Rudhita – A Walk Down Lovers (Episode 3)

HEY THERE! THIS IS ZIYA HERE IS A EXTRA LONG EPISODE FOR VIEWERS I HOPE YOU LIKED THE LAST TWO PARTS! Thank you Your Author Ziya! As I tell your love is more imp! as a author it becomes my responsibility not only to write a story but give you a couple of neat dialogues and also a good ongoing story line. Maybe my English have been matching with the episode then I am really sorry but will try to give a neat story line..

A NOTE TO VIEWERS- NO MATURE CONTENT PURE LOVE OF RUDHITA! So let’s fasten your seat belts and Start reading.

Thakumaa just comes there and gets shocked. She added Bondita what happened to Sumati. Bondita answered something happened which should not have been happened thakumaa. I will never do that maa. Firstly I ask you what happened? Thakumaa shouted!  Maa got injured in the rituals. She is getting the pain not me because of Anirudh.  Thakumaa makes her sit and consoles her by comforting her I understand your sorrow and anger, we did what we could, Chandrachur was ready to marry you on Trilochan’s condition. Bondita gets up and says – wow thakumaa! I thought just anirudh changed but you too changed. How can you expect I will marry Chandrachur? I will not marry him in my dreams to! He is a husband of a woman and do you want him to premediatedly cheat me? Does it seems right? it would be better to die thakumaa. Chandrachur comes there and says Bondita please dont think like that we love you but I am warning you that if you go there then.. What will you do? Chnadrachur! Bondita in a upward tone asked. Thakumaa was spleened and she  tried to fake her tone ‘What is this Bondita?’ Are you in your senses? Yes thakumaa I am Bondita answered confidently. On the other hand Anirudh was tired of arguing with the villagers. In the nick of time  Bihari gets a man and says he is the proof. Who is he? Anirudh inquired. The man says I was Chandrachur’s spy he instructed me to attack Binoy and trap Bondita as he.. What next? Bihari scold him tell barrister babu or… Yes yes he loves bondita so he did all these. All get shocked.  The man  says I had attacked Binoy that day, I had kept the door open, Bondita fought us and took Binoy. Sampoorna says I slapped her and called her a spy, she was saving my husband. I am sorry my sister please forgive me Bondita. Anirudh says we need to make an apology to Bondita, she came here to unfold love, we saved enmity.  Bondita says I will never cross that way now, because I understood that my global modified in those 8 years, Tulsipur’s doorways are close all the time for me. Chandrachur smiles. Aisa bolungi expect kiya kya? Nahin! Sumati says you love Anirudh after today too? Yes Maa  because it is not barrister babu fault it is chandrachur’s! Sumati says I became hurt seeing you in hassle, you aren’t fine. No maa I am fine. Ok then swear you will not meet anirudh henceforth. Yes accepted maa. With a broken heart she left from there. Anirudh is in his study thinking about Bondita. A phone rings. He picks it. ”Hello Anirudh” Bondita he says! Did Bondita really called him?

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