Rumya SS- Casanova in Love Part 3

Rudra turned and then banged on to a girl. He gave her support and held her by his hands and helped her to stand properly. Her eyes popped out to see Rudra to see in front of him.

Both ( yelled) -tum?…..making everyone look at them.

Soumya-How dare you touch me? Mujhe chodo..

Rudra was in a shock. He couldn’t believe that his enemy was in front of her.

Rudra(winking at Soumya)- aaj pehli baar yeh kahawat sai lag rai hai..

Soumya-Kahawat? kaunsi kahawat?

Rudra(laughing)-Yahi… Shaitan ko yaad karo aur shaitan haazir..

Soumya fumed in anger. She literally wanted to kill Rudra that very moment.

Om-Rudra yeh kaun hai? yeh itna gusse mein kyun hai?

Rudra-Areh O.. tu mera best buddy hoke.. meri pyaari girlfriend ko samjha nai?? (Rudra gives Soumya a killer smile)

Om(confused)- Girlfriend? tere stock mein toh itni sari ladkiya hai.. mujhe kaha se pata chalega.. tu kiske bareme bol raha hai..

Soumya bursted out laughing on hearing that.

Rudra-Umm.. yeh tho recent wali hai.. O this is Soumya.. umm.. jisko mai pyaar se Somu bulata hun..( Rudra puts his arms around her shoulder)

Soumya(angrily)-somu? Listen wen did I become your gf? you better stay away from me..

Rudra-Acha.. kal Tina ke samne toh meri gf banne ka bada mann tha..

Soumya didn’t answer him and ran to her class. Rudra and Om laughed and followed her to class. Om now understand who the girl was.He now understood that Soumya was the same girl with whom Rudra just met a day before and had got slapped by Tina because of her. He laughed and entered the class. They sat on the third bench diagonally opposite to where Soumya was sitting. Juno was still smiling.

Rudra-Will you stop laughing for god’s sake? (Rudra understands the reason behind his smile)

Juno smiled on hearing his comment. Rudra was going to comment something when their teacher entered the class.

Rudra-Wow she is beautiful.. she looks great in a red sari..

She started talking about machines. Rudra felt the topic to be very boring.

Rudra(winking at om)-God yeh teacher kitni boring hai.. umm but yeh mam dikhne mein buri nai hai

Om(laughing)-Rudra tu kabhi nai sudrega.. teacher ko bhi line marega..

Now Rudra was not paying attention to Om. He was lost in Soumya’s gestures. Just then the bell rang and Rudra smiled on seeing the sigh of relief on Soumya’s face. He then got up and ran behind Soumya to stop her. Om was wondering what happened suddenly. Soumya was happily walking through the corridor when she suddenly felt a hand on her shoulder. Within a few seconds, she felt herself been pulled towards a classroom.

Rudra-Hey sweetheart.. kaisi hon?

Soumya(angrily)-Rudra? tum? what the hell are you doing?

Rudra-Areh mujhe meri gf par itna bhi hak nai hai ki mai tumse akele mein baat kar saku..( Rudra said coming closer to her)

They were now so close to each other that they could hear their breaths.

Soumya(softly)-Tum pagal ho gaye hon? mujhe chodo na.. koi dekh lega

Rudra-Dekhne do.. Anyways I really don’t mind to make you my girlfriend.. you are just b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l …( Rudra touches her cheeks)

Soumya shivered on his touch. When she couldn’t control herself, she pushed him hard and moved a bit away from him.

Rudra-Kya hua Somu.. tum dar gai?? (Rudra again started moving closer to her)

Soumya started breathing heavily.

Om-Areh Rudra tu yaha hai?(Om comes there and then looked at Soumya)

Om(smiling)-Hi Soumya… I am Om..

Soumya first looked at Om and then at Rudra.

Soumya(confused)-Par yeh tho tumhe kuch aur bulata hai..

Rudra (smiling)-Umm.. Somu mein pyaar se Om ko O bulata hun jaise mai tumhe Somu bulata hun..

Soumya(angrily)-Yeh Somu-Somu karke kya rakha hai? Mera naam Soumya hai.. Soumya Mehra..

Om-Hey Soumya.. chill.. Rudra mazak kar raha hai.. woh itna bhi bura nai hai jitna tum soch rai hon.. He is just pulling your leg..

(Om then turned towards Rudra and asked him to stop his pranks)

Om-Soumya if you don’t mind all three of us can be friends and I promise you that Rudra won’t irritate you anymore..

Soumya looked at Rudra and saw him smiling. Rudra then came closer to Soumya

Rudra-So friends?(bringing his hand forward)

Soumya smiled and shook her hands with him and then with Om.

Rudra( poking om)-Then chalo.. lets go to the canteen .. bahut bhuk lagi hai.. tere waje se thik se breakfast bhi nai kar paya..

Om-What? mere waje se? time pe uththa nai hai aur ab mujhe blame kar raha hai?” Soumya-Oh my god.. itna der mere aur Rudra ke bheech cat fight chal raha tha.. now you’ll don’t start your dog fight..(then soumya walked towards the canteen) Rudra (shocked)What? Did she call us a dog?

then both followed her to the canteen.

All three of them happily had them happily had their snacks talking about different. Soumya was talking about her family and then told them Disha being her only friend. Then suddenly Soumya asked Rudra and Om about their family.Om happily told her that he was the only son of his parents and both his parents were doctors.

Soumya-Wow.. thats good.. (towards rudra)Umm.. Rudra what about you?”

Rudra (trying to change the topic) -Umm.. My parents??… Chodo na Somu kuch aur baat karte hai..

Soumya felt weird on his reaction but still she was happy since she could make two good friends on the very first day of college.

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    nice one

  5. Oh so Om has a happy family here. Sad Rudra doesn’t have one.
    Anyways awesome characters. Lovely storyline.

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    Nice one dear ! If you can please do translate In English . Update soon 🙂

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  8. This was cho chweet. Looking forward to more of their cat fights and lovely moment
    Update ASAP!

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    I don’t know whenever I felt like writing…when diff. Diff. thoughts come in my mind I note them and then read all the notes and edited them all together to make a chapter. U know I really like taking to moon…i know it’s bit of pagal panto but i loved it….i share all my thoughts…as if i know that moon will not judge u…i love moonlight…and while doing this a lot of thoughts come in my mind and I write them….In text editor which is an app in my mobile

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