Rules Pyaar ka Super hit Formula (epi -1 )

Two beautiful princess sitting in a room. is in tension and other one is sitting on table and eating chips and drinking coke and hearing music from ear phone with out any tension …a lady enter their room
Lady-laddo why are you in such tension …you are going to your would be house not in any war
Ragini -but dadi sa..what’s the need ..I mean I am not married na and moreover you are not coming with me ….and kuwar ji also didn’t yes na

Dadi-laddo calm down first ….beta maharani annapurana herself invited to maha pooja you know it’s very big pooja and after it ten days mela it’s our honour they invited us
Ragini -but dadi sa if they didn’t like me …if kuwar rejected me
Dadi-ragini don’t predict yourself. ..wait …shermistha come here
Sumi-ha maa sa
Dadi-look your daughter is still playing yesterday’s tape record
Sumi-beta if he reject also you are still our daughter and princess of devgard. ..
Dadi-look one is dying tension with out any tension and other one has no knowledge about surrounding
Dadi through paper on the another girl so she remove the head phone….
Girl -what
Dadi -look at yourself who will tell you are a princess
Sumi-what attire it is. ..teary jeans …short top …this cap …shona ….roam with tapories and studies zero …..u get ready and go with your jiji
Swara-no way mom ….and that to boring pooja never
Sumi-i am not asking u
Swara-mom Chillax I won’t go to that Maheshmati
Voice -u will go because ap ji has invited you both

All turn and see Shekhar with a young boy
Swara-hey pops please. ..that is filled with boring people’s
Dadi-swara they are elders …speak with respect
Swara-hotie please ha
Shekhar -if you agree I will double your pocket money and give my credit card for shopping in mela.
Swara-and what’s will purchase from that boring mela
Boy-enough swara no more arguments you are going with Ragini. …
Swara-arjun bro…
Arjun (arjun bijlani )-look you are going
Ragini -plzzz shona if you are with me I will be comfortable
Swara-but my clg
Arjun -as I know you are suspended for month
Dadi-dont call their like mom pops bro or rago… have to speak ..maa sa,dadi sa ..dada bhai and jiji sa.
Sumi-and this tored jeans and change this attire …go like princess
Shekhar -dare not show ur tantrums their
Arjun-no late night party
Voice -are you all sending her Maheshmati for pooja or war…..if all your class of boring my shona is over then come down i am starving
Swara-handsome dadu
After sometimes Swaragini bid bye to all and goes to Maheshmati

In Maheshmati
Swaragini where covering their face….Servants welcome them
Ragini -where is everyone ..
Servant-princess they all where in new palace ….as their preparation going on so rajmata.made all your arrangements here
Swara-look they called us to stay here as well are over stock lagagge which is put in store room
Servant-no no princess it’s not like that ….actually their are many guest are their and lot of work going on so rani sa don’t you both well uncomfortable
Ragini -what we both do alone here …
Swara -you see my face and I see your face what else ..I told you at palace also
Ragini -shona don’t be angry it’s their Kingdom their rules …chotu sunna ..i will make your favourite mali kofta with fried rice
Swara-with jalebi
Servant-we will make it …princess
Ragini -it’s okay she only like my hand made jalebi
In mm
A man is gym he is sweeting badly. ..
Voice -lakshraj easy don’t do whole month work out in a day
Laksh -maa …does bhai came from London
Ap-beta he will be here in 2 weeks …what you thought about meeting Ragini
Laksh -why so hurry mom …many princess are waiting for me then what’s special in ragini moreover I don’t like her today I met and say I doesn’t like her…

At that time servant comes
Servant-no the the princess has arrived
Laksh -okay bring princess Ragini to mayur garden in evening
This mSg servant told to Ragini
Ragini -look na Swara he will reject me …he many tym reject me in clg days. ..teary eyes i love him swara why can he love me back in am traditional that doesn’t mean that I can’t love
Swara -offo sweety it’s 21 st century grow up. .di by crying u will get only dark circles. …..
Ragini -then what I will do …ha you don’t know the pain when your love reject u…I am looser
Swara-di stop crying u are not looser .. Laksh is looser who can’t able to see your pure heart which is filled with love…the girl who only give joy and happiness to all but in return u never expected anything
Ragini -then he don’t he love me shona
Swara-ssshhhh di I will help you and I promise you will get Laksh ji and he will fall for no….but u have follow my rules
Ragini -what rules
Swara-rules pyaar ka super hit formula ….first rule be confident…and you have do it …say something which is mute by hearing it
Ragini-are you making my love story or in starting only u separating us
Swara-trust me by this his ego will definitely hurt …but beta confident don’t him that you are dying for him
Ragini -I will fall weak in front of him
Swara-di you are doing it for your love di

In mayur garden
Its evening time is decorated with many dim lights with different colours …artificial animals which is created by plants ….and in centre a table is decorated with candles for raglak ….Laksh came in black jeans pink t-shirt and white coat he was waiting for Ragini from 20 mints
Laksh -where the hell is she …….girls usually wait for me ….look i am waiting for that stupid girl…..must be busy with her make up
At that tym Ragini comes wearing black net saree with minimum make up diamond earrings and diamond bangles. ..Laksh jaw touch the ground. …slowly Ragini came forward and closed Laksh mouth….and towards the table and sit on chair .Laksh also comes and sit
Laksh -you are changed. ….totally. ..u are looking gorgeous
Ragini -look Laksh let me come to the point. Take deep breath. …I am not interested in marrying u……you are not my type
Laksh -shockingly whatttt
Ragini -you are not according to my exception. ..for you kavya type girls are best ……if you want you can say you rejected me…i don’t mind and winks at him
Laksh -you are rejecting me…princess of many Kingdom are drowling over me
Ragini (attitude )-but princess Ragini Singh gadodiya never bothered to old public figure……
Ragini drink a juice. ..
Ragini -thnx for the date …bye
Laksh fumes in anger

Guys swasan story starts after 3 episode

Recap -Ragini avoid Laksh. …

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