RuSha~ Main Teri Heer, Tu Mera Raanjha (2~Mysterious Guy Helps)

~Patta Patta, Boota Boota, Haal Humara Jaanay Hai,
Jaanay Na Jaanay, Gull Hi Na Jaanay, Baag Toh Saara Jaanay Hai~ 

“Main apni amaanat ko uss Ghar se le kar hi aaungaphir chahay Mujhe Koi bhi khatra uthana paray,” said the mystery man revealing himself to be Rudra. “Haan Preeshazinda hai tumhara Rudra, or apnay pyaar ko wapis lenay main zaroor aaungavo pyaar hi kya jis mein insaan apni jaan par khelay nahi? Vo pyaar hi kya Jo apnay pyaar ko takleef mein dekh sakayTumhari takleef Meri takleef or tumhari jaan meri jaan hai, tum bas raah dekhti rehnatumhaaray liye main anjaan zaroor hogaya hoon lekin anjaan ho Kar phirse ek doosre se khudko milwaengay, see you baby,” he said to Preesha‘s photo. 


Later at night, Yuvraaj was forcing Preesha to sleep with him. “C’mon darling, sleep with me, look my bed is so comfy, you will have a good night sleep,” he said taking her to the bed holding her hand, she narrowed her eyes at him and pushed away his hand. “I don’t want to sleep with you, I want to sleep somewhere else,” she said and was about to go outside but he held her arms and pulled her back pushing her behind and locked the door. She again neared the door but he pulled her close. 


“You don’t have any option, your parents got convinced by me, now you will have to do whatever I say, close your eyes,” he said palming her eyes and then went behind her and was about to touch her but just then he received a phone call. He slapped his forehead and picked the call which was from a private number. It was a voice of a girl. “Namaste, are you Vikram from Dubai?” Said the girl’s voice. “What? Who’s this?” He asked irritatingly. “Actually I m your old friend, you won’t be remembering me, so you may need to meet me,” she said. “Old friend of mine? Or of Vikram? I m not Vikram,” he said. “So you are Vicky, right?” Asked the girl. “What? Vicky? Now who the hell is this Vicky?” Yuvraaj asked. “Uh oh, now I remember you’re actually Tiger,” said the girl’s voice and then he heard the cry of a baby from the other end of the phone. “Now is the time to feed our baby,” said the girl. “Baby? Ours? I don’t have any baby, stop this nonsense,” Yuvraaj said. “Baby, look your father is rejecting you,” said the girl. He heard a louder cry this time. “Choke your blo*dy baby to death but don’t claim me as his father,” Yuvraaj said. “Before your parents get to know about this, meet me at the xyz place,” said the girl and the call disconnected. It was actually Rudra talking to Yuvraaj as a girl, he had used the toy for the baby’s crying voice. He smirked at the people in front of him. “Now all you need to do is beat him black and blue till he’s fully drained out,” Rudra said to the devilish goons and bribed them cleverly. 


Yuvraaj came to the place and waited for the person to arrive. The goons approached him from behind which went unnoticed by him until he is beaten up to death and rolled on the floor with blood coming out of his mouth. He received a finisher with a kick and a punch and was left there to die. They walked the other direction and even their boss who was the mystery man walked towards them. As they approached each other, they shook hands and then the goons were given a huge sum of money as a reward for their doings. 



“Thanks boss, but what about him?” They asked. “Leave it up to me,” he answered and they went from there. He eyed Yuvraaj. “Maa humesha kehti thi ke dost ho ya dushmankabhi kisi ko aisi haalat mein chhor Kar nahi jaaya kartay,” he said and picked Yuvraaj and kept him in his car and drove off having a grin on his face. 



As he left unconscious Yuvraaj outside the hospital, he shoved some money in his pocket and smirked. “This is to save you, I won’t let you live nor I will let you die, have fun,” he said and went. 


On the other side, as the Pillai’s got to know about the incident, they rushed to the hospital with Preesha and met him one by one but then he called for his so called lady love, Preesha. She went to him hesitantly as they all exited the room. He made her sit on the metal chair and playfully twirled her hair. “So Preesha, this is a game going on here, I m pretending to be hurt and everyone around me are doctors. So you will also have to play a doctor, else you won’t win this game,” he told her lying to her. 


She just looked on uninterested. “If we win this game, then we will be getting lots and lots of ice creams and chocolates,” he said now trying to bribe her and that’s when she became interested. “White wali ice cream bhi milegi?” She asked like a child and he blinked her eyes in assurance. “Haan, white, pink, saari milengi,” he told her and she placed her hand in front of him. “Promise?” She asked and he placed his hand in her hand. “Promise,” he said and she smiled and he looked at her lovingly yet cunningly. 




She acted like a doctor and he just kept looking at her. “Now when a doctor is taking good care of the patient, he/she gets a kiss,” he told her and held her hand, she pouted and tried to pull back her hand and in this process, she fell from the chair. “Mumma!” She said in pain. “Preesha,” he said and extended his hand but his hand didn’t reach her. “Mumma!” She again said in pain. Others came inside hearing her voice. Rajan (Yuvraaj‘s father) came forward and made her stand. “It would be okay beta,” he said and then made her sit on the couch near the door. 




She sat lost in thoughts but when her gaze went on the little girl Avni (Yuvraaj‘s cousin sister), she smiled brightly and approached her. “Hi,” she said childishly and Avni smiled as she picked her up and they sat together on the couch. “Aapka naam Kya hai?” They both asked each other in unison. They even said their names at the same time while the others watched them. “Aapka naam Kya hai?” They again asked in unison as they didn’t heard each other earlier and even this time they said their names together. 



Others began to laugh on their conversation. They both introduced themselves to each other patiently hearing their laughter. “Friends?” Preesha asked. “Friends,” Avni answered and they smiled. 




Later at night, the mysterious man/Rudra came inside the ward in disguise of a ward boy and looked at Preesha who was sleeping on the couch. Then he looked at Yuvraaj to make sure he was sleeping. He approached Preesha and sat on his knees. “Preesha,” he whispered and she got disturbed in her sleep. “Preesha?” He again whispered and she woke up and even sat up looking at him. “Hi, I am Rudra, and I just want to help you, I know how he treats you, so if he ever tries coming closer, just give him a shot,” he whispered glancing at sleeping Yuvraaj and then handed her an injection. She took it and then looked at him questioningly. “I know you’re going to ask why m I helping you, just know that I m a mysterious friend who wants to get you out of there, whenever the injection will end, I will keep coming to give you another. And one day you will even be free from that house,” he told her. “Sachi?” She asked and he blinked his eyes in assurance. “Muchi, okay now I m going,” he said and turned to go but looked back to see her grip on his wrist. She stood up. “Mumma papa?” She asked. “I will make you meet them as well,” he said and she smiled and hugged him. “Thank you,” she said smilingly. “Welcome,” he said hugging her back glancing at Yuvraaj who was still sleeping. Then they broke the hug, he got a chocolate out of his pocket and gave it to her. “Look, chocolate,” he said.”Wow, Snickers, I love Snickers,” she said and then sat on the couch eating like a child but then she looked up with a question in her mind. “Is giving the shot a part of the game?” She asked. “What game?” He asked cluelessly and she told him what Yuvraaj told her. He closed his fists in anger. 



Now when she doesn’t agrees to do it, you woo her like this? You love playing games, no Yuvraaj? Now I will tell you what’s called as a game. He thought to himself glaring at Yuvraaj. 

“What are you thinking?” Preesha asked like a child getting him out of thoughts and he shook his head. “Nothing, and yes, that’s a part of the game, now bye, take care,” he said and went. She smiled childishly and continued to have the chocolate. 


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