Ruhaniyaat (Segment 108)

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His point of view –
“Bhai ” i called out entering their house..
I helped Pie onto the sofa before heading inside.
“I am leaving ..” bhabhi screamt walking out of the room
What the hell was going on here..?
Did he screw up.?
“But jaanu listen to me..” Bhai pleaded.
“Enough is enough..all this time you were in contact with him and muze batana zaruri nai samjha..?”
“Bhabhi what is going on..?”
“Aap toh kuch boliye hi mat … Apko sab pata hote hue bhi apne kuch nai kaha.” Bhabhi thundered at me..
But bath kya hai..? Muze toh sach mai kuch nai pata.
“Dexy..what is happening..?” Called out Pie from the hall
“Sissy…i am coming over to your place ..the kids are with Dad .”
“But what is happening..?”
His best friend’s point of view –
“Love please..” i requested her tugging onto her bag..
“I need to go..” she argued back.

Bhabhijaan walked in looking all tired and worn out…i wonder whats the matter with her..
She has been looking all gloomy since a month .
Jhonny wrapped his arms protectively around her as i tried to convince my wife..
“Sweety please.” I pleaded but she quickly walked out of the house..
I followed suit.
“Love baby please”
“Listen to him atleast …don’t repeat my mistake…” Jhonny pleaded..
Bhabhijaan trying her best to keep up
“I need time..”
“Alright . But once you both have calmed down …you are going to have a chat..” Jhonny declared.
Bhabhijaan gave me a reassuring smile before climbing in the car after Jhonny.
He put the seat belt on her before backing out of our driveway.

Later in the day-

Her point of view –
“Shona please talk to bhabhi …she has been crying for some time now..” Dex said waking me up.
He had insisted that i go to sleep immidiately after we got home…
And now he himself was waking me up..
When am i going to understand this man..?
I got out of the bed and walked down to her ..
She is cooking her speacial pulao for us..
“Good morning si” she greeted hugging me.
“Gomornin” i yawned
“You seem so tired sissy what happened..?”
“We’re pregnant” said Dex walking in rhe kitchen..
His we is creeping me can he be pregnant..?
Is he gonna deliver this child.?
“Wow thats so woderful..finally we will be able to enjoy mothethood together.” She said gesturing to her tummy that looked kinda big ..
“Bhabhi what’s the matter..?”
“He was in contact with the twins father all this while and he never told me.
He lied to me..”
“But nothing sissy i am not going back..”she declared and turned her back to us.
“Humesha hum galat nai hote..” Dex snapped clearly annoyed .
He walked to the room and banged the door behind him.
I was left to look between my husband and my sister..

Few hours later –
“Hey can i talk to you..?” I asked my sister before walking in.
“Sure come on in.” She said and gestured me to sit down.
“Listen to me before you decide upon something..please..” i said giving my best puppy dog eyes..
“Okay …i bet no one can say no to that face.” she said smiling.
“How did you know they were in touch..?”
“I saw his message..”
“Did you ask him why..?”
“But i saw the message …there was nothing to cross question.”
“But did you give him a chance..?”
“No..” she blurted.

His point of view –
I was crossing the guest bedroom to go down when i heard Pie’s voice..
She was explaining something to bhabhi..
“When your kids listen to both of them na ..?”
“Yes but..?”
“No buts sweetheart..i have set up a datenight for you …and you both are going.” Pie declared standing up.
“But…how…i scolded him.”bhabhi stuttered .
“Sweetheart we women have the power to control these men..
We can make themor break them…
The choice is ours ..” Pie added with pride ..
I was stunned with her reply..but i know thats true..
Pie has the authority..
I was lost in my beautiful wife when she herself interrupted..
“Am i correct or am i correct baby..?” She said winking at me.
This girl is going to be the death of me..

Stoneheart is going through a meltdown thus the delay in the update


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  1. Arshaanya

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    it was amazing as

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  5. Koi baat ni di
    Aapka kam kaisa chal raha h office me…
    Awesome episode
    Awwwww i love the way dex declared that”we r pregnant ”
    I missed u soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ……… much (infinity)
    Plz don’t delay… this time
    But don’t take pressure also di
    We can wait but u know na without this ff my day doesn’t end…
    Take care

    1. Stoneheart

      Thanks a lot…my work is going fine..handling college n internship is tough.

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    Stoneheart.. you are really like your name… Posted so late and then so small *puppy dog face*

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      M really sorry but i wanted to start their date afresh …

      1. Amore

        Hey all ok! but post soon I wait a lot for this story… I had started to continue reading since 98 and till 98 I had read it in a single go…

      2. Stoneheart

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  8. Zeestum2

    Awesome stoneheart and what happened?why are you going through a meltdown????

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      Efforts not giving results…people taunting ..stress..and thanks

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    Happy to see u back
    pie true said baby
    Dear do listen to your hubby once

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    Awesome..missed u and your ff.

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    Coming to the episode… It was sweet n cute…n the best line ” we are pregrent” is the cherry on the top???

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