Ruhaniyaat (Segment 154)

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3 years later –
Her point of view –
Teddy was going to propose today at the restraurant’s after party. It was going to be a surprise and we were going for moral support.
Dex was staying with the boys and he was ofcourse not very happy about it. Four years of marriage and he was still the same possesive and my boys were no less taking every trait of personality from their father.
John and sissy were staying over for the weekend too.

We were currently getting ready in our room for the party.
“Bhabhijaan here this is for you..” Angel said handing me a gown that went down a bit low on the front side.
“Sure i am feeling a bit adventurous today..”
“This is yours .” She hands sissy a knee length dress.

“As you wish mam.”
“How come you both are so willing today?” She asked looking at us suspiciously.
‘if you spoil my surprise i will kill you..’ Teddy had messaged in the morning.
“Come on you are our baby sister..we can do this for you..” i said trying my best to cover up.
“Yea.. you are spending too much time with your brothers.. you talk like them” Sissy says shaking her head.
“Hey.. they are my brothers..” she said playfully hitting my shoulders.

His point of view –
“We are heading out .. the dinner is ready. Heat it before serving..” pie instructs coming down the stairs.
She looks beautiful today. That dress is working wonders. I remember choosing this one for her when Birdie asked me last week. Lately Pie had been devoting all her time to the house and the kids so this girl’s night was important for her..

“Will you be good boys for Daddy…?”
“But i am already a good boy mommy..” J.J says.
“Then maybe i will ask Daddy to give you some chocolate..” and he smiles at the mention of his favourite food.
“Me too mommmy..” Junior added.

“I am sure you are a good boy too..” she says kissing Junior and he giggles.
My shy boy . J. J being the more outgoing one .
“Take care of brother okay .?”. She whispers to J.J and kisses his head.
“See you soon baby..” she says giving me a hug. I was about to wrap my hands around her when J.J interupts.
“Mommy..” J.J says opening his arms. You know she was my wife first.
She kneels down on her knees and hugs them both.
“All better..” they said in unison.
I watch as Bhabhi lectures John.
” I mean it baby no staying up late. They have school tomorrow.”

“That was just one time love..”
She gives him the look and he shuts up. He is so in love.
“Okay baby.. in bed by 10…go have fun.” He says and kisses her .

“Eww ” Birdie groans.
“Eww is kissing a sweaty person right after a match..” J says and Birdie turns red.
After three years i have finally started to get comfortable with it but its still weird to me.
Pie honks from outside and Birdie looks at me worried.
“Hey whats wrong princess..?” I ask walking her out
“I am nervous..what if people think i am not good enough for him.?”. Big B and Birdie were going to make their relationship official today.

I guess being public figures din’t help. People often rumored of them being with other people so, today they wanted to make it official ending all the useless rumors.
“Hey its going to be okay.. He loves you..” i said giving her a side hug.
“Thank you are the best .”
“Oh i try..”
Pie again honks impatiently.
“Have fun princess .. i love you .”

“Me too..” j says from beside me..
She gets into the car bhabhi following suite before Pie drives off.

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