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Four hours passed but she didn’t even flutter her eyes once. Svetlana and Tia sat by her the whole time until told by their partners to get some sleep using Saumya’s name. The fourth boy with the Kapoors was Rohit, Svetlana’s fiancé. Now you would think how could a person like Svetlana be in love , the truth was that they were dating before Tej happened, and Svetlana was still a virgin, she was never touched by Tej as she had always drugged him to get the Kalyani mills mystery out of his mouth but always had to show him that they really had done it. Svetlana was sleeping by keeping her head on Rohit’s shoulder and Tia and Dushyant were sleeping with Arya cocooned between them. Yes Arya was their baby girl. Doctors had told them to get some rest while they would keep a check on Saumya. The Oberois except for the younger ones had left. Rudra was now silent but no one was saying anything against Saumya, except for Bhavya of course. Rudra had asked her to stop once but she wasn’t.

“She is doing this on purpose, Rudra try to understand-”

“Stop it Bhavya, what will she get if she injures herself like this ?”

“Everything Rudra everything, she will frame you in a case of domestic violence, ask for divorce and then in alimony she will ask for the rest fifty percent of Oberoi shares, I know what kind of girl is she.”

“Just shut up!”, he roared. He had enough of this woman who was spitting venom for his wife, seriously from where did she get these kind of guts. Maybe from ACP thing she always rants about.

” What you are shouting at me for her, I know what kind of girl is she Rudra, as an ACP I’ve dealt with disgusting girl like her, she-”

“Shut the hell up!!!” He roared like anything and enough to wake up those who were sleeping.

“I’m sorry Svetlana, Tia, please sleep and take rest”, and they were back to sleeping.

“I don’t need to know what kind of girl is she, definitely not from you, miss ex-ACP Bhavya Rathore.”

“Rudra! You can’t say that to her especially for that-“, Rudra never let Shivaay complete his sentence.

“That girl there has a name, and that name is Saumya.”

He suddenly saw his watch and realized that only one hour is left for Saumya. She had jerked her fingers when Arya was kept on her bed reacting to her presence and Tia had immediately shrieked for Doctors. They had checked her but she didn’t open her eyes. The reason of her reaction to Arya when asked by Rudra was that Arya was always close to Saumya and vice versa and was pampered a lot by Saumya, just like her own daughter and chose not to tell the painful truth.

He ran in her ward and sat by her holding her hand which did not have IV drip.

Bekhudi… bekhudi…
Mere dil pe aisi chhayi
Tu hi tu mujhme samayi
Ban gayi meri khudaai beliya

He held her hand and cried asking her to wake up, the Oberois and Bhavya were shocked would be an understatement when they saw him begging her to wake up

Duniya ho jaaye parayi
Na dena mujhko rihaai
Ab qubool na judaai beliya

Bekhudi… bekhudi…
Mere dil pe aisi chhayi
Tu hi tu mujhme samayi
Ban gayi meri khudaai beliya

Duniya ho jaaye parayi
Na dena mujhko rihaai
Ab qubool na judaai beliya

He remembered how she had taken care of his injuries when he was hurt and she finally opened her eyes while grasping his hand. The Oberois and Bhavya were shocked again that sge had responded to him.

He immediately shouted for doctors, Svetlana and Tia woke up. And saw that she had opened her eyes. The doctors checked her and strictly warned them to not to let her cry or her condition could worsen. The doctors had given her a call button so that they could come to her if she had any problem considering her situation.

Rudra was standing with his hand touching the glass of the window that let him see his love.

Jahan jahan tera chehra
Wahan wahan meri aakhen
Sochti hu aksar main toh
Lamha lamha teri baatein

She turned and saw him. They were gazing into each others’ eyes deeply as if trying to tell something to each other.

Bekhudi… bekhudi…
Mere dil pe aisa chhaya
Tu hi tu mujhme samaya
Ban gaya tu mera saaya beliya

Duniya ho jaaye parayi
Na dena mujhko rihaai
Ab qubool na judaai beliya

Bhavya saw this and interlinked her hands with Rudra’s who didn’t realise it as he was lost in Saumya’s gaze. Saumya saw what happened and tears streamed down her eyes, and turned over. She quickly pressed the bell and started breathing heavily at once Svetlana and doctors entered.

“Di ?”

“I’m here Saumu, what happened ?”

“I cant… Ca… n..t , cant breath”

“Saumu stay with me, Doctor do something, Saumu?”, while doctors were trying to get medicine in the syringe, Saumya passed out.

Svetlana panicked.

“Saumu, Saumya can you here me, Saumu ?”

But she received nothing.

“Svetlana we need to talk, bring your family in cabin right now.” Dr D’souza said.

Svetlana complied.

“So …”, Svetlana started.

“She is in a pathetic condition Svetlana worse than last time, today when she was attacked by them as told by you, she was back in that time when it all happened and that’s why this. Come with me all of you, even her in-laws need to know her condition.” And they followed him outside.

“Listen up, right now Saumya is going through trauma.” Dr. D’souza said.

He continued, “Right now she is in a state of denial, she will not be awake as she is not able to digest the fact that this has happen to her. She while being unconscious right now is replaying all the things happened before this incident. When she is ready to face the fact she will wake up, I’m saying this as her psychiatrist. So I request you not to disturb her by your words when she wakes up, carefully choice out for words when she is near, I hope you understand.”

All nodded.

“But how long ?” Tia asked


“I asked how long will she take to wake up.”

“Look I won’t lie to you, it could be hours, days, months or maybe-”

“No don’t complete that sentence.” Rudra pleaded.

Svetlana broke down while Rohit managed her.

Rudra entered her ward and sat there with his hands in hers.

Bekhudi… bekhudi…

Qatra sa mukhtasar haiise seene se yun lagana
Baagi nahi ye aashiq terahai dil ko na aazmana
Benazir tujh saakoi na jahan mein
Tohmaton se rehna tu ab judaa

How she first met him and offered him coffee and paratha.

Bekhudi… bekhudi…
Mere dil pe aisi chhayi
Tu hi tu mujhme samayi
Ban gayi meri khudaai beliya

All their childish fights were remembered

Duniya ho jaaye parayi
Na dena mujhko rihaai
Ab qubool na judaai beliya

Everyone was shocked to see him like this.

Svetlana went away.

Bekhudi… bekhudi

She entered the ward with coffee.

“Coffee ?” She asked Rudra.

“Thanks” ,he took coffee from her.

Dhundle hue hain manzar mere
Tu raahein inhein dikhana
Jo zero se vaasta hai mera
Tu rehmat ka hai fasana

“Woh thik toh ho jayegi na ?”, he asked her.

“Ha, usey thik hina hee padega Rudra, woh meri behen hain Rudra, itni aasani sey haar nahi manegi.”

And broke down looking at her and watching her heartbeat. They stayed there till Rohit took away a weeping Svetlana while Rudra stayed there.

Kaagzon pe jaisebikhri hai siyahi
Kahani tu apni yun kar bayaan

Bekhudi… bekhudi…
Mere dil pe aisi chhayi
Tu hi tu mujhme samayi
Ban gayi meri khudaai beliya

Duniya ho jaaye parayi
Na dena mujhko rihaai
Ab qubool na judaai beliya

Bekhudi… bekhudi

He cried asking for forgiveness for leaving her behind but it was futile as she did not wake up.

Three days later….

Rudra was there sitting holding her hand while Svetlana was just sitting there on the couch, only the Kapoor family was present, Oberois had left only on Rudra’s instance.

Suddenly her machine beeped.

“Ughh”, Saumya grunted.

“Saumya??” Rudra and Svetlana asked her.

“Di and Ru…dra ?”

“Saumya can you hear me ?” Svetlana questioned.

“Di ?”

And then she opened her eyes after three long days and blinked them to adapt the sudden brightness.

“Saumya ?” Rudra asked with his breath hitched.

“Rudra?” She asked softly, surprised that he had tears rolling down his cheeks seeing her awake.

Svetlana immediately called doctors and they checked.

“She is ready to go home.” One of them said.

While Saumya was a bit shocked and scared.

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