RUMYA FF: Tu Jo Paas Ho -EPISODE 10 & 11

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She woke up and saw that she was in his arms,secured. He nuzzled into her more closer near her crook of neck.

She got up to go but was pulled back.

“I’m sorry.”

“For what ?”

“What happened last night-”

“It was a nightmare, but what was it in it that made you react like that ?”

“Not some good memories, I guess.”

And her eyes started to tear up and he decided to not ask anything more.

He kissed her on her cheeks, well it was not shocking for her as she had gotten used to it.

“Rudra ”


“Go back to your office.”

“What ?”

“I said go back to your office.”

“Who goes to office on Sundays ?”


“Go take your bath I will wait for you.”

After she came back from bathroom with her hair drenched and was drying it, Rudra was lost in her.

“Go take a bath.”, she said and he left immediately.

They made their way downstairs and he made her sit on the chairs of the dining table and no one said anything she wondered and remembered DIVORCE.

Suddenly there was a voice.

“Oye khoteya samaan andar leja.”

“Dadi ???!!!” , all three bros said together and ran in her direction. Everyone went to the living room.

All went upto her and hugged her except for Saumya.

“I’m really sorry Saumya, whatever you have gone through because of my family I’m really ashamed.”

“Maa, what are you even saying ?”, Tej questioned.

“Oh I’m saying that because I can even trust Shakti but definitely not you.”

“Why Maa ?”

“Do I’ve to remind you everything you have done and made us go through all these years and recently Mr. Tej Singh Oberoi.”

“You don’t need to apologise umm..”, Saumya hesitated

“Don’t be shy Saumya you can still call me your Dadi you are my bahu now.”

“But not for long.”

“I know that but till whatever time you are here you will call me Dadi ok ?”

“Ok … Dadi.” Saumya added Dadi when she saw her looking at her sternly.

“Everyone go have your breakfast.”

And all had their breakfast silently while only their cutlery were making noises.

Suddenly Saumya’s phone rang catching everyone’s attention. Her eyes bulged out.

“What happened Saumya ?”, Rudra asked.

“Shit. ”

“What ?”, everyone shouted.

“Shit shit.”, she ran up swearing under song. Rudra ran behind her while youngsters followed them.

Saumya ran to her ipad and started typing vigorously.

” please please don’t. ”

“Saumya ?”, Rudra questioned her.

She didn’t say anything and after sometime she stopped typing.

“Saumya what happened ?”

“Virus attack or you can say hacking attempt on my ipad.”

“Woah but why?” And the rest left.

“You’ll know one day.”


“You go and eat, before you ask I’m done with my breakfast.”, she said when he was going to question.

“No you are not done, you ate less than half and you have to have full meal else you will have have that IV drip again in your veins and I will make sure it’s in your right hand so that you can’t type and throw a fuss easily.”

“I’m not eating.”

“Shall I give you another vertigo attack?”

“Chalo yaar.”

And after the breakfast Saumya went back to coding while Rudra went to meet Dadi.

“Dadi I want to tell you something ?”

“That only na that you love Saumya ??”

“How do you know ??”

“What ??”

Same timing.

The first one was from Rudra while the second one was from every younger Oberoi and Bhavya.

“Rudra how can you love her you love me !”

“I never did it was infatuation I’d always loved Saumya.”

“You’re kidding me now.”, the Oberoi’s said.

“No I’m not, but Dadi I don’t know if she loves me.”

“Of course she won’t love you, are her enemy!” Oberois shouted back.

“That I will see who loves Rudra the most. You guys stay out of it.”, Dadi declared.

” Rudra come with me.”

And they went to the kitchen.

“Rudra do me a favour.”

“Yes dadi.”

“Create the worst dish you can and we will see if she loves you or not.”

After sometime his masterpiece was ready, ready to kill almost everybody who would eat it.

Dadi called all the youngsters except Saumya.

“Bhavya Rudra cooked something for you, will you eat it ?”

“Haan dadi what has he made ?”

“This.”, Rudra

When she saw the dish she made a yuckish face.

“Arrey Bhavya khao na Rudra ne itne pyaar se banaya hain.”

“Haan dadu hum khate hain.”

And in the very first bite she almost spit it out.

“Yeh kya hain Rudra hiw can you make me eat this? Its totally inedible!!”

“Bhavya bas ho gaya you sit here, Rudra call Saumya.”, Dadi ordered.

In no time Saumya was sitting on the chair near Dadi.

“Dadi you called me ?”

“Yes woh actually Rudra has made a dish and he wants you to taste it.”

Colour drained from Saumya’s face but she put up her courageous face.

“Sure Dadi.”

Rudra brought the dish.

Saumya ate the first bite and controlled to not throw up.

“Kaisa laga Saumya ?”

“Bahut accha bana hai dadi.”, she said while struggling to smile. All understood what was happening while Bhavya wanted to kill her.

“Umm… Rudra can you bring some yoghurt.”


When he was gone she gulped down everything and chewed it all up while everyone looked at her.

“Dadi Saumya puttar accha nahi laga kya ?”

“Nahi dadi woh kya hain woh yeh thanda ho jata toh isliye jaldi se kha liya.”

“Your yoghurt Saumya.”, Rudra offered.

And ate ate it like it was bliss.

“Dadi ab main jaati hoon, mujhe kaam hai.”

“Haan puttar ja.”

“Thank you.”

Dadi turned to Rudra.

“She loves you.”

“I saw, yayyy you are the best dadi.”

Everyone was shocked while he ran upstairs.

“Saumya time for your juice.” Rudra said entering.

“Don’t make orange juice I’m allergic. It kinda accelerates my asthma.”


But someone had already heard it.



Rudra went down in the kitchen and saw that the oranges he had already cut in half were being squeezed by a servant.

“Listen Reena, uss orange juice ko andar fridge mein rakh do and make mango juice ok and everyday Saumya ma’am ko orange juice chodd ke different fruits ke juices dena galti se bhi and I’m repeating myself, galti se bhi orange juice ki ek boond bhi Saumya ke gale se niche utri, main tumhe chuodunga nahi. Got it ?”, he said the last part threatening her, while she gulped and nodded.

Rudra left to meet the Bros and Bhavya was at her work. She wanted her revenge, how could Saumya love Rudra ?

“Reena suno, woh dadi ko tumse kaam hai dekho toh kyun bula rahi woh tumhe, jaldi se jaake aao.” And Reena went.

Bhavya quickly emptied half of the glass and added orange juice then added some more juice when she noticed change in colour and stepped back, Reena was back. Rudra came back to take the juice to Saumya.

“Saumya drink it.”

“Keep it na I’ll drink it after sometime.”

“Drink it now Saumya.”, he said sternly and she had to drink it as he forced her.

Suddenly she removed her mouth away from the glass and then he forced her to drink again but she removed her mouth.

“Stop it, Rudra. Its tasting weird, kaun sa juice hai yeh ?”

He smelt it and felt weird ran back to kitchen.

Here Saumya started feeling uneasy and found it difficult to breathe. She could feel that it was an asthma attack. She ran back to the room and opened a drawer to search for her inhaler but couldn’t find it. After a lot of struggle and need of gasping her breathe, she finally found her inhaler but it was snatched by someone. When she looked up she saw Bhavya.

Here in the kitchen he saw that the glass having orange juice was half filled. When he asked Reena he got to know that Bhavya was present in the kitchen after both of them left the kitchen.

Saumya struggled to get back her inhaler while it was difficult for her to catch her breathe. Her face turned pale.

“I will watch you die Saumya, you snatched my Rudra, he was mine and you snatched, you will suffer now.”

“Bhavya…   in…haler please.”

“I won’t.”

Saumya’s face turned blue and she was struggling to keep her eyes open while Bhavya watched everything with a smirk.

Here Rudra ran upstairs after understanding everything.

“Saumya !!!” He ran up shouting her name while she fainted. Bhavya heard him and was about to leave but he had already entered and she quickly threw inhaler away and ran upto her.

Rudra saw everything.

“Saumya open your eyes, Saumya please.”, he cried but no effect.

“Saumya open your eyes.”, Bhavya acted while everyone came up and saw that Saumya was unconscious and her face blue.

“Why is her face blue ?”, everyone screamed.

“Saumya,” and Bhavya tried to touch her but Rudra jerked her hand away.

“Don’t you dare touch my wife.”, he hissed.

“But Rudra I was trying to help-”

“Shut up. Just shut up and get lost.”

And she ran out crying.

“Rudra give her CPR and chest compressions.”, Omkara said immediately when he remembered about Gauri being in same condition.

Rudra immediately gave her a mouth to mouth but nothing happened. He then started to give her compression while tears flew down his eyes and everyone started calling their doctors.

Suddenly Saumya gasped loudly, Rudra gave her a mouth to mouth again and she finally opened her eyes when he gave a final compression.

She opened her eyes and started crying due to breathlessness and Anika gave the inhaler that she saw lying on the floor.

Rudra helped her use her inhaler and after sometime she was breathing normally.

” I’m sorry Saumya, I should have checked the juice and given you.”

“It’s ok Rudra, its not your mistake. It was-”

“Bhavya.”, he completed and his nostrils flared.

“Not a word against her, why do ypu always target her, what’s your problem ?”, Jhanvi scoffed.

“Enough mom. It was Bhavya only ask Reena. I’ll not spare her. She has crossed her limits.”

And Rudra went to see Bhavya.

“Bade baal wale bhaiya stop him, he will not be in control when he is angry.”

“How do you know that ?” Omkara asked confused because he knew Rudra’s temper not even Shivaay knew his babu bro’s anger.

“Stop questioning me and go after him.”, Saumya said calmly.

Here in her room Bhavya started packing (fake) when she saw Rudra coming towards her room.

And when he came up to the threshold,

“Aaaiye Rudra, kya jhooth bola hai uss-”

“Not a word anymore against my Wife.” He emphasized on the word wife. He continued, “good that you are packing your stuff, leave this house immediately.” And he left.

When Bhavya was leaving she was crying and she saw Rudra entwining his hand with Saumya she was enraged. She went towards dadi but she backed off. She saw the couple coming down together.

“Jo tumhe chahiye tha tumhe mil gaya Saumya par tumne humare Rudra ko humse kyu cheena ?”

Saumya almost removed her hand but Rudra didn’t let her.

“Stop it Bhavya. And mom I’ve evidence for her crime. Wanna see it Bhavya ?”, he questioned.

After seeing the video it was dadi who spoke first.

“Shame on you Bhavya you are an ex-ACP and this is how you will serve the country glad you are out of the police the country doesn’t need officers like you. Please get out of my house.”

No one said anything while Rudra glared at her ready to attack her but Saumya controlled him.

And finally Bhavya left.

Everyone went busy after it. Saumya went back to coding as she was working on making a website which the Kapoor sisters would use for business.

Suddenly her phone buzzed and she received a MMS which shocked her.

At the same time Svetlana and Tia received the same MMS shocking them.

Saumya was in the balcony and Rudra was not in the room. She sat in her corner of the balcony which hid her due to the door and slashed her wrist. With the blood flowing freely, everything went black in front of her eyes and she lost her consciousness.

In no time the sisters were in the mansion.

“Now why are you here ?”, Tej asked.

Rudra reached there.

“Rudra where is Saumya ?”

“Upstairs, why ?”

“Oh my god, Tia rush.”

And all three ran upto the balcony. When they found her they saw that she had slashed wrist. All panicked but Rudra picked her up and rush down. Everyone was shocked to see Saumya’s slashed wrist. The younger Oberois followed them in another car.

Here in Rudra’s car Svetlana was holding Saumya,

“Rudra ask Khanna to confiscate everyone’s mobiles.”

“But why ?”

“Just do it. For Saumya.”

And he ordered Khanna to do the same when they reached the hospital. He just wanted Saumya safe. Doctors treated her and when she opened her eyes Svetlana slapped her hard.

“How could you even think of committing suicide ?”

“I’m sorry di, I saw that video and I just wanted to die that very minute, I’m sorry di.”

And she burst out crying.

The Oberoi’s stood outside and saw everything but couldn’t hear anything and were confused. Was Saumya hiding something ?

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