Rumya ss- Casanova in love -part 5

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Rudra-Somu don’t you trust your friend?

Soumya just nodded her head and walked with him.

Soumya (mind)-Jisse mai bhagke jana chahti thi, usike ke saath wapas jana padd raha hai..

Rudra took her to his car and opened the door for her. Soumya sat inside and then Rudra drove the car asking her the location of her house.

“Umm.. Somu tum kya soch rai hon?” asked Rudra in a soft tone.


Rudra (confused)-Kya? kya right?

Soumya-Umm.. I mean right turn lo.. Aur aage jake side kar do.. Mera ghar yahi paas hai..

Rudra-Paas hai? Somu I’ll drop you at your place..

Soumya(worriedly)-Nai Rudra.. Mujhe yaha chod do..

Rudra-No way Somu.. I can’t leave you here.. Tell me where your house is..

Soumya was now really worried. She didn’t know what to do.

Soumya (mind)-Hey bhagwan.. Agar chachi Rudra ko dekhegi tho bahut anap-shanap bakegi.. Mai kya karu?

Soumya-Mera ghar aagaya Rudra.. Gadi rokh do..

Rudra-Oh great.. ok then bye Somu..

Soumya-Umm.. Rudra tum andar nai chaloge?(hoping a negative reply from Rudra)

Rudra-Nai Somu.. tum jao.. O mera wait kar raha hoga.. I’ll surely come next time..

Soumya (smiling)-Oh.. ok.. then bye.. see you tommorow..

Soumya got out of the car and waved at Rudra as he went away. Soumya then slowly entered her house hoping no one saw Rudra.

“Kaun tha woh? College ka do din hua hai aur tu abhi se ek ladke ke saath ghum rai hai?” asked her chachi.

Soumya -Chachi woh mera dost hai..

Chachi-Dost hai ya kuch aur hai?

Soumya-Yeh aap kya bol rai hai? woh mera dost hai..

Chachi-Tera pedha hote hi teri ma chal basi.. itni badi shaapit hai tu.. aur ab parivar mein kuch dhag khada kiya toh mai tujhe maar dalungi..

Silent tears were flowing down her cheeks.

“Umm.. chachi mai sirf uska dost hun..” said someone from behind. Soumya turned back and was shocked to see Rudra standing in front of her.

Chachi-Kaun hai re tu? Aur tu yaha kya kar raha hai?

Rudra-Chachi mera naam Rudra hai.. Mai aur So… I mean mai aur Soumya ek class mein padte hai.. Aur mai yaha Soumya ka purse dene aaya hun.. woh bhul gai thi..” replied Rudra in a go.

Chachi-Chal thik hai.. Purse deke chale jao..

Rudra walked towards Soumya and gave her the purse. He felt some kind of pain in his heart when he saw tears in her eyes.

“Kya hua Somu?” asked Rudra in a worried tone.

Soumya (sobs in between)-Umm.. Kuch nai Rudra.. Ab tum jao..

Rudra wanted to know the matter but still turned to leave thinking about the consequences. Rudra left her house

Rudra (mind)-Yeh chachi itni weird kyun hai? What happened if she came home with a guy?”

Soumya entered her room, kept her bag on the table and threw herself on the bed and bursted out crying.

“Chachi mujhe hamesha galat kyun manti hai?” said Soumya shouting with sobs in between. She was continuosly crying.

Suddenly she heard a noise from behind. She slowly turned back and saw Rudra standing near the balcony. She quickly wiped her tears and looked at him.

Soumya (shocked)-Rudra tum yaha? Koi dekh lega toh?

Rudra(worried)-Woh Somu actually I couldn’t see you crying.. Thats why I couldn’t go back..

Soumya( looking at him)-Rudra mai thik hun.. tum jao..” (she then turned away to hide her tears)

Rudra (came near her) -Somu I want to know what the matter is…

Soumya suddenly turned back and hugged him very tight. Rudra was taken aback by her sudden closeness.

Soumya (with sobs in between)-Sab mujhse nafrat hai Rudra..

Rudra slowly put his arms around her

Rudra-Aisa nai hai Somu.. Everyone likes you..

Soumya(sobbing)-Rudra bachpan se mere saath aisa hote aa raha hai.. sab kehte hai ki mere waje se meri ma mar gayi..”

Rudra then broke the hug and then made her sit on the bed and tried to calm her.

Soumya -Pata hai Rudra.. bachpan se leke aj tak, sab mujhe ek panauti kehte aaye hai.. Mera parivar mein aisa koi nai jo mujhse pyaar karte hai.. sirf mere papa hai

Rudra-Somu family sab kch nai hota.. Friends are also an integral part of our life..”

Soumya-Meri sirf ek dost rai hai.. Disha.. aur koi nai..

Rudra(questioningly)-Aur hum?

Soumya( looked at him)-kya?

Rudra-I mean kya mai aur Om tumhare dost nai hai??

Soumya-Rudra agar tum mere dost nai hote toh mai apne bareme itna nai bolti..

Rudra smiled on hearing that and then put his arms around her shoulders.

Rudra-Pata hai Somu tum bahut lucky ho.. tumhare paas at least papa hai.. mere paas toh..” and then paused.

Soumya-Kya matlab?

Rudra-Kuch nai.. mai jata hun..

Soumya-Nai Rudra.. tumhe batana padega.. Tum us din bhi apne parents ke bareme bina bolke rukh gaye the..

Rudra-Kyunki I don’t have anyone.. Sab hoke bhi koi nai hai…….I used to always see my parents fighting from my childhood.. Mummy-Papa ka pyaar kya hota hai, woh bhi nai pata mujhe..

Soumya-Rudra at least your parents are with you..

Rudra(in sad tone)-Hmm.. Somu around 10 years ho chuka hai apne papa se milke.. Mai 8 years ka tha jab mere parents divorce hua.

Soumya was shocked to hear this and just put her hand on his shoulder to calm him. Rudra(angrily)-Its ok Somu.. I don’t tell these stuffs for this reason only.. Mujhe yeh sympathy acha nai lagta..

Soumya-Rudra mai koi sympathy nai dikha rai.. I can understand your condition.. Mai bhi aise hi sehti hun.. I rarely have anyone beside me.. Papa hamesha kaam mein busy rehte hai.. Aur baki sab toh tum jante hi ho..(she then turns away)

Rudra was now silent. He didn’t know what to say. He then walked towards her and then pulled her towards him. Soumya was shocked by his sudden action. He put his arms around her and pulled her more closer to him.

Soumya-Rudra.. yeh tum..(she stopped when he put his finger on her lips)

Rudra-sshhh” “I am sorry Somu..

Soumya was now staring at him. He went more closer to her and held her face

Rudra-Agar koi bhi problem hon toh I am always there for you Somu.. You don’t need to worry about anything..

Soumya was totally lost in his eyes. She then closer and hugged him tight. Rudra now didn’t take any time to hug her back. Rudra (smiling)-Somu lagta hai we are made for each other..

Soumya now broke the hug and looked at him

Rudra- Oye hello.. Itna serious mat hon.. I was just joking.

Soumya then smiled and hit him on his hand.

Soumya-Ab tum jao..

Yeh rai tumhari dosti.. tum mujhe ghar se nikal rai hon..” Rudra said in a dramatic manner.

Soumya -Rudra itna over acting mat karo.. Aur jao.. umm.. by the way Rudra tum kaise jaoge??

Rudra (smiling)-Jaise aaya waise jaunga..

Soumya-Oho Rudra.. tum kaise aaye the?

Rudra (giving his killer smile)-Pipe chadke..

Soumya felt her eyes popping out of the sockets.

Soumya-Rudra are you mad? Agar tum gir jate?

Rudra(teasing)-Somu tumhe kuch dukh sa hoga agar mujhe kuch hoga??

Soumya-Mujhe dukh kyun hoga? Agar tum yaha se giroge tho meri badnami hoga..

Rudra-Achaa.. aur kuch nai?

Soumya-Aur kya? Tum sirf mere dost hon..

“Sirf dost? Somu mujhe pata hai mai tumhare liye special hun..” said Rudra moving closer to her.

“Kuch special nai..” replied Soumya moving backward.

She banged with the wall and then Rudra put his hands over her so that she couldn’t escape. He then moved closer and removed the strands of hair from her face and then moved closer to her ear and said, “Good night Somu..” He then moved back and then winked at her. Soumya was totally shocked by the way he behaved. She just kept standing there and saw him leaving.

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