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In the evening, the Oberois left much to Saumya’s delight. Well why wouldn’t she be happy, she got the whole mansion and now she could go in any room and check for proofs or any other thing which might help her in knowing about the Kalyani mills strategy. She never called it tragedy because according to her it was a strategy to kill her Baba and Papa. She had seen it herself.

Four hours passed and she could not find anything. She had gone through every nook and corner of every room of the mansion, had even checked for hollow walls but nothing was achieved. She felt defeated. ‘You wanna play hard Oberois, I’ll play harder.’, she thought. She had a really nasty temper and now she was shaking with the rage inside her. She wanted to burn this mansion immediately but then calmed herself down. She wasn’t an Oberoi who did not care about others because of the consequences of their acts. She was a Kapoor, they would analyse everything before they went ahead with their plan. She was tired and went in her room.

Here in the party Rudra was getting bored. Jhanvi and Pinky were enjoying with their ladies circle. Anika , Gauri and Bhavya were chatting. Shivaay, Omkara, Shakti and Tej were talking with their old pals and business associates. He felt out of the place. And then there was an announcement for couple dance Shivaay and Anika, Omkara and Gauri, Shakti and Pinky and Tej and Jhanvi were now going to dance. He saw Bhavya approaching him and he cringed at the thought that she wanted to dance with him. Once she got a hold of him she will cling onto him until they reach home. What had happened to her suddenly, why had she become so clingy and possessive of him? He frowned at his own question. He saw her coming and rushed to the DJ and asked him to play his requested song.

“Okay so my dear friend here wants this song to be played for his wife and he has dedicated this song to her.” The DJ announced. Yes Rudra had dedicated this song with all his heart to Saumya, even if she wasn’t here he knew, if she heard this she would have got emotional and maybe even tell him that she loved him. He wanted to hear those words from her lips, from her voice, if only, he chuckled at his destiny. The song played and he moved out so that his family does not see him in that condition.

Ashqon mein hai yaadein teri
Bheegi bheegi raatein meri
Gum hai kahin raahein meri

He remembered how he first met her in the hospital

Main tere ishq mein gumrah hua
Main tere ishq mein gumrah hua

The day when he danced with joy when he realized that he had fallen for her

Main woh chaand jiska tere bin na koi aasmaan
Main woh chaand jiska tere bin na koi aasmaan

When he had to lie to her that he would be happy to stay as friends with her and made that heart with his fingers

Meri duaaon mein hai mannat teri
Tujhko padha hai tu hai aayat meri
Jannat tu hi hai tu hona na door
Azmat hai tujhse tu hi hai mera noor

When he prepared himself to see her off at airport while crying and how he controlled himself from crying when she was going to Australia and when he cried till his whole face was red, till he found it difficult to breathe without her, till he cried himself to a pulp

Dil ki salaakhein qaid rakhe hai
Jaise parinda koihaan koi

How he could never fall in love with Bhavya.

Ashqon mein hai yaadein teri
Bheegi bheegi raatein meri
Gum hai kahin raahein meri

Here in her room Saumya was herself listening this song, it defined her feelings for Rudra which she could never reveal

Main tere ishq mein gumrah hua
Main tere ishq mein gumrah hua
Main wo chand jiska tere bin na koi aasmaan
Main wo chand jiska tere bin na koi aasmaan

She remembered how much fun they had together, how she had cried a day prior to her departure to Australia

Veeraniyon ka dil mein lava jale
Angaaron ke saaye mein har pal khale
Furkat ka lamha phir se aaye na ab
Iss se rihaai de de aye mere Rabb

She remembered how she broke down after Rudra proposed Bhavya in front of her, she remembered their marriage, their real marriage

Dil ke taar bandhe hain aise
Jaise bandhi bediyaanbediyaan..

She knew he will never love her

Ashqon mein hai yaadein teri
Bheegi bheegi raatein meri
Gum hai kahin raahein meri

Both of them cried together unknown that their significant half loved each other to death

Main tere ishq mein gumrah hua
Main tere ishq mein gumrah hua
Me wo chand jiska tere bin na koi aasmaan
Me wo chand jiska tere bin na koi aasmaan

He looked at her photo in his phone and kissed it, she took his photo on the bedside table and kissed it.

Only if they knew their love for each other.

Once the song finished she went in the washroom to wash her face.

Here in garden two hands wrapped him from behind. Thinking it was Saumya he smiled and turned only to see those hands belonged to Bhavya and he frowned. Why can’t she leave him alone, he mentally asked himself in despair.

“Thank you.”, she said.

“Huh ?”

“I said Thank you.”

“For what ?”, he snapped, did she really think he dedicated this song for her? Has she gone mad, the DJ announced it was for his wife and she wasn’t his wife, technically right now.

” You dedicated that song to me right ?”,she asked confused and now a bit more possessively.

“I never dedicated any song to you.”, he scoffed.

” But the DJ said his friend and you were standing beside him, so technically you dedicated-”

“Their can be other friends of the DJ also.”, he snapped, irritated with her interrogation.

“Oh I thought it was you.”

“Leave it Bhavya go inside I have to call a friend, I will join you later.”

And she went inside. He stood their taking in the cool breeze to calm himself down.

Here in the mansion, Saumya came out of the washroom and was tidying the bedsheets when suddenly the hair on her neck rose. She turned around to see Rohan smirking. Fear gripped her heart again.

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    Superb i heard song with reading and its personally fav song….
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    It is nice one

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  4. Jasminerahul

    rudra dedicating song to soumya though she wasn’t there and wishing that if she heard it she will love him was lovely .soumya too heard it in her room and remembered rudra.loved it.happy that rudra cleared bhavya’s misunderstanding that it was dedicated to her

    1. Ishanaomkarakiwife

      Thank you so much dear

  5. Sukaen

    Its really nice, waiting for the next episode.

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