Rules Pyaar ka Super hit Formula (epi -2 )

Recap -Ragini reject Laksh

In mm old palace
Ragini -I am scared swara ….what happen if he also say no….swara …I think I have said over …I think I should apologies to him
Swara-baby easy. ..if my calculations is not wrong he will be here in next five minutes. ..if not furries state
Ragini -why would he be furries
Swara-because his ego is hurt usually he reject the girls in his life first tym some one has rejected him …..more over said that he is not your type of boy
Ragini -I don’t think so look till know he did
Before completing they heard knock on the main door
Swara-di should go
Ragini -no plz u be here …I am afraid
Swara-okay I hide here itself. ..di listen be confident and bold. ..what ever happen don’t fear or melt ..

As swara hide Laksh comes in he is very angry ….he holds Ragini and her to door and comes very close to her
Ragini -wh….what are. .u doing
Laksh -why u reject me. ….ha I am prince Lakshraj …I reject the girls who are you. …who was behenji type girl who don’t have tongue in clg know turn to be beauty queen …but still you are that typical type girl whose alliance their parents fix if like or not marry that guy
Ragini teary eyes swara sign her no to cry
Laksh -what you think of yourself. dare u to insult me
Ragini -leave me Laksh
Laksh hit on the door
Laksh -first answer me damit

Ragini push Laksh ….but Laksh again hold her waist and touching her soft skin of her face with his nose sensually
Ragini push him and gives him tight slap by sound guards and servant came they shock to see Laksh holding his cheeks
Laksh -how dare to slap me blo*dy b*t*h
Ragini again gives a tight slap
Ragini -hold your tongue lakshraj maheshwari if you are prince then I am also princess of devgard. …what you said I am traditional fool who will accept my parents choice and marry the person. ..yes you are right because I have full faith in my parents choice got it
Ragini -you wanna know why I reject you so listen who to marry a povert and uncultured and manner less kind of person who doesn’t know to behave with a girl …if my dada bhai get know about ur act it will lead to a war between this two Kingdom. ……get hell out of here …
Without letting Laksh to speak further Ragini through him out and before closing the door
Ragini -next tym never dare to enter my room with out knocking …close the door Laksh face
Laksh goes from their anger because in his life he was insulted twice

In London
A man is doing shared of a girl along with two children of three years….
Priest -put the photo of the person whose ritual is going on
That man bring a photo and placed it on a small table when the man moves apart…
The photo turn to be swara’s
In mm op
Swara comes out
Swara-waah my tiger ousted
Ragini -swara i love Laksh that doesn’t means he can play with my self respect
Swara-i am impressed. ..
Ragini -thanks. …Let’s pack the lagagge. ..
Swara-why di
Ragini-as I insulted him so definitely he will through us out
Swara-nothing will happen. …Let’s sleep

In mm
All this matter comes in front of ap and dp
Dp-lakshraj what I am hearing…..I heard many things about you I avoid it considering as increasing age you will improve but u
Ap-i didn’t expect this from u Laksh. ..does it thought you to behave like this with a girl ..
Laksh -mom…why you are not seeing what she did with me
Ap-then what you expecting from her that she encourage you to misbehave with her Laksh u yourself stretch the matter …..she said she doesn’t want marry u it’s her right to decision
Dp-sanlak do u have any idea if devgard came to know about it and other dynasty then we won’t able show our face to anyone
Ap-tomorrow morning you will come with us and apologies to Ragini
Dp and ap goes
Laksh -in a day you change my life because of u dad slap me mom is angry with me ….. all in this i was insulted and humiliated. …..

Next day
Swara and Ragini where standing at the door of the palace with their lagagge. ….
Swara-di why are we standing outside with this lagagge
Ragini -shona actually in tension i instead of our dress i packed maa sa and dadi sa clothes. ….so I called at home. …driver is bringing our clothes …
Swara-di seriously. .forget about it …di be brave if jiju comes
Ragini shy by hearing jiju ..
Swara-di one minute my phone is room
As swara goes ap dp and Laksh comes trio shock to see Ragini with lagagge
Ragini -namaste aunty uncle
Ap-what is this beta …I know you are upset with Laksh behaviour …but still you should complain to us rather than leaving palace

Dp-princess I apologise from u …’s my responsibility to take care because you are hear by my invitation and fold his hands
Ragini free the fold
Ragini -you are like my dad don’t apologise to me…elder should raise hands for blessing not for asking sorry
Dp and ap get impress and bless her ..
Ap-Laksh what are you waiting for ask sorry know
Ragini-let it be aunty. …apology is small word but when it is asked with heart and not forcefully
Dp-learn something from her beta if you forgive us then don’t go..after two days pooja starts please
Ragini -okay
Ap-where is your sister
Ragini -she has gone to her room for taking phone
Dp-sorry actually we are in hurry we meet her later
Dp and ap goes then Rags car comes ..driver comes and takes the lagagge Laksh stop him
Laksh -Ragini matter is sort out then why are you going
Ragini -who said I am going my and maa sa luggage exchange so driver brought my luggage and taking other one
Laksh -then why you said to mom and dad that u are leaving
Ragini -I never said they themself thought ….Rags goes
Laksh -interesting beauty with brain ..

In swarag room
Ragini comes happily and hugs swara
Swara-what happen di
Ragini -swara your formula no .1 say no …worked i am so happy
Swara -wahoo yippee
They spend so time later ……Ragini goes to kitchen for making jalebi for swara …
Ragini -why this palace is engaged ….it’s beautiful not any damage happen go environment
Servant-actually princess. .2 year.before this palace was with laugh happiness joy tantrums of lakshraj and jokes And poetry of yuvraj sanskar. ..teary eyes and bubbliness of your yuvrani she was kind hearted treat us like her family member

Ragini -where is she know
Servant-she left us in an her two children of 4 months …she was the charm of this palace after her death this palace also lost its charm. .yuvraj was unable to live with out rani sa every corner of this palace is filled with her memory for yuvraj …maharaj decided to leave this palace
Ragini -what was her name
Servant-rani swara sanskar maheshwari
At that tym Laksh came to palace for inviting them for lunch he goes to the room and knock. …
Swara-who came…..come in…
Swara is set to the cupboard her back is visible to Laksh .
Laksh -Ragini. …
Swara-dude she is in kitchen
Laksh -thanks by the way u
Swara turn and Laksh shocks
Swara-swara gadodiya. ..Ragini jiju’s chotu sister
Laksh faints

Recap -Maheshmati behind swara…Ragini tashan to Laksh

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