Rumya ss- Casanova in love -part 4

Soumya entered her room and kept her bag on the table and then lied on her bed thinking about the incidents of the day. Her day started very badly but it eventually turned out to be very good.

Suddenly her thoughts got diverted to Rudra, one of the most handsome and charming guy she has ever met. She then started laughing thinking the way she made his girlfriend slap him. But she somewhere in her mind knew that he affected her…His touch affected her… It made her shiver.

Soumya(thought irritated)-What the hell am I thinking? Mai us gadhe ke bareme kyun soch rai hun?.. Umm.. I should think about my new life.. my college..

She then took out her personal diary to jot down something but she could’nt concentrate there also. The thoughts of Rudra was disturbing her.

Soumya (thought)-Uff.. this is heights.. I think I should go to sleep.. I will feel better.. (Soumya lied on her bed trying to sleep)

Rudra’s house

Rudra(thought confusedly)-Mujhe yeh kya ho raha hai? Mujhe neend kyun nai aa rahi? Jab bhi aankh band karta hun, us Somu ki shakal samne kyun aati hai?

Rudra ( thought)-Umm.. Should I call her??” (smiling)Umm.. Call kar hi leta hun.. umm.. kya woh bhi mere bare mein soch rai hogi? let me check..

Soumya (sleepy tone)-Yeh itni raat ko kaun phone kar raha hai?

Soumya looked at her cell ringing. She picked up the call in a sleepy tone

Soumya-hmmm.. hello..

Rudra-Hey baby.. Are you sleeping?

Soumya-Hmm.. kaun hai?

Rudra (smiling)-Itna jaldi apne boyfriend ki aawaz bhul gai?

Soumya (got up with a jerk)- Rudra? Tum mujhe call kyun? Woh bhi itni raat ko?

Rudra(flirty tone)-Chill Somu.. Mujhe apni girlfriend ki yaad aayi, isliye call kiya.. Any problem Somu?

Soumya-Tumhe aur koi time nai mila flirt karne ke liye? Raat ke do baje call karke bakwas bol raha ho?

Rudra(laughing)-Kya karu Somu? Bakwas bakne ki aadat ho chuki hai.. Aur mai tumhare saath flirt nai karunga tho kiske saath karunga? Tumne tho meri Tina ko bhaga diya.. Ab mere paas meri Somu hi tho hai..

Soumya- shut up Rudra.. Mujhe neend aa rai hai.. Hum kal baat karenge.. Bye.. (then disconnected the call.)

Rudra started laughing and lied on his bed to sleep though he was obvious that he will not be able to sleep.

Rudra (laughing)-Yeh ladki ne tho meri neend bhi udha di..

Morning 8 am at Rudra’s house

Om (thought)-Oh shit.. Yeh ab tak utha nai hai..

He had no idea how to wake up this kumbkaran. He then took the jug of water kept in his table and poured it completely on him. Rudra woke up with a jerk and started looking around to see what just happened.

Rudra-Areh Om tum.. mai tho dar gaya tha..

Om(angrily)-Rudra aj tu ek baat bata.. Who am I? Your friend or your wife? Why am I supposed to wake you up daily?

Rudra- Om tu yeh kya bak raha hai? wife? I am 100% straight.. I only like girls..” (Rudra ran away to the washroom before Om could hit him)

Rudra freshened up and got ready for college. He went downstair and ate a sandwich in a hurry

Rudra-Areh Om.. What are you doing? Ab itna late kyun karwa raha hai? Jaldi kar.. Om (confused)-Isko dekh kar aise lagta hai jaise maine isko late karwaya hai..(then ran behind Rudra)

Rudra-Jaldi beth na.. Hum late ho jayenge..

Om laughed on seeing his best buddy’s drama and then sat beside Rudra. They reached college and both of them literally started running to their class.”

Then Rudra suddenly banged on to someone. Rudra completely lost his balance and fell on top of that person.

Rudra(winking)-Areh Somu tum? Aur koi ho hi nai sakta.. Pata nai kyun why do I always lose my balance in front of you..

Soumya-Shut up Rudra.. Pehle mere upar se hato..

Rudra was about to move when he again slipped and fell again on top of her. Now this was Soumya’s turn to remain shut. Rudra was now too close to Soumya. Both of them were breathing heavily now. They were lost in each other’s eyes. Rudra was lost in her beauty and then slightly touched her cheeks.

Om-Rudra, Soumya.. Are you’ll ok?

This brought both of them back to senses. Rudra suddenly moved back and got up. He then helped Soumya to get up. Soumya still hadn’t regained her senses. She was still staring at him.

Om-Soumya are you ok?

This brought her back to reality

Soumya-Umm.. mai.. Om.. mai thik hun..

Om could feel something different between Rudra and Soumya.

Om-Hmm.. chalo.. lets go to class..

Rudra (staring soumya)-Hmm.. haan.. chalo..

Soumya just moved forward without speaking a word. The three of them entered the class. They sat on the same bench with Om in between Rudra and Soumya. Both Rudra and Soumya were in a dilemma. Their lecture was going on.

Om-Rudra tujhe ho kya gaya hai? Itna chup kyun hai?

Rudra (looking towards soumya)-Umm.. kuch nai..

Rudra himself had no idea what was happening to him. He had been close to many girls but he has never felt so different. He went on staring at Soumya. His thoughts soon got interupted when the bell rang.

Om-Thank god.. kitna boring tha..(towards rudra)Rudra.. tu kya soch raha hai?

Rudra-Umm.. kuch nai.. chalo canteen chalte hai.. bhuk lagi hai..

Om readily got up

Om-Soumya chalo..

Soumya -Umm.. mujhe nai jana.. tumlog jao..

Rudra-Kya hua Somu? chalo na..

Rudra caught hold of her hand. Soumya was taken aback when Rudra caught hold of her hand. Rudra understood very well that his touch surely affected her and so he moved closer to her

Rudra-Kya hua Somu darr gai?

Soumya (stammering)-Mai kyun darru?

Rudra-Itna mujhme kho mat jao.. Mujhse pyaar ho jayega..

Soumya was shocked to hear Rudra’s words. Om who was seeing the whole drama

Om-Agar tumlog ka romance khatam hua tho chale?

Rudra(turning to Om)-Haha.. Romance? Pagla gaya hai.. Somu aur mai? Never..”

The trio walked towards the canteen and settled down around a table. Soumya was somehow hurt by Rudra’s reply to Om. She knew very well that Rudra was a total playboy but somehow she knew that he was a good guy.

Rudra-Somu kya khaogi?

Soumya-Umm.. Kuch nai.. I just want a Sandwich..


Rudra ordered two sandwiches for Soumya and Om and a Protein shake for Himself. They happily chatted and had their food and then was about to leave for the afternoon class.

Soumya-Umm.. tumlog jao.. mai ghar ja rai hun.. kuch kaam hai..

Om (serious)-Soumya, tum afternoon class nai karogi? woh important class hai..

Soumya-Woh.. nai Om.. kuch kaam hai..

Om-Hmm.. ok..

Rudra-Chal..” “Om, tu ja.. mai Somu ko drop karke aata hun..


Rudra-Om, tu ja.. mai aata hun..” Om now left knowing that something is going to happen between the two.

Soumya-Rudra? tum mujhe.. its ok.. mai chali jaungi..

Rudra-Somu don’t you trust your friend?”

Soumya just nodded her head and walked with him.

Soumya(mind)-Jisse mai bhagke jana chahti thi, usike ke saath wapas jana padd raha hai..

Rudra took her to his car and opened the door for her. Soumya sat inside and then Rudra drove the car asking her the location of her house.

  1. Diyaa

    Loved it Sanjana. I could visualize the scenes, especially Rudra. That’s the power of your writing and Leenesh Mattoo? The scene where Soumya got hurt at Rudra’s reply and what followed was very touching. Nice work!

    1. Sanjanagarg

      Thanks diyaa. And it is power of ur writing too i can actually visualise the scenes between rumya that you write down


  3. Kiya

    Hey sanjana I missed the previous parts…. Can u give the link?????

    1. Sanjanagarg

      Sure I will send it to you

  4. Amazing dear sanjana

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    It is superbbbbbb dear…

  8. Amazing update..

  9. The midnight call was too hilarious. I’ve kind of experienced what Soumya is going through so I can relate very well. Om sensed something but chose not to react to soon justified his maturity and his dialogue I’m your friend or wife haha .

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