Rumya: love blooms — pain (pt-1)

5 years ago:
All was waiting for the doctor to come out. Yes bhavya was in labour and Rudy was going to become a father. He and his wife have been wanting a baby ever since they got married however there was always someone to ruin their romance. He finally realised why Om would get irritated a lot when he couldn’t have any romance with Gauri. Anyway he was waiting, all tensed along with his family.

Soon doctor came out with a Sweet baby girl in her arms, looking half sad and half happy.
Doctor: congratulations you have been blessed with a baby girl.
She placed the small girl,in Rudy’s arms and Rudy gets emotional. He realised how Om felt when Gauri gave birth twice. He felt a lot of happiness but the next news ruined that.
Doctor: but bhavya…… she has not survived. I have told her that her pregnancy was complicated but she didn’t care about her life because she knew that both you and her wanted the child. Unfortunately she is losing life. You can meet her one last time.

Rudy was crushed. He and the family went inside quickly. Bhavya quickly looks at her baby.
Bhavya: she looks just like you Rudy.
She smiles.
Rudy: bhavya, don’t leave me please.

Bhavya: Meri Rudy, god is calling me so what to do? Promise me that you will look after our daughter all your life. You will love her and give her both mother and father Love. Never blame her for my death. Om bhaiya, Gauri didi, promise me that you will look after Rudy and be my daughter’s second parents.
Rikara: of course bhavya.
Bhavya: and one more thing, Rudy when life gives you a chance to fall in love again, don’t let it go please?
Rudy: but bhavya, I only love you.
Bhavya: but please? So you will not be lonely and I will feel happy. I love you Rudy.
And with those words, she breathe her last and her eyes close. Forever and ever.
Rudy: NOOOOO!!!!!
All cry.

Precap: five years later….
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