By the time she reached mansion everyone were asleep and she mentally thanked God.

She slowly went up back to her room.

Wishing Rudra was awake.

When she opened the door she was shocked.

His back was facing her but she could hear him sob.

When she went towards him, she saw that he was hugging her photo frame and crying while mumbling something which she couldn’t decipher.

She didn’t know when he clicked her photo, but it was someday after their wedding.


He heard her voice but thought he was hallucinating.


He turned and saw her, he cried harder.

He was there sitting on the corner of their bed, crying like a crybaby.

He was her crybaby, only hers, she thought.

She quickly hugged while she stood and he sat there.

"Where were you Saumya, why did you leave me, if you want I'll never say that I lov-"

“Where were you Saumya, why did you leave me, if you want I’ll never say that I lov-”

She slapped her palm on his lips to shut him up, she never wanted him to complete that sentence.

“Chup! Bahut bakbak karte ho.”

And in a second he stopped crying, but still was hiccuping.

“Rudra today you said I love you to me, for you it might be just normal word, which you may have said to many of your chicks-”

“What makes you say that I have said I love you to them?”

“Come on you have a record of having so many girlfriends. You are a Casanova Playboy.”

“That’s what you think about me?”, He sounded hurt.

“Come on you always wanted Romi as your girlfriend.”

“But that doesn’t mean that I can’t fall in love with you.”

“So you really mean it?”

“Yes I do.”

“I don’t know what to do Rudra , that love word for me is not just a mere word, I have never said it to other than my siblings and family, not even Rehan, so saying that back is a bit tough for me, but ”

“But what Saumya?”

“Before you say that again to convince me, I need you to hear me, hear my life story, then only I can decide if I can love you.”

He knew what was coming and it hurt him that she would hurt herself by going through her past again.

“And you have to be patient, because what I’m saying is the truth.”

He gulped, was he missing something?

“So twenty two years back, when I was just three, I had Baba and Aai along with Sameer bhaiya whom I used to call Sam bhai lovingly, and Shobhna Kapoor is my Maasi Svetlana di and Tia di are my cousin sisters and Papa, I mean my mausaji, he was my Aai’s brother from other mother, so he wanted me to call him Papa because he was my Aai’s as well as Baba’s bff “shs smiled. “I was the youngest and smartest from all the youngsters, so it was Baba and Papa’s dream that I become a scientist, which I did.”, He smiled seeing her happy.

“Your father and uncle were best friends of my both fathers, all of them did business together, our company was doing good, but the Oberois were going in loss, Tej uncle wanted to do a massive building project, Shakti uncle supported him, but Baba and Papa were not agreeing as they wanted to destroy the slums. Oberois could not go ahead with the project without our company’s vote and they didn’t vote for it. As they were in losses they needed monetary help, which could have been provided by our company but Baba refused and they weren’t on talking terms after that. Then one day they were called to Kalyani mills, to talk, by your family, like a fool they believed that your family would have changed but no they didn’t.”, she revealed, her nose flaring in anger.

Rudra was shocked by the revelation.

“I used to call your father Tej chachu,”, tears fell down from her eyes. “I got to know that they had called, I started throwing a fit that I wanted to meet him, hesitant, my fathers took me there.”

She choked on her tears, it was getting difficult for her to breathe. He held her hand, she saw that he trusted her, his love for her in his eyes.

“They felt that something was wrong so they left me in the car, and went inside promising me that they would return soon.”

She started crying, the tears she was holding came down immediately.

Rudra hugged her shoulders to calm her down, he needed to know the truth about Kalyani mills.

“I got a feeling they won’t, so I slowly crept out and went inside,”

Wait what she was there during the incident ? He was confused.

“There was this glass window through which I saw and heard everything. Your father was there standing pointing a gun on my baba while Pinky aunty was pointing another one on Papa, I heard them that they needed our company’s money as well as the ideas, infact they wanted our whole company so they had to be killed, I got scared and was frozen. Tej uncle shot Baba on his heart, killing him instantly, on spot. Papa saw me standing there horrified beyond extent, he started shouting Sumi bhaag Sumi bhaag, but Tej uncle shot him. Then they planned on how make it seem like there was a short circuit. I saw them pulling out all wires and firing in some of them, and then they went outside. You saw that video in which Tej uncle was sitting on his car with the burning matchstick was all a ploy to fool people if anyone reported, I ran away towards the forest but I saw Maasi there she had seen everything, and then the mill blasted and killed everyone in it.”

The dam of her tears were broken, and she broke down.

Rudra was shocked as hell, his father killed someone, and all helped him, except his dadi.

He hugged her and stroke her back to soothe her back.

“Then we moved to Chandigarh, after my eighteenth birthday we moved back to Mumbai, no one till date knows that I saw everything. Maasi made them believe that. When she saw me there I was just crying and running somewhere or other I just wanted to help them, she saw me there, she picked me up hid me in her long jacket ran away. To our home, we told everyone just about the blast not the shooting thing. Next day we went there to retrieve their bodies it was badly burnt. Police wasn’t helping us. They almost threatened us to leave, that’s why Chandigarh. Two years later after we moved back I was…”

He froze she was going to tell the truth, the worst truth of her life. To him.

“I was raped by by brother’s friends, first they killed him and then raped me, and stabbed me so that I couldn’t survive. It actually happened just few hours before my bhaiya’s birthday. That day I got to know that I was the illegitimate child of my baba and Aai had accepted me as her daughter I wasn’t her own daughter, her own blood, her own flesh, still she accepted me. I ran away that day. My biggest mistake. It snatched my bhaiya and my life away from me.”

And she broke down again, this time Rudra broke down too.

“I was in coma for a year, after that I came to know that I can’t become a mother.”

She cried and Rudra hugged her tightly. As close as he could physically. She told him the harsh truths of her life.

“I don’t care Saumya whether you can give birth to our child or that you aren’t virgin.”

She cried while tears rolled down his Stubbled cheeks.

He held her face in his hands, cupping them and brought her closer.

“I will always love you. No matter what happens because when I fell for you, I didn’t know anything about you. I love you. And nothing I repeat nothing can change that, you get it?”

She nodded and hugged him.

“I love you Rudra, I love you so so much.” She finally whispered in his ears.

He pulled out of the hug, shock would be an understatement.

“You do ???”, He asked nervously, with hope in his eyes.

“Yes I do.” She kissed deeply on his cheek.

“I Love you so much, so so much my Dumbbell Singh Oberoi, my Crybaby Singh Oberoi. I love you.”, She said while kissing his other cheek.

He blushed, his perfect jawline all red.

“Am I dreaming, Rudra Singh Oberoi is blushing, oh my god!!!”

“Yes I’m blushing, and the reason is you.”,he stood up and gave her his hand to help he stand up, which she accepted.

“I love you Saumya.”

“I love you Rudra.”

He pulled away put only put on ‘Sun Mere Humsafar’ on his radio and danced with her while she laughed at him.

At the end of the dance she was just hugging him, eyes closed, smiling.

She looked up and saw his lips, while he saw hers.

And they kissed. It was both of theirs first kiss.


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