Rules pyaar ka super hit formula (epi -4)

Shermistha -janaki ji.’s just a coincidence ur swara and my swara looks similar. ..u yourself look my swara is small. …..
Shekhar -she is our younger daughter whose name is kept by Janki ji’s dad ..
Sanskar teary eyes falls on his knees
Sanskar -please swara don’t do this to me if you want u can give me any punishment but don’t do this. ..I can’t take it plz
Ap and Laksh console him by hugging
Sanskar -please consider about our kids what’s there mistake. …
Arjun-yuvraj we can understand your pain but it’s a fact that she is not your wife she is my sister
Sanskar comes to him …his eyes is full of anger he holds arjun collar
Sanskar -u can understand my pain really u can understand how it feels when ur love one has died in front of u …u get your that one back and she didn’t accepts u
Swara-enough Mr maheshwari blo*dy. Hell I am not your wife nor there children. .why can’t you get it’s just a coincidence we look similar. ..and think once if I am your swara i would have come to u to you’re children or at least I inform her mom….
Sanskar -u are lying ….by saying he faints
Laksh and arjun takes him to rum and comes out
Shekhar -i think we should leave now
Janaki -i am sorry shemish
Sumi-no don’t say so if we are in your place i also reacted same as you …..seriously we are not angry with u
Ap -please don’t go …my child will die if she leaves him
Ap-i know we are wrong …plzzz make your daughter married to sanskar
Shekhar -have you lost it … swara is just 21 and your son is 30 ..Let’s forget about age …he is already married and father of 2 children. … swara can’t this responsibility
Dp-i am sorry behalf of ap she is a mother. ..she is blindly seeing only her son happiness but please don’t ..they here for maha pooja and mela after that myself drop them to devgad
Shekhar -i am trusting you ….plzzz don’t break my trust …

Later shemish and arjun goes and Laksh goes to drop Swaragini
In car there is pin drop silence is their raglak is angry with each other …car stops outside op of mm …Ragini goes angrily from the car…swara gets down the car …Laksh also gets down
Laksh -sorry for everything. ..because we you troubled a lot
Swara-it’s okay. ..Laksh ji can I ask you something
Laksh -yeah
Swara-how was your bhabhi died
Laksh -(tears started flowing from his eyes )it’s an accident her car break failed and her car hitted by the truck and car blasted. …bha..
Swara-laksh ji if u have problem with swara u can call me shona
Laksh smiles
Laksh -okay bye shona ..
Swara -bye

In night
Ragini was fuming in room that tym Laksh enter he was also angry
Ragini -how dare you en
Laksh didn’t allow her to say he smashed his rough lips on her soft lips he is taking him anger on her innocent lips …he lips her lower lips. .her lips started bleeding. …he break the kiss. his anger was cool
Laksh -it’s for slapping my brother
Ragini pull him and crush her lips with his ..he was totally shocked. .she bites his upper lips hardly he winks in pain but she didn’t stop she bites his both lips he was out of breath but Ragini didn’t left him she was punishing his lips ..later breathe kiss his both lips where swollen
Laksh -you ….
Laksh pull her and kiss her lips and bits it hardly tears flows from Rags eyes. ..Laksh make it gentle he moves his tongue softly to smoothen her pain and break kiss and kiss on her tears suck it and kiss her this time this was passionate one …Laksh with breaking kiss hold Ragini up …and Ragini rap her legs Arround his waist ..Laksh moves and keep her on table ..from his one hand he opens zib off her dress …and roaming his hand on her back …
Laksh break the kiss …Laksh make her stand. ..Ragini in shy hides face in wall her back is visible to him ..he came to her and gives wet kisses on her back ..Ragini is breathing heavily …he opens her bra hock ..and gives love bits on her back
Ragini -ahh Laksh
Laksh turn her. …he slightly pull her dress little down ….he started giving wet kisseson her neck and love bites Ragini is rubbing his hairs …Laksh looks towards Ragini’s lips this time it’s wild he again picks Ragini in his hands and place her on bed and comes above her …their eyes where filled with desire
Ragini open his shirt and Laksh her top they both naked from Upper part …Ragini comes out him and kiss his chest and bits his chest
Laksh -wild cat ….know my turn he rotate Laksh comes on her head started bitting on her neck
Ragini -ahh Laksh slowly ahh Laksh
Laksh was in mood of listening he started biting her br*ast
Ragini -breathing heavily La. ..ah Laksh
Laksh is chewing her nip*le in between he bits it Ragini is moaning his name he came little down to her abdomen ..kiss their … he enter his tongue on abdomen. ..Ragini pull him up …both were sweating…both hugs each other Ragini sleep on Laksh chest …

In swara room
Swara is in half Pant eating chocolate. ..and listening music from ear phone. ..her bang but due to ear phone she didn’t hear it ……………again door bang ..then many times then
Door broken swara become afraid and feared to see sanskar with burning red eyes in anger …….
Swara moving backward….sanskar coming towards her. .and hold her arm tightly
Sanskar -i have enough of your tantrums…
Swara-leave me …
Sanskar -shut up …..
Swara -di …security
Sanskar takes cloth from bed and tie Arround her mouth ………and twist her hands and tie it and hold her on her shoulder and takes her out …open his car back door and place her on it and comes on driver sit and drive the car …..swara struggle to free herself
Sanskar -no use swara once you gone away from me but know i won’t let it happen again. … no one will separate us
Swara with lot of difficulty on the door and jump from it ….due to this she got several scratch and injuries but she didn’t bother about it ..she start running
Its all happened in fraction of seconds before he could understand everything happens. .then apply sudden break and comes out of the car …search for swara
Swara will running reached a empty road where many drunken people are sitting by seeing swara they came forward and stairing her lustly
Swara turn back to run but they circle around her and one of them is going to touch her but he was hitted stone their standing Sanskar he beaten all cruel in the meanwhile swara run away
Swara while running is going to hit by a car ….but driver apply sudden break. .and the person comes out by seeing the person get relief and faint

Recap -sanskar madness ….

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    Raglak scenes are hot

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    Got Crazy brothers both are really extremely possessive. I am worried for Swara as sanskar is getting mad. And what happen between raglak how this love and all . I just hope Lakshya don’t use Ragini for getting Swasan married

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