RuSha~ Main Teri Heer Tu Mera Raanjha (3~Paglu’s Promise To Shona)

 jahaan jayegimera saath paayegi,
Chahay jo bhi ho ye deewangi martay dum tak tera saath nibhayegi~ 

Preesha was eating the chocolate and when she was finished with it, Yuvraaj woke up and saw her keeping the wrapper on the rug. She looked up at him and saw his angry face and sat pressing her back hard against the bed. He got off the bed and sat on his knees and took the wrapper throwing it in the dustbin. “Don’t throw the wrappers here and there, throw it in the dustbin,” he said sternly. She sat holding her knees getting already scared by him. He melted seeing her innocence and sat in front of her, he cupped her cheeks making her look at him. 

” Teri Shirt Da Main Ta Button SoniyeBaalon Ka Tere Main Haye Clip Ho Gaya, Chand Se Bhi Zyada Sona Mukhda Tera, Haye Dekhte Hi Dil Ye Slip Ho Gaya, O Mar Gaye Yaar Deewane, O Tere Lover Purane, O Die Heart Fan Tere Hain, Tuhi Kadar Na Jaane,” he sung totally irritating her as he was twirling her hair and sometimes nuzzling in her neck. She pushed him away and stood up. “Just stop this stupid song, I just want to go from here, please please please please please!” She said shouting like a child messing the whole room. He held her arms and stopped her. 

Then he made her sit on the bed while she jerked away his hands. “Look Shona, your mom and dad have gone somewhere, so you will have to stay here till then, okay? What do you want? Tell me? Chocolate? Ice cream? What? Tell me?” He asked and she shook her head like a child. “Should I play with you?” He asked and she shook her head again. “Should I bring play station for you? Then we both will play,” he said and she shook her head like a child getting annoyed. 

He got an idea and clicked his fingers. “Mobile phone?” He asked and she shook her head and stood up angrily. “I told you na I don’t want anything?” She asked angrily yet childishly and then slapped him. His face turned to the other side and then he looked at her boiling in anger. He held her arms and pinned her to the nearest wall. “Tumhe main…!” He said and was about to raise his hand but she held his hand and then pushed him on the floor with all her force. She looked around to find something by her eyes. 

Her gaze went at the syringe given by the mystery man, she picked it and then looked at Yuvraaj who was holding his head in pain. She sat down and was about to inject him but just then Madhavi came and she hid the injection in her jeans pocket. Madhavi got shocked seeing Yuvraaj on the floor and called Rajan for help, he came and placed him on the bed. “What were you doing Yuvraaj?” He asked. “I stood up to talk to her,” Yuvraaj told him. “And he tried to hit me,” Preesha complained. 

Yuvraaj, what’s this? You know her condition and then also you did this?” Rajan scolded him. “Uncle, he’s so bad, I fell also because of him only,” she told him. “Don’t annoy her, what’s your problem?” Rajan said sternly and she walked out of the room. “Dad, are you my dad or her dad?” He asked irritatingly. “Your dad, but when you’ve promised her parents to take care of her so then do only what you promised, no need to do anything extraordinary like annoying her or being hard on her, I m calling her inside, better be sorry,” Rajan said sternly and went to call Preesha. 

“Mom, now do you even care how all this happened?” Yuvraaj asked Madhavi and then told her everything. “Uh oh, who can it be?” She asked and just then Rajan entered with Preesha. “Sorry Shona,” he apologized and she pouted creasing her eyebrows. “Don’t call me Shona, only he used to call me, you don’t call me by this name, my name is Preesha,” she said angrily but childishly. “Ok, Preesha, now come here,” he said. “Why? Are you going to try to kiss me again?” She asked and Rajan and Madhavi looked at each other. 

Rajan went to Yuvraaj and held his collar. “Dimaag theek hai tera? Uski aisi haalat or tu hai ke…,” He was cut in between. “Dad Meri bhi haalat kharaab hai, main bhi toh hospital mein hoon,” he said angrily. “Sorry bolnahi toh usay wapis bhej doonga uske Ghar, jab zimedaari li hai toh puri karchal,” Rajan said and moved from there. “Preesha, come,” Yuvraaj said extending his hand and she walked towards him with baby steps. “Sorry,” he said holding his ears. “It’s okay,” she said with a pout and then moved away immediately. 

“Mom, when would I be able to go home?” Yuvraaj asked. “I will ask the doctor,” Madhavi replied and started leaving. “Stop, I already did, only a week more,” Rajan told him and he turned away his face getting irritated. A week later, Yuvraaj was discharged. He was sitting in separate room and Preesha was in different room. Without her notice, the mystery man entered her room by the window and watched as she was playing with dolls. He smiled and approached her greeting her by palming her eyes. She giggled and touched his palms. “Mystery friend,” she said excitedly. 

He moved her palms and came in front of her. “Yes, it’s me,” he said and then closed the door locking it. “So did you give him the shot?” He asked. “No, I didn’t got a chance, and when I did, aunty came,” she told him childishly. “Ok, no problem, but still I got you something you like,” he said and gave it to her. It was a stargazer and a big chocolate. She smiled childishly at him. “Thank youuuu,” she said and hugged him, he hugged her back. “From what name should I call you?” She asked breaking the hug. “I told you my name is Rudra.. but you can call me Pagloo, but yes, don’t tell anyone about me, else they won’t let me come here, and I will take you sooner from here, and it’s Paglu’s promise to Shona,” he said and went. 



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