Ruhaniyaat (Segment 103)

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His point of view-
“So what is it that you wanted to tell me..?”
This is it..
“Okay yes everybody i have an announcement to make.” I said walking over to the centre of the hall..
Everybody stopped talking and turned to face me
” We are getting married tomorrow..”
I said and everybody stared at me in shock..
“But Dex..?” Pie enquired..
“maine bol dia na ..Shadi kal hai so hai..” I said and stormed upstairs.
Enough is Enough..
We are getting married tomorrow and nobody is questioning me..
Not even Pie..
Now nobody can seprate us.

Her Point of view –
Dex stormed up to our room ..
What happened..?
Why is he so upset..?
“I will just be back.” I said and walked up the stairs slowly.
“Baby” i called out opening the door to our room..
He was standing by the window with tears in his eyes..
I limped towards him and placed my hand on his shoulder..
“Hm…mr hubby to be ..kya hua..?”
He turned and hugged me tight…sniffling quitely in my arms..
“Dexy..kya hua..?” I asked running my hand through his hair..
“Tell me that you will get married to me tomorrow..” He questioned..
“Yes baby ..but why so sudden.?”
He din’t reply for a some time so i tried again..

“Nobody will be able to seprate us anymore once we are married” he declared and then i understoof his point..
My baby was feeling insecure about this whole accident scene..
“Love…i am going to stay yours.”
“No but i want to get married tomorrow..”He declared
“Okay fine if thats what you want…we will get married tomorrow…
I will ask everybody to do the preparations.” I said and started walking downstairs.
“Baby i have done all of that..just ask them to be there..”
“Dex what do you mean by be there..of course they are gonna come ..they are family..”
He din’t respond and turned back looking out of the window .
Its going to be his way or high way…
I sighed before walking downstairs..
Dex can be so stubborn at times.
“Beta what happened.?” Papa enquired.
“Nothing to worry about ..he is just still shaken up about the whole accident..”
“But the wedding..?” Dad enquired.

“He is not going to listen he has already made up his mind..” i explained..
“Maybe i can try talk to him..can i..?” Asked mom.
“Ofcourse mom .”
She walked upstairs to our room and closed the door behind her.
His point of view –
I just hope they don’t think otherwise and understand my insecurity..
There was a knock on the door.
“Pie maine bola na ..kal hogi shadi matlab hogi..” i declared.
“Jhonny beta can i come in..” i heard mom say..
“Yes can i talk to you for a while..?”
“Sure mom aaiye na..” i said and gestured her to sit on the bed..
“Nai .. i want to show you something..” she said and ushered me to the stairs.
The whole family was sitting in the living room talking..
Pie was seated on a chair admist all with a pained expression on her face..
“Do you see that..?” She asked pointing at Pie
“Haan mom..but why is she holding such expression..?”

“As you can see she is still in pain from the wounds of the accident and the marriage being a important event for both of you..
She will not be able to live this day…
Trust me i know a girl plans a lot for her wedding day…
I say its best you wait till she recovers..”
“But mom..” i argued
“I know you are worried but trust yourself ..till the time you are there nothing can happen to her” she explained
I nodded in understanding..
I just have to be careful now
Her point of view-
“Wedding os going to be postponed till later when Pie recovers..” i heard dex say.
What is with him..?
“But dex..?”
“Yes baby i know i am handsome and all but you gotta wait” he said and chuckled..
I looked at mom and she smiled.
Right …she explained..

“Beta what is it.. ? Ek bar haa …ek bar na..?” Dad asked
“Koi bath nai hain dad but a marriage has 2 people…i want Pie to enjoy asmuch as i am going…
She is the most important thing for me..”
“I am so proud of you my son” Papa said and i smiled.
This guy really loved me..
Dex side hugged me and i snuggled in..
Nothing can ever happen to me when Dex is by my side.
“His best friend’s point of view –
“Mere paise..?”
“Koi due baki nahi hai…i have paid you everything..”
This man was getting on my nerves..
“J..kya hua..? Whatcare you doing here..?”
“Kuch nai bas office se call thi..”
“Alright…si is calling you for dinner..”
“Yes love coming..”
Phew .! Acha hua usne nai suna..

This be for Jerry…she be so sweet..
Love you

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  3. Nice dr, really mother settles everything perfectly

  4. Chanu

    lvly epi pragu dr..
    I miss u and ruhaniyaath soooo much..
    huhuhuh.. mrg gt postponed. I rly hope dis tym ddnt hpn anythng..
    fingers crossed.
    Mom is soo cool..nly she cnmake him understand!!
    Rly lv their bonding.
    Yup pie.. my dex lv u sooo much..
    wt hpn 2 j!!?? Y abt mny and all.. is he in sm trouble!!

    Keep writing
    be happy always
    lv ya

    1. Stoneheart

      Thanks a lot

  5. Helloo…pragyaa ur back…bdw mujhe laga episode bohot chota tha..padthe samay patha hi nahii kab khatam hogayaa…In short episode was veryy calm n cute wid love emotions nd care…though v take decisions in hurry…mother is always der to show us a path wid her soothing explanation…

    1. Stoneheart

      Thanks dear

  6. Pragyaaaaa !!!
    Goshhhh u postponed d marriage… damn !!!! it means i will not b able to taste d whole menu starting to welcome juice to sweets.. !!!
    Damn !! *bang ur head with chico.. !! :0..
    Don’t talk to me ever.. !! huhhh
    no THNK U today .. !!!
    ;( :'(

    1. Stoneheart

      Dont get upset ..

  7. Nice one.

  8. Vyshu10

    nice…glad that u r back

  9. Mariyajap

    amazing as always


  11. hey guys as u all know swaragini is going off air but we don’t want this…so for saving our show there is a last hope…. m giving u a link plz click on the link n fill it up…. n if for any reason the link is not visiable plz go through fb (facebook) n check…. Temish/Raglak-ganga/laksh…there is page of raglak i know u all r swasan fan but now its very important to save the show…so plz go through the page………………… n the link is here- …………plz click on the link if its not coming u can also go through google n serch the link……..plz its very important

    1. Stoneheart

      Story better kro .sab thik ho jaega

  12. Simin

    Awesome dear
    John what are u hiding now

  13. Dharshini

    Amazing chappy

  14. Omg u dedicated this to meeeeee? Stupid me!!!??

    Love u too

    U said u are out of idea bt still u came up with segment that’s really really nice of you

    Okay probably m not sweet or anything bt yeah fan of ruhaniyaat…..

    In today’s chappy this line
    “marriage has 2 people…i want Pie to enjoy asmuch as i am going…
    She is the most important thing for me..”
    Was touching *totally smitten*

    1. Stoneheart

      Thanks a lot dear

  15. Zeestum2

    Waiting for next epi stoneheart when will you post it???

    1. Thank u

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