Rumya SS- Casanova in Love (part 1)

Chapter 1

“Rudra baba, utho… aj aapko kai jana tha na… 10 baj gaye” said Ramu kaka. Hearing this Rudra got up with a jerk . “What? Oh freak…..Its already 10 a.m.? kaka aapne mujhe bulaya kyun nai? maine tho aapko bola tha na uthane ko” said Rudra in anger. “Par beta, maine toh..” kaka stopped when Rudra got up from his bed and ran to his washroom to freshen up. Kaka was shocked seeing Rudra in so much hurry since

he always used his favourite dialogue when kaka came to wake him up..”puri duniya Rudra ka intezaar karta hai, isliye mujhe utne ki koi jaldi nai hai”. Then within a few minutes, kaka saw Rudra rushing out of the washroom. He then went near the mirror to set his hair with his gel and opened his wardrobe to take out his favourite red shirt.

He dressed up very quickly and took out his personal diary where his plans for the day was written. He started reading, “umm.. lunch with sandra, evening coffee with Tina and finally dinner with Tanya…””Omg, I am soo busy today.. have to get gifts for them also and I rarely have time” Rudra said to himself. He quickly ran downstairs and left his house telling kaka that he will be late. Rudra quicky got inside his car and settled himself in it. He then started thinking, “mai ab kya karu? kya lun apne sweethearts ke liye.. kuch tho samaj nai aa raha..!!!!!!!!!!”

“Idea.. sabke liye flowers le leta hun.. mai kuch bhi dun unko tho romantic hi lagega.. haha..” thought Rudra..

He drove his car to his favourite flower shop and got down from the car.. “Bhaiya, woh violet orchades wala bouquet dijiye na.. aur who white lilies bhi… umm.. aur… woh … red roses bhi..” said Rudra. He bought the flowers and then got back into his car.. “Chalo, gifts bhi le liya… ab sidha Sandra ke paas..”thought Rudra smiling..

He started his car and drove towards his favourite restaurant where he had called his Sandra.. He entered the restaurant and saw it fully decorated exactly the way he wanted. Rudra then thanked the manager and then walked towards his table. He hardly had to wait for a minute when he saw Sandra opening the door.. He hardly could take off his

eyes from her. “Wow.. you are looking so pretty Sandra.. I can’t take my eyes from you..” “Oh, baby.. Tell me something I don’t know..” said Sandra in a seducing tone..” Rudra smiled at her and thought, “pata nai apne aap ko kya samajti

hai? shayad apne aapko koi hollywood ka actress samajti hogi.” “Kya hua baby? kya soch rahe hon?” asked Sandra.. “Umm.. nothing sweetheart.. was just thinking how can someone look so pretty daily..”said Rudra giving her one of his killer smiles.. He then gave her a bunch of violet orchades and then winked at her. “Aww.. Rudra you are so cute.. I love you so much..” Sandra said hugging him .. Both of them had their lunch very happily. Rudra kept flirting with her and commenting on whatever she did and she enjoyed the way he flirted her.. Finally they were over with their lunch and were ready to leave.. Rudra got up and paid the bill and told Sandra that they should leave now. Sandra got up from her chair happily and walked towards the door and walked out of the restaurant. Rudra who was talking to the manager when he saw that Sandra was not present there in the restaurant. “Yeh ladki bhi ajeeb hai, khadi khadi gayab ho jati hai” thought Rudra. He left the restaurant and started looking for her. Suddenly he bumped into something and he turned around to see someone sitting on the road. “Hahaha.. yeh ladki bhi ajeeb hai.. niche kyun bethi hai? woh bhi itne vegetables leke.. pagal

ho gai hai kya?” thought Rudra.

“Umm.. tum niche kyun bethi hon? aur koi jagah nai mila kya? aur.. tum matress ke place mein vegetables laga ke bethi hon? agar tum chaho tho mai tumhe kai achi jagah par bethata hun..” asked Rudra in a surprising tone. “Hello Mr.. tum apne aapko samajte kya hon huh? Khud dhakka dekar girate hon aur phir aisa stupid dialogue maar rahe hon?

mann tho karta hai ki tumhara gala dabake maar daalu.. I swear agar tum kabhi mere samne aaoge tho mai tumhara khoon kar dungi..” said that girl in a very angry tone.. Rudra could’nt understand what was happening. He just kept staring at her beauty. He then said, “ek baat bolu tum gusse mein badi hot lagti hon.” She was shocked to hear his bold words. As soon as she opened her mouth to say something she heard someone speaking something from her side.

“Oh my baby, where were you? I was looking for you na..” said Sandra walking towards Rudra. Rudra still couldn’t take off his eyes from the stranger girl standing in front of him who was ready to kill him that moment. Rudra then said, “baby, even i was looking for you..” and hugged her. He winked at the stranger girl from the back to increase her anger. He could see her fuming in anger and smiled. She just walked away in anger.

“Areh Soumya, tu kaha gai thi? I was looking for you from so long..” asked Disha. “Koi itna bada kamina kaise ho sakta hai? apni girlfriend ke samne mere saath flirt karta hai? I am seriously gonna kill him..”said Soumya fuming in anger. “Areh tu kya keh rai hai? kiske bare mein baat kar rai hai?” asked Disha. “Don’t ask me Disha.. I met a fattu guy right now.. He is just a jerk.. He is the biggest flirt in the world..” said Soumya. “Soumya, take a chill pill.. Itna gussa thik nai hai..bekar mein itna gussa aisa insaan par kyun kar rai hai, jisko tu janti bhi nai hai..” said Disha.

“Right.. you are right Disha.. why the hell am I spoiling my mood coz of that jerk? chalo lets go back home..” said Soumya. Disha smiled on hearing her comment and said, “chalo, lets go..”

Rudra now had no mood of going out with his other girlfriends. He was continuosly thinking about the girl he had met. Her face was moving around his eyes. Rudra then thought”Ladki tho badi mast thi.. Angry young woman.. haha.. maza aayega if i meet her again..!!!!!!”

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