RuSha ff: Main Teri Heer, Tu Mera Raanjha (1~Stalker Lover)

This ff is similar to the serial “ek deewana tha”

~Ek ye jahanek vo jahan, 

In do jahan k darmiyaan 

Bas faasla hai ek saans ka 

Jo chal rahi to ye jahan, jo ruk gayi to vo jahan~ 

She was on the hospital bed with a bandage on her forehead, the monitors around her were beeping continuously indicating that she’s still alive and breathing. A cannula was pricked in the back of her palm for the flow of the drips given to her for strength. An oxygen mask was also placed on her mouth for her to respirate properly. She was in a peaceful deep sleep of coma since a few days, doctors had tried their best to awake her, but then nothing was working. A man entered her room and looked at her tilting his head with a smirk on his face. He traced his finger on her jawline and said a shayari. 

Main phool hoon uss baagh ka,
Jahan maali mera yaar hai,
Mere kaanton ne di kayi azziyatein,
Woh nadaan phir bhi saraapa pyaar hai,
Har mausam mein ki hifazat meri,
Apnay aansuon se seencha mera gulzaar hai,
Ek yahi toh Mujhe gumaan hai ke,
Main ghulaab hoon baagh e yaar ka,
Haan ghulaab hoon baagh e yaar ka. 


He said and smiled, he was none other than Yuvraaj. “By the way, when you will wake up, will you really remember what happened to the lover boy? I hope not, baby,” he said and grinned.”Well now that you aren’t in your senses, why don’t I take advantage of the situation and do what I want to do since long?” He asked and neared her neck. Meanwhile someone was climbing the room from the pipe up towards the window. He looked inside and boiled in anger. “How dare he? Don’t you dare to go near her!” He muttered angrily. As Yuvraaj was really close, someone called him and he had to go outside. The other man had a sigh of relief and jumped inside looking at the girl lovingly. 


He went towards her and held her hand. “Preesha, wake up, look at me, I m alive, look who’s here, please just be okay and remember me, please Shona,” he said shedding a tear on her hand. “Do you know what Sanju baba aka Sanjay Dutt says? He says that the fun in living life comes when we run holding the fingers of death. And he also says that neither law nor police can give justice… If anyone can give justice… then one person can give justice to another person,” he told her. 


“I have come here to get you and me both justice,” he said looking at her lovingly. “Look Shona, the world feels jealous when destiny works in our favor. Yuvraaj was always jealous of us, you got love for me, not him. And that’s what keeps making him psycho day by day, just wake up, hold my hand, and we both will run away from here,” he said and felt her grip tighten on his hand. “When you’ve held my hand, so now wake up and smile at me as well. Jab tum smile karta hai na toh aisa lagta hai ke Kya mast life hai,” he said and chuckled. 


“I know you’re not awake and people might think you aren’t even listening. Lekin agar do logon mein connection ho na, feelings ho na… Toh Dil ki aawaz Dil se sun saktay hain,” he said and kept his hand on her heart. 

Shona, I m missing you, wake up. He said in his heart and she blinked with closed eyes. 

He smiled. “Still our heart connection is so smooth shona, but shona, I need to go now, bye, I promise I will come back to meet you and take you,” he said and went. 


Yuvraaj came to her ward and saw that she was gaining her consciousness. He called the doctor who checked her heartbeat and everything else. She opened her eyes but closed them again because of the bright lights. She opened her eyes slowly and looked around with her blurry vision. Slowly her vision was becoming back to normal and she saw Yuvraaj and his family standing around her. She even saw her family but she acknowledged that something or someone was missing over there, who she adored wholeheartedly. Her eyes searched for that missing person about who she was clueless. 


She tried to sit up but Yuvraaj and her parents came to her and helped her. Yuvraaj was the one to hug her first. She looked on but didn’t hug back. She pushed him away after realizing. “Hatto! Kya hai? Kon ho tum? Aur aisay mujhe galay kiun laga rahay ho? Door raho mujhse!” She said like a child shocking everyone. “Beta Preesha, he’s your lover, your boyfriend, don’t you recognize him? And why are you talking like this?” Her mother Vasu asked. Preesha turned to look at her with creased eyebrows. “Kuchh galat keh rahi Hoon?” 




She asked like a child, Vasu became speechless. “Lagta hai aap iski maa ho, meri nahi,” she said childishly. “What are you saying? I m your mother only,” Vasu said. “Lagta to nahi hai, agar ho toh phir isay kaho mujhse door rahay,” Preesha said pouting at her. “Beta Yuvraajfilhaal us se door rahohaan,” she said and Yuvraaj moved away eyeing Preesha. “Mera vo Kahan haiMera… Mera…,” her voice trailed off. “Looks like Preesha needs rest,” Yuvraaj said and laid her down. She pushed him away. “Kaha na door raho!” She said childishly. He looked on. 


She slept and a lone tear escaped her eye. Later, Yuvraaj tried to convince her parents that they allow him to take her along with them to his house but they refused. But when he said that he will fully take care of her, they agreed not knowing what’s in store for them and for her. Doctor called Preesha‘s family outside. “The incident has caused her to become mentally unstable, but don’t give her any stress nor treat her like a mad person, act normally around her,” he told them. They all got sad. Yuvraaj overheard this and he was happy that he could take this as an opportunity. 



“Main apni amaanat ko uss Ghar se le kar hi aaungaphir chahay Mujhe Koi bhi khatra uthana paray,” said the mystery man. “Haan Preeshatumhe kuchh nahi hoga, or apnay pyaar ko wapis lenay main zaroor aaungavo pyaar hi kya jis mein insaan apni jaan par khelay nahi? Vo pyaar hi kya Jo apnay pyaar ko takleef mein dekh sakayTumhari takleef Meri takleef or tumhari jaan meri jaan hai, tum bas raah dekhti rehnatumhaaray liye main anjaan zaroor hogaya hoon lekin anjaan ho Kar phirse ek doosre se khudko milwaengay, see you baby,” he said to Preesha‘s photo. 




  1. Hey best ff I desired ffs like this only u fulfilled my wish. Ur seriously a very nice writer. This story is a good one. Hope you continue…stay safe

  2. Seriously its an very nice episode continue writing I love the story line

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