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Rohan was there. In her room, smirking. She knew what he was upto. Along with Soham. They weren’t here for the whole day just to show the Oberois that they had some important work lined up. Waited for them to leave and for her to stop working and goto her room to corner her. Soham wasn’t here but she knew, she knew that he was somewhere in the mansion.

“Hi hottie s*xyy…”

He dragged the word just to disgust her.

“Who are you ?” , she just played her own little game so that they are convinced that she is not the Saumya they are finding.

“Don’t you remember me, what a night-“

“I don’t know who you are looking for, everyone’s in a party, Oh you want their address I’ll give you”, she took her mobile just to show she was finding the address but was actually dialling 100, so that cops can save her.

“You think I’m stupid Saumya ?”, and he lunged at her, snatched the mobile and threw it at the wall smashing it.

She shuddered, covering her mouth and was now scared, for her life and dignity both. She was trembling like a leaf with fear. This cold not be happening again. They can’t do this again. She could not let them play with her again.

Suddenly he grabbed her, picked her up and threw her over his shoulder. She was begging him to put down but what she heard disgusted her even more.

“Sure thing baby, I will put you down and go down on you too.” She knew with that voice that he was smirking.

And she was thrown on the bed. In her own room. Was this going to happen again ? She moved up begging him to leave her, but he was smiling and crawling near her and reached her face. He was about to kiss her but she turned her head and saw a jug. She felt her strength returning back, she knew what to do now.

Here in the party Rudra had got this feeling that Saumya was not well, he tried calling her but it was switched off. He entered the party to inform his brothers.

“Bhaiya, O I need to go home.”

“But why?”

“Its… Its Saumya, i thi.. I think..”

“Again that Saumya, she must have done something wrong.” Bhavya snickered

“I think she is in a problem, she is not answering my call.”

“She hates you Rudra, she is our enemy and you think she will pick your call?” His brothers said.

“Think whatever you want to but I’m going”. For the first time they saw their dear baby brother rebel. Of course Bhavya joined him, the clingy one she had become.

Here Rohan was hovering over her body and she suddenly kicked him on his crotch. She was smirking while he was writhing in pain, she threw him off, took the jug and crashed it on the table and was about to run but

“Saumya”, Rohan roared.

“If you take one more step, I’ll slit your throat from this broken jug right now.”

He took a step back, fearing his life.

She ran outside and bolted the door from outside, locking him.

And she ran towards the staircase so that she can goto another room and call the cops.

But suddenly, when she was about to run down the stairs Soham came up and while she was struggling she lost her balance and fell down, hitting her head. When she rolled down the last stair she was unconscious, and bleeding heavily. Soham ran upstairs unlocked Rohan told him everything and fled.

Five minutes later, Rudra ran inside and got the shock of this life, the love of his life was lying in a pool of blood. He ran upto her like a maniac, shocking Bhavya.

“Saumya , Saumya open your eyes Saumya please”, he begged her but she wasn’t opening her eyes. He quickly picked her in her arms and ran in his car. His brothers had followed him and were shocked to him running like a maniac with Saumya in his arms, he had tears in his eyes. He sped up and drove like a maniac, today he was definitely turning into a maniac, why wouldn’t he? His life was right now fighting for hers. He reached the hospital with Saumya in his arms shouting for a doctor. Ward boys came with a stretcher and gasped when they saw Saumya, the whole hospital knew Saumya, she was the first kid to be born in this hospital, her Aai worked here and five years ago this hospital had worked on her and her brother’s case, hiding her truth from her Aai on her requested, moreover her Aai worked in this hospital, she had to now be kept away from the floor. One of them ran back and informed to keep her Aai away from the floor while another ran upto a doctor and they both came in an instant. They rushed her in OT.

Here Rudra was crying his eyes out and the whole Oberoi clan was in the hospital. Shivaay and Omkara tried to console him and then they saw Svetlana, Tia, Dushyant with his child in his arms, another boy whom they couldn’t recognize and Romi rushing in. Doctor came out the same time.

“How bad is she ?”, Svetlana asked breathless from the running from the doctor.

He didn’t answer.

“She asked something Dr. D’souza”, Dushyant roared.

“It’s complicated, she has lost a lot of blood and right now she needs to wake up within five hours, if she doesn’t then she might end in coma.” , he finally said.

Tia and Svetlana and broke down instantly.

“We are shifting her in ICCU right now.” , he said.

The OT’s door opened and an unconscious Saumya on her stretcher was pushed out towards the ward.

Something broke inside the sisters, their baby sister was all pale now not even opening her eyes, both of them knew what could happen.

Svetlana rubbed her face of tears, and turned towards the Oberois.

“Was there anyone in the mansion during this ?” She calmly asked.

“No one, except…” Shivaay’s voice faltered and he was a bit shocked.

“Except ?”

“Rohan and Soham”, Omkara completed his sentence.

Could they ? All Oberois thought.

Hearing their nose Svetlana looked at her family back, were they talking about those moronic bastards ?

She took out her phone and found their photos.

” These two ?” , she asked gulping

And they nodded.

That was it, the last string of patience was snapped.

Shivaay and Omkara heard her mutter, “They are f**king dead.” She rolled up her shirt’s sleeves and was marched but Tia caught her in time. Svetlana jerked her hand off and started marching.

“Di stop”. Tia shrieked

” I’m not , I’m going to kill them and even if I land up in jail it will be worth it.” Svetlana shouted back.

This shocked Oberois, did they know these two ?

“Stay for Saumya, she might not like it, please stay.” And Tia broke down.

Svetlana came back and hugged her.

“She will wake up Tia, she has to wake up.” She said while she hugged her a broken Tia while drinking back her own tears.

“Just make sure Maasi doesn’t see her”, Svetlana told the wardboys and they nodded their heads and they knew what they had to do.

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  1. Hi dear,
    hru. goodddddd episoid ndbit suspence.. wt happen to somu last night….. i think its connected with her past..plz or reveal it soon dear… happy for svetlana loved her other face of her.. n she got married with rohit…bless to c rudy love conson to somu…. plz reveal the past soon dear. one kind request plz plz update episoid soon

  2. ItsmePrabha

    superb..interesting..super glad to see rudy concern for somu ..will be waiting for the next……..

  3. Fenil

    Awesome !!

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