard her cellphone ringing. She frowned when she looked at the name of caller. It shows “Sanskar bhaiya”. It was strange Sanksar never calls her then why is he calling her now.

“Hello kavya!” she heard Sanskar’s voice from the other side as soon as she picked up the phone.

“Hello bhaiya How are you? You called me? Anything important”

“I am fine. Ya I just called to inform that I am returning back tonight so ask Nikhil to get ready with all the files of Khanna’s project as we have a presentation tomorrow itself. In Fact I am calling from airport only. I tried calling Nikhil’s cell but its coming not reachable so do inform him without forgetting anything.” Sanskar said in a stern voice to which kavya just said “Ok” meekly nd cuts the call.

“Great now I am left for this only. To be an informer nd inform everyone about each other.” Kavya said throwing away her cellphone in frustration. Just then Ragini’s word buzzed in her mind that she said regarding renovation of room nd an evil smirk crept on her face finally getting a perfect plan.

“So Sanskar bhaiya doesn’t like changes but what if the changes are done by his own wife. Come soon bhaiya. A big surprise is waiting for you.” she said smirking nd headed outside the room to execute her plan


AP was sitting in her room lost in some deep thoughts. The way Ragsan’s relationship is going is really worrying her a lot. It’s been a month nd neither Ragini’s behaviour changed nor there any news for Sanskar’s arrival. But she don’t even know what’s the problem between them as both of them are too stubborn to say anything. But she can’t sit over here also like this. She need to do something before everything gets worse. Nikhil came inside her room to talk about something only to find her lost in some thoughts

“What happen maa? You seem tensed.” he asked breaking AP’s thoughts nd she took a deep breath.

“Yes Nikhil I am tensed. I am tensed about the way Ragini and Sanskar’s relationship going. There’s something amiss. Ragini never behaved like this before neither did Sanskar was so much ignorant towards her like this.”AP said sighing heavily

“You are right maa. It’s so strange for both of them behaving like this. you know maa I thought by taking Ragini to the office I’ll divert her mind for sometym but nothing worked.”

Tell me one thing, did anything has happened between them in my absence.” AP asked nd Nikhil went thoughtful.

“No maa everything was fine between them. Infact in the reception party of Oberai’s, you should have seen them maa; they were so lost in each other. Anyone could tell seeing them that they both are crazily in Love. Don’t know what had happened between them.” Nikhil said shrugging his shoulders making AP thoughtful.

“Hum batate hai maa.” both heard kavya’s voice from behind intruding their conversation.

“Sorry to interrupt maa but I can’t hold myself back seeing both of you in worry.” Kavya said as she stepped inside with faking concern.

“It’s ok . You wanted to say something?” AP said coming straight to the point as its indigestible for her to see kavya so concerned.

“maa, I overheard your conversation with Nikjil nd in fact I am also worrying about that only.” kavya said nd nikhil arched his brows in confusion. Kavya nd getting worried that too for Ragini, this is something unusual.

“I know nikhil what you are thinking? I know that may be all of you think that I don’t like Ragini but it’s not true. She’s like my sister only nd I too feel concern for her it’s just that I m not able to express it.” Kavya said as soon as she noticed Nikhil’s expressions

“Anyways maa I am here to give a solution of your problem. maa we all know in what circumstances bhaiya and Ragini got married nd we also know that how deeply bhaiya was in Love with Swara Bhabhi. Though we all are noticing closeness between bhaiya nd Ragini now-a-days but still bhaiya is living with the memories of Swara Bhabhi. In Fact he didn’t even removed any of Bhabhi’s pic from his room nd this to you all must have also seen that there’s not a single pic of Ragini and bhaiya in the room.”

“What do you want to say kavya? Say clearly” Nikhil said not understanding where she is hinting at.

“Nikhil what if we renovate Sanskar bhaiya’s room. I mean removing all those old belongings nd decorating it with new one. I mean it’s very important to free bhaiya from his old memories then only he can move ahead in his life.”kavya said looking expectantly at AP who went thoughtful listening to her.

“What rubbish are you talking ? Bro will never like it nd this can worse the situation.” Nikhil protested not having the good feeling about her idea.

“Trust me nothing is wrong in it. you only think that how can their relationship will move ahead if bhaiya will stuck up in his old memories. This is the best for them.”

“Kavya is right. We should do this.” AP said before Nikhil could protest

“I understand your worry Nikhil but kavya is also not wrong. Sanskar need to get rid of those old memories then only he can move ahead. I don’t think Kavya is wrong anywhere.” She said nd Kavya smirked seeing the success of first step her plan

“Thank you maa. I had planned each nd every thing. Sanskar Bhaiya has called me few mins back nd he told that he’s coming back tonight nd even Ragini is not here so why not complete everything today itself. It’ll be a good surprise for both of them.” kavya said excitedly

“But kavya how will everything happen so soon.”

“You don’t worry for that maa. I’ll handle everything. Just give me your consent.” She said looking at her expectantly nd as soon as AP gave her approval she excitedly went out from room to do all the preparations

It was 9 of the night wen Sanskar finally came back home from airport. Ragini is still not came back as Heer and Uttara didn’t let her. Even she was with Heer and Uttara but she was hardly paying any concentration on it. Not even she paid attention in the movie that they had seen much to Uttara’s insistence. There was an unknown restlessness in her heart all the while. It was as if something is going to happen today. Like her wait is going to over. She kept her hand on her heart which was thudding so loudly just by thinking of Sanskar’s name. Strangely she could sense his fragrance in the air today. Her heart was fluttering like it knows that he’s here now nd very soon she’ll be in his arms. Many tymes she looked around herself to see if he’s somewhere around her but was disappointed to find no one over dere. God knows why is she feeling like this today. Is it any sign given by God or her wait is now taking toll on her, she thought as she absent mindedly listen to Heer’s and Uttara’s talk not knowing about the sudden twist of her fate yet again.

As Sanskar entered the mansion he found it unusually quiet. No one is there in the living room not even Ragini nd a sudden thought of not seeing Ragini after whole 1 month had filled his heart with restlessness. This whole month was so tough for him. First he had to stay away from Ragini then his restlessness nd den his confrontation with Swara or his own self everything was too much for him. Even after spending next two whole weeks contemplating on Swara’s words he was still not able to accept the fact that he Loves Ragini. he tried many ways to make his restless heart calm but nothing worked so finally he decided to come back home nd now wen he’s here he just wants to see her one glimpse but she was nowhere to see.

“Probably she’s in room nd everyone else slept early.” He thought as he sighed heavily nd headed towards his room after asking Nakul to bring coffee for him not knowing the surprise waiting for him.


Sanskar stopped in his tracks seeing the sight in front of him as soon as he stepped inside the room. Whole picture of room was changed. It doesn’t seem to be his room anymore. For once he even thought that probably he had came in some wrong room but he was sure that it’s his room only. His fist nd jaw clenched tight in anger as he looked around whole room. The walls which use to adorn with his nd Swara’s pic are now adorning with his nd Ragini’s pic, all the small nd big items of decoration he bought with Swara are replaced with the new ones nd what caught his attention is the wedding pic of his nd Ragini in the middle of the wall where his nd Swara’s wedding pic was use to be before. A sudden rush of Anger course in his veins as he found all these changes in the room. It was just not the items but his memories with Swara which now must be lying somewhere in the corner of the store room like an old trash.

“Nakul! Nakul!” Sanskar called out loud in anger nd in no tym Nakul was there

“Who did all this? I am asking you something answer me Damn it!” Sanskar groaned in anger seeing him dipping his head.

“Arey bhaiya you are back.” he heard kavya’s voice as she stepped inside before Nakul can say anything. She gestures Nakul to go away from there as soon as she came inside nd Nakul literally ran away from there.

“kavya who did all this? Who had removed mine nd Swara’s pic from this room?” Sanskar bombarded her with his questions nd Kavya smirked mentally as this is wat she’s expecting.

“bhaiya… Woh… hum…”

“Answer me !!!! Who did this?” He groaned yet again in anger seeing her fumbling with words.

“I… I don’t know” kavya said looking other side making Sanskar suspicious.

“Look at me nd den answer. I know you know about it. Tell me Damn it!!! “he roared in anger making Kavya jump in fear

“I am saying true. I don’t know about it but ya I heard Ragini nd Uttara talking about the renovation of this room.” She blurted out faking innocence nd Sanskar’s expressions immediately turned from anger into shock as soon as she mentioned Ragini’s name.

“Ragini” he mumbled absentmindedly not believing that she could do this.

“Yes . Woh I was passing from here then I heard them conversing about the renovation of this room. And they are not even at home also. They had gone out for shopping. May be Ragini only did this.” she said keeping a keen observation on Sanskar’s expressions which was the way she has expected.

” it’s your personal matter but I seriously feel that Ragini shouldn’t have done this. I mean they are not just pics it’s your memories with Swara Bhabhi nd by removing it like this it’s an insult to them. I agree that she’s your wife now so it must be difficult for her to accept your Love for someone else but she must understand you. By removing all this like this just because she wants her place in your lyf nd heart is really not acceptable. I didn’t expect something like this from Ragini atleast.” kavya said in order to add more fuel in the fire nd Sanskar just clenched his fist in anger

“Leave me alone.” He said coldly nd kavya find it the best opportunity to leave so she left from there but not before giving a fake sympathetic look to him.

Sanskar ponders over Kavya’s words as soon she left from there. His heart was not ready to believe that Ragini could do something like this especially then wen he himself had witnessed her relationship with Swara but what he’s seeing now, he can’t ignore that too. Once again he was torn between his heart nd mind. He was again fighting a battle between his heart nd mind which were going in two different directions. His heart is not believing on a single word that kavya has said but his mind was clouded with suspicions after witnessing the sight in front of him. He groaned out loud in frustration not able to choose any path that could let him in peace. Wasn’t all the turmoil that he was facing since past 1 month was enough that now this has happened to add to his miseries.

“Why had you done this Ragini? I am still not able to believe that you had done something like this. But how should I ignore all this that I am seeing. You have to answer me Ragini. You have to.” Sanskar muttered helplessly as he found himself fighting a battle between his heart nd mind yet again.


Its been more than half an hour since Sanskar came back wen Ragini had returned with Uttara all tired nd exhausted only to be greeted by AP in the living room who was looking at her with a mischievous smile. Both Uttara and Ragini looked at each other nd den back at her but she didn’t stopped grinning nd looked at Ragini mischievously.

“What happen maa? You are looking very happy today?” Ragini said as she sat in the couch besides her removing her sandals.

“Ya I am very happy today?” She said nd Ragini looked at her suspiciously.

“Why maa did something big happened today?” Uttara said stretching her muscles.

“Ya something big has happened but not for us but for Ragini.”

“For me? What is it maa?” Ragini asked curiously to which AP gave her a knowing smile. Ragini keeps on looking at her confusingly but soon her eyes widens in surprise as realization hits her hard where AP is hinting at nd a wide smile crept on her face

“maa’ you mean… You mean Sanskar… Sanskar is back” Ragini asked between the sudden rush of excitement not believing her ears

“Yes Beta, your Sanskar is back. He’s in his room. I didn’t meet him yet because I wanted you to be the first one to meet him. Go nd meet him” AP said nd as son as she gets the confirmation she literally ran away towards their room forgetting everything behind. Uttara tried calling her but she was in no state to listen anything.

“Let her go Uttara. She had waited for long for Sanskar to come back. Now she won’t listen to anyone. After whole 1 month I am seeing that glow back on Ragini’s face nd it’s just because of Sanskar.” AP said smiling amidst her tears as she looked at Ragini retreating figure


Anything or anyone doesn’t seem to stop Ragini at this moment as she ran bare feet towards their room hurting her leg with the nearby table in the process. But she care less for that. The mere news of Sanskar’s homecoming had given wings to her nd she feels like a free bird flying in air freely. Sanskar is back, her Sanskaris back is the only thing running in her mind at that moment. God knows how many tymes in this 1 month she had dreamt of this moment nd it seems that finally her wait is going to be over.

She stopped right at the door of the room as she saw him standing in the room facing his back towards her. Oh! She was so happy to see him standing over dere in flesh nd bones, whole month, while 1 month she had waited just for his one glimpse nd today seeing him in front of her doesn’t seem to be less than a dream to her. She smiled amidst her tears seeing her soul finally coming back to her nd next moment she rushed nd hugged him tight from behind out of sheer happiness seeking his warmth which she terribly missed in this 1 month, unknown to the storm going on in Sanskar’s heart which is going to shatter all her hope yet again.

Sanskar was standing in the middle of room still lost in his thoughts. Anger, helplessness, rage, frustration, pain; all these emotions he was feeling right now with the sudden turn of events. Swara’s words rang back in his mind as he looked at his nd Ragini’s picture all over the room in place of his nd Swara’s, along with kavya’s words making him even more frustrated on himself. Why it is so hard for him to accept everything the way it is, why it is so difficult for him to accept that Ragini had taken swara’s place in his heart nd life. the way Swara’s face transformed in to Ragini’s that day was still fresh in his mind making him more nd more restlessness nd now this renovation of the room has just added more fuel to his miseries. He was still trying to contemplate between right nd wrong when he finds a soft frame crushing on his back hard nd a pair of arms hugging him tight from his waist. He don’t have to guess who it is as he could sense her with her aroma. It’s none other than Ragini who was hugging him like her life was depended on him.

“Aap waapas aa Gaye. I can’t tell you how much happy I am. Maine Aapko bahut miss kiya Sanskar. Please, Dobara kabhi mujhe aise chod ke mat jayiyega.”Ragini almost whispered expressing her longingness without him unknown of the turmoil going in her husband’s heart

Sanskar closed his eyes as soon as Ragini’s words reached in his ears. But he was too much burning in his own miseries to feel the longingness in her voice. Everything that was happening with him since past 2 months nd what he was saw now was taking a toll on him blocking all his senses to differentiate between right nd wrong. And as a result he removed Ragini’s hands nd harshly pulled her in front so that he could face her. Ragini who was till now lost in the warmth of his embrace looked at him shocked when she found his eyes spitting fire. She looked at his one eye to another trying to find the reason of his fury but nothing seems to hit her at that moment.

“Why had you done this Ragini? Answer me.” She heard his voice laced in anger nd knotted her brows in confusion not understanding what he’s talking about

“Don’t act like you don’t know anything. I seriously haven’t expected this from you.” he said rather painfully seeing Ragini all confused.

“Sanskar” she muttered absentmindedly not understanding anything.

“Why you removed mine nd Swara’s pics Ragini? Why you had changed each nd everything in this room that has connected me with her? WHY???” he roared out loud in anger nd Ragini looked around herself only to find the whole picture of the room changed. She was too lost till now in happiness of him coming back to notice the changes in their room. But she had no idea who did this

“You knew Ragini, you knew it very well what these memories meant to me yet you did this. WHY???” Sanskar’s loud voice broke her trance as he pulled her closer while grabbing her arms harshly nd she looked at him scared.

“Sanskar I…” she tried to protest only to be interrupted by Sanskar.

“Not a word Ragini. What do you want to prove ha… that you had taken Swara’s place? I told you that no one can take Swara’s place in my heart. Absolutely No One!!!! Yet you tried this.” He spoke in sheer agony holding her arms tight almost digging his nails in her flesh while Ragini hissed in pain.
“Sanskar I haven’t…” she tried to protest yet again hissing in pain only to be interrupted by him again.

“You can’t take Swara’s place Ragini. Did you hear that Ragini, you can’t take her place neither in my heart nor in my life.” he spoke harshly which was actually his own helplessness over his heart speaking out while making his grip more strong such that his nails were digging on her soft flesh hurting her even more.

“Sanskar you are hurting me.” Ragini moaned in pain as tears started clouding her eyes seeing his mistrust on her.

All the happiness nd excitement that she was feeling few mins back was now replaced with pain nd tears seeing him behaving like this nd especially then when she was not even at fault. Sanskar gripped her heart more strongly expressing his helplessness. The pain he was feeling right now due to the turmoil of his own heart, he wanted to Ragini to feel the same. Ragini closed her eyes nd tears started flowing down from her eyes as the pain gets unbearable to her. It was not just a physical pain, this tym her heart was screaming in pain seeing the result of all her Love, all her wait, all her sacrifices being this. Sanskar’s expressions soften wen he saw tears flowing from Ragini’s eyes making him realize what he is doing nd he instantly loosen his grip on her arms moving a step behind, Ragini opened her tear filled eyes nd looked at him in pain while Sanskar looked other side not able to bear tears in those hazels but he too was hurted then how can he sooth her.
“You hurted me Ragini You really hurted me a lot.” Sanskar said before leaving the room leaving Ragini alone in the pool of her pain.

She thumped on the floor crying bitterly due to the sudden turn of events. What has she done that he was punishing her like this? Was loving someone selflessly is such a big mistake that she gets this punishment? He didn’t even listen to her nd gave her his verdict. When did she try to take Swaraa’s place? Inspite of being in Love with him crazily, she never expected anything from him nor did she ask for any of her right. Ok agreed that she wanted to confess her Love for him but that too because she wanted to take him out from his guilt trip. All she did is to love him selflessly nd all what she got in return is an accusation that she’s trying to take Swara’s place that too by the person she loves the most. She can’t even think of taking her Di’s place no matter how much she craves for his Love. Her heart was bleeding as it was not only hurt this tym, it was completely broken. All her wait all this while seems to be futile due to his just one accusation.

“Ragini” she heard someone beckoning from behind nd she instantly recognized whose voice it was. It’s none other than Sahil. Ragini instantly got up from floor nd wiped away her tears still facing her back towards him.

“Ragini I heard nd saw whatever happened between you nd Sanskar.” he said wishing her to turn back to look at him. This is the golden chance for him nd he just can’t let it go.

” I told you before also that Sanskar doesn’t love you. He can never love you as he still loves Swara. He can only give you pain like he gave just now. You still had tym Ragini leave all this. You don’t deserve to get this much pain nd humiliation.” He said hoping that his words could hit the weak nerve of her nd she would consider about leaving Sanskar but what she said next had shocked him to the core.

“It’s the matter between a husband nd a wife nd I don’t want any outsider interfering in our matter so kindly stay away from it. And as for now leave me alone if you can.” Ragini said coldly without any emotions still facing her back towards him while Sahil looked at her shocked. Even after getting humiliated by Sanskar this much she is still not ready to listen anything against him. He keeps on looking at her unbelievingly for a while nd then left the room leaving her alone in her own miseries.


“Ruko Sanskar” Sanskar heard AP’s voice beckoning him from behind as he angrily marched towards his gym making him stop dead in his tracks.

“What do you think you did just now with Ragini?” she asked as she came nd stood in front of him along with Uttara. It was clearly evident from both of their facial expressions that they heard nd saw what happened between him nd Ragini.

“maa I don’t want to talk about this.” Sanskar said as he moved ahead to go to his gym only to be stopped by AP again.

“You can’t run away Everytym Sanskar. You have to listen to me.” AP’s commanding voice made him stop yet again but he didn’t turned to face her.

“How could you talk to Ragini like this ? Do I need to remind you that she’s your wife? How can you accuse her like that” AP said angrily nd the last thread of Sanskar’s patience broke nd he turned towards her angrily.

“Then what do you expect from me maa? I too didn’t felt happy for accusing her like this but I was not wrong maa. What she did was truly unbearable to me. You don’t know maa what she did.” he said with his voice mixed with Anger nd pain

“And you think that you know everything, isn’t it? Then sorry to break the bubble Mr. Sanskar Maheshwari but I know everything. I know the reason behind your anger nd let me tell you that Ragini is not at fault. She hasn’t renovated the room.” AP revealed making Sanskar shocked to its wits with her revelation.

“What are you saying maa?” he asked not believing his ears.

“Yes bhai you heard right. Ragini didn’t renovate the room. It was our decision to renovate it nd Ragini was totally unaware about all this nd probably dis is what she too wanted to say but you didn’t heard her in front of your own anger.” Uttara said but Sanskar was hardly concentrating on anything. His mind was just wandering on one thing that Ragini was innocent nd he accused her for no fault of her.

“O god! What had I done? Ragini was innocent nd I accused her like this.” he thought as he closed his eyes in regret not knowing whether he’ll be able to fix the damage now or not unknown of the further revelation by AP and Uttara which are going to make him regret even more nd this tym a big one.

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