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Saumya came back all exhausted, as soon as she came up to the room dadi sent her word to come down for dinner, yes it was night by the time she returned.

After the dinner, when they were studying.

“Saumya ?”


“You had said that you would be back soon, but you came late, why ??”

“Well the recording and shooting took time, and after that I had to take permission for giving my exams from here.”

“Did you get it ?”


“Why ??”

“Don’t know, even if I’m the best student they are not considering my condition.”

“You look exhausted, wanna have some rest ??”

“No I’m good.”

“Accha I just got to know my schedule, how about yours ??”

“Thats because your exam’s going to happen in a month’s time, I have two months for it.”

“Woww, you got a lot of time”

“Yup. Now study, revise for ten minutes and I’ll ask you.

After ten minutes, when she started asking questions, she wanted to kill him with her own hands. He was that bad. Majority wrong.

“Uff Rudra have you read something or not.”

“Hey if I hadn’t read anything the last answer wouldn’t be correct.”

“You’re making me mad.”

“Thanks for the compliment.”



“Go sleep Rudra I’ve work.”

“No, come sleep, else I’m going to make you smell chloroform.”

“You have it ??”

“I’m an Oberoi, I can have anything i want.”

“Chalo sone yaar.”

Next morning she woke up to a soothing music tune, she knew the tune.

Ishq de fanniyar lad gaye
Meri jaan ke peechhe pad gaye
Seedhi laake dekho mere
Dil ki chhat pe chadh gaye

She woke up and saw him singing,

Sau sau awaazein maare akhiyan
Maare akhiyanmaare akhiyan
Usey neeche chhat se utaare akhiyan
Utaare akhiyanutaare akhiyan

He pulled her up from her bed while continuing to sing

Sau sau awaazein maare akhiyan
Ikk uska naam pukaare
Sohne rang de Mahiya
Tere hi jaise lagte hain saare

He twirled her and pulled her towards himself

Darr lagta na ho jaaye yaari
Sohne rang de mahiya…
Poochh le tu chaand se
Ginta hoon taare
Darr lagta na ho jaye yaari
Sohne rang de Mahiya… ho…

Was he singing for her she wondered

Usey pakde kaun sapera
Hai fann uske furteele
Woh teekhi jeebh se gaaye
To lagte raag sureele (x2)

It was her that he was singing and dancing with her, but why

Sun sun raat guzaare akhiyan
Ikk uska naam pukaare
Sohne rang de Mahiya
Tere hi jaise lagte hain saare

Did he love her, she questioned herself, but regretted that, remembering their past, while he remained oblivious to her questions, dancing with her the couple dance

Darr lagta na ho jaaye yaari
Sohne rang de mahiya
Poochh le tu chaand se
Ginta hoon taare
Darr lagta na ho jaaye yaari
Sohne rang de Mahiya ho

He slowly ended the dance to see her smile, a genuine one.

“Why are you singing my song??”

“Aise hi mann kiya.”

“Aur dance.”

“Both to make you smile.”

“Well I guess you got your candy.”

“Yeah I did now freshen up, after the breakfast we both have to leave for college.”

“Yeah I know.”

After the breakfast they rushed to college. Rudra for talking to his teachers and Saumya to make her college understand.

After sometime when they got home, Rudra had to go to his office for some work when she got a call from his college.

“Is this Rudra’s home?”


“Can I talk to his brother?”

“No they arent here why ?”

“Can I know who I’m talking to ?”

“A close family member.”

“Good to know, apparently Rudra has failed his last semester and we can’t let him sit in the exam.”

“Oh my god, can we talk about this face to face, I mean can we meet ??”

“Sure can you come over here in the college ?”

“Sure, I’m leaving right away.”

When she got back, she hid his report card, so that if ever Shivaay came to about him failing he does not kill him the second he sees the report.

And the devil entered the room.

“Rudra ??”


“Are you hiding something from me ?”

“No why ??”

“Rudra Singh Oberoi!!!” His brothers roared from downstairs.

They were back early.

He ran down.

But they took him back to his room, and Saumya wasn’t there.

“How could you fail Rudra ??”

“Bhaiya I-”

“You have ashamed us Rudra.”

“O listen to me.”

Then Saumya came out from the washroom wiping her face, and wore her specs quickly.

All looked at her.

“What never seen a girl coming out of a washroom after washing her face and putting her specs on ??”, she scoffed.

“Bhaiya, actually I failed because Saumya did not help me with the exams.”

“Excuse me ??”, she asked confused.

“When did you ask me ?”, she continued.

“Stop lying Saumya you know it when.”

“No shit Sherlock, you never asked me, and second of all I wasn’t here when your exams were conducted, I was in Australia, your exams happened after two months of me leaving India.”

All looked at him with their arms crossed.

He gulped.

He was so f**king dead.


Hola guys!!! *smiles like madly excited*

I’m so happy after watching MARVEL AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR

It was awesome.


And thanks for loving his FF

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    It is nice one dear

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    rumya study scene was funny.rumya song n dance was romantic. oh rudra failed .rudra failing n blaming soumya n she exposing him were funny

  3. Fenil

    Cute beautiful and funny also…mene bhi dekhi movie superb thi….mera bhi janam siddh ho gaya.

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