Obros rushed in the car with Saumya in Rudra’s arm, everyone else staying back.


They reached quickly and rushed Saumya inside, doctor took her away, and was pretty much shocked to see her bleeding from nose. She was taken into the ward.


Rudra wasn’t crying but was in a state of shock, no one knew why she bled from her nose. Not even her doctors. Fortunately it was only evening so doctors from every department were available.


A doctor came out, and Obros rushed to him.


“Doctor how is my sister, I mean how’s Saumya ??”, Omkara asked.


“Well actually no one knows why she bled from her nose, so we have to conduct a lot of tests on her, so as to determine the reason, this can also happen because of her asthma,as you told me, she had an asthma attack, so this might have happened because of her asthma now turning into chronic asthma but her body nor do her lungs show the sign of chronic asthma, it can also happen if she was suffering from tuberculosis, but again no sign of that, it can be bronchitis but you said that she wasn’t feeling suffocated, she just threw up blood, so test are being conducted, and as of now she is alright, don’t worry she will be discharged today only.”


After half an hour she was discharged she was but was still unconscious, doctors told them that it was because of the sedatives, so as to keep her relaxed by having a good sleep.


Next day…

Saumya got up feeling a bit grumpy.


“Saumya are you alright ?”


“Hmmm, are you ?”


“I’m fine, what happened to me??”, He replied shrugging.


“Even if I was unconscious that doesn’t mean, I couldn’t hear you or your brother’s, I know that in the car you were crying your eyes out, why Rudra ?”


“Because I lo- I care for you, and no one can change that.”, He said quickly replacing the L-word.


“I know your actions show that.”,and she laughed.


“Waise what do you mean by you heard us while being unconscious, you heard all of our talks ??”


“Apparently NO, I don’t remember anything after we reaching hospital.”


“Oh. Accha listen when you were unconscious doctors conducted tests on you, so you will have to go to hospital to get it, I have work in the office, take care.”


And he left giving a peck on her cheeks.


After sometime she got up and changed into her new clothes and went to the hospital.


At the hospital…

She was sitting in the cabin and doctor finally arrived.


“Saumya, was there any injury on your head that was not treated immediately, did you ever have tht kind of injury ever in your life even in your childhood ???”


“Not that I can remember.”


“Try hard Saumya, please.”


“Yup, last year, exactly one year ago, a lady attacked me by smashing a glass bottle on my head, at that time her son had taken bade bhaiya’s place, I got to know, he chased me then his mother attacked me.”


“So were the glass pieces removed???”




“Did you take any medication or any other treatment for the injury ??”


“No, I was having a tight schedule, I had to leave for Australia, I didn’t have time ever to go to any hospital, neither here nor there.”


“That was a huge mistake Saumya, and you are going to pay the price for that mistake with your life.”


Blood drained from her face. What was he saying ?


“What do you mean ?”


“You are suffering from brain tumor Saumya, the wound was left untreated, it got infected and affected your brain’s cell division and multiplication. I’m shocked how you never noticed ??”


And then she remembered how frequent her headaches were mostly during combing well actually that intrigued the headaches, she always had headaches, but never did anything, she thought of them as normal headaches, and were frequent because of the stress she was taking.


“Ok, so now what??”


“You have 4 months to get operated, after that we won’t be able to cure it, in fact no one could. You have act fast Saumya if you want to live, do you want to do the surgery ??”


“No I don’t want to have that surgery. Delete the rest reports right now in front of me, don’t argue with me, get it.”


She was back in he b*t*h mode, she would never want any of her family getting to know about her condition, this tumor was a blessing in disguise, finally she had a very good reason to die easily without worrying about being called a coward, that’s what people who committed suicide are called. She was so done with this life of hers.




Sorry for the short chapter, but I can barely keep my eyes open, pls bear with me, thank you and love you

And sorry for the late update



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