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“As much as I can remember, I had left for Australia and after that as told by you, you were after Bhavya to catch her attention and at that time you had your exams, right??”

Everyone glared at him.

He gulped his lump in the throat.


Shivika glared hard on him.

“So how can you lie to your brothers that I didn’t help you, I couldn’t even had been able to help you even if I wanted to, first I was in Australia and second I’m a science and have chosen commerce as my optional subject, I wouldn’t have helped you. Your own brother Omkara who is ‘sach ka boyfriend’ according to you how could you lie to him.”

Omkara crossed his arms and glared hard at him.

“Rudy bhaiya, yeh galat baat hai, aapko Aisa nahi karna chahiye tha, aapko pata nahi hai ki aap kitne kismatwale hai ki aapko itna aage padne ka mauka mil raha hai, aap humse poochiye hume kaisa lagta hai jab log humare baare ulta seedha Bolte hai kyunki hum sirf paanchvi pass hai”,Gauri said.

“Ha Rudra tumhe Aisa nahi karna chahiye tha, tumhe mauka mil raha hai aage padne ka, warna toh yahan kuch log toh sirf NKK pe hi kisi Ko yahan PE saans lene denge, aur agar Yale se nahi pade ho toh phir bhul jao”, Anika said glaring at her husband.

“Ok, everyone please be quite, Saumya please help Rudra out.”,Shivaay said.

“I will don’t worry.”

All left the room.

“Omkara, you shouldn’t have shouted at Rudra like that.”, everyone said.

“I did that because I thought he will destroy his life like I destroyed my life through drugs, maybe making him feel like that would make him a bit responsible.”

“But still don’t do that.”

In Rumya’s room.

“How dare you Rudra??”

“I wanted to save myself from their wrath.”

“It’s ok, now come on you have to prove yourself right. Let’s start.”

“Yup I really need to do that.”

And they started studying.

After one month, Rudra gave his papers and was confident about his results.

One day when he was in bathroom, she attended a call on his mobile.

And when he came out..

“What hell is wrong with you Rudra???”

“Now what did I do ?”

“Your company is going down and you are not even worrying about it.”

“Umm, yes and I can’t do anything about it, so I’m chilling out and asked my people too to do the same, but how did you-”

“They called and were scared.”

“There’s nothing to wor-”

“Everything out there has everything to worry about, do you even know these people will loose their jobs because of your irresponsibility.”

“How will they lose their jobs we will get them in bhaiya and O’s company?”

“Are you crazy ???? They are specialised in one thing, jo cheez unlogon ne pehle kabhi nahi Kiya hai hai kaise karlenge ??? They are fashion designers, not MBA products.”

“What do you mean, they will get other jobs, they won’t go poor.”

“Fashion designer banne ke liye parents never agree, they all have taken huge efforts, or deals or have gone away from their homes, and about going poor they can go poor. Do you even know what is poverty??? I have experienced it, I know how difficult it is to give even one time meal.”

“What ???”

“Yes and don’t ask me, if I want to share with you then I will some other time but not now.”

“Ok, but help me out here please, I want to prove myself, this time I won’t use bhaiya’s name.”

“Will do.”

Next day…

Everyone after their breakfast were chatting except Rudra and Saumya. She would study and help Rudra side by side, and mostly worked till late night sometimes not sleeping at all.

Suddenly they saw Svetlana and Tia on their doorstep.

Tia immediately called Saumya, saying that there was an emergency.

The very next second they saw Saumya running down the stairs, huffing and Rudra behind her.

Svetlana smiled on seeing her baby sister, but she noticed her eyes and she knew it was because of the stress that they looked tired.

“Miss Kapoor ??”, Svetlana asked formally confusing everyone.


“We had to deliver this package to Dr. Saumya Tendulkar Kapoor.”

“Yes that’s me, wait what????”

“Yup Dr. Saumya Tendulkar Kapoor.”

“Oh my godddd!!!”

She jumped and hugged them.

“Doctor???”, Rudra asked puzzled.

“Yup Saumu is a doctor now she is going to complete her PhD and is now officially a scientist.” Tia said in one breath.

“Scientist of what ???”, Rudra asked.

“Switch on your TV.” Svetlana said smiling from ear to ear.

Rudra switched on the TV.

“The breaking news of today is that Saumya Tendulkar Kapoor of Mumbai has become a scientist by inventing an injection to cure as well as prevent cancer. She was earlier studying in Mumbai but went to Australia when she got a scholarship to study in the University of Trinity, and that allowed her to carry out her experiment. She is an all rounder as well as gold medallist in all her subject.”

All gasped, Rudra was shell shocked, his wife, his love his bff whom he underestimated was a scientist.


Hola guys I think I would be late in posting ff because my mobile died and I’m yet to buy another one also I’m still in depression I guess after Avengers Infinity War so yeah might be late, sorry

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    It is nice one dear…

  3. Jasminerahul

    everyone advising Rudy to study was nice.good that with soumya’s help rudra started studying well.liked soumya advising rudra to take care of his company.surprising that soumya invented a cancer curing injection n became a scientist

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    all the three parts i mean 17,18,19 are just A-M-A-Z-I-N-G………will be waiting for the next..

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