Rudhita – A Walk Down Lovers (Episode 2)

Hey there I am Ziya as many of you have asked is it copied from Bb real episodes. My answer is purely not because as a author it becomes my responsibility not only to write a story but give you a couple of neat dialogues and also a good ongoing story line. I have to check out others Stories watch bb and understand and write maybe my English have been matching with the episode then I am really sorry but will try to give a neat story line..

A NOTE TO VIEWERS- NO MATURE CONTENT PURE LOVE OF RUDHITA! So let’s fasten your seat belts and Start reading.

Aniurdh in a state says – I will admit the truth! He sees Somnath and gets angry ‘Do you know Somnath that why are you a good doctor? Because you have saved people lives and always supported the truth? But what happened to you today Shall I tell you that is you have stoop so low in enimity that you forget that bondita was once your best friend and a sister to you! You know me, bondita and divya were best friends. And she always supported you in good times and bad times too! What did you do with her? You were about to take her melodious voice is this correct Mr. Doctor Somnath Roy Choudhury? Somnath was infuriated that his dada was supporting a spy! Dada but…

you had become Bondita’s enemy Somnath you become her rakshas babu. Why? You became her tormentor! Bas Anirudh! Kaka’s voice thundered. I wish I could explain you but you don’t understand it. Kaka you are not understanding it. Because you are blind in enimity. And Sampoorna Maa. Anirudh turned to sampoorna maa. how did Sumati maa get hurt in Bondita’s rituals of taking her voice? Ani Anirudh Sampoorna stammered. She tried to harm my  ill husband! Sampoorna maa she respected you a lot and how can she can do it? Did you once not thought that how could bondita do that? Tell me! you also kept the relation of enmity. Kaka sasurji she called you like this right? But you ended yours and her relationship in a moment Kaka? we had tortured Bondita once again,  today I can’t meet her eyes because of the embarrassment. Anirudh we will talk this later Villagers are coming be quiet. Kaka added up.The villagers come and say amazing, you have kept your word. You have kept the word which will be in the histories mark my words, the head panchayat said with head held high. Yes yes that evil bondita should get that punishment a man from the group said. Hail Barrister Babu! Hail Barrister Babu! Hail Barrister babu!! All were shouting their top of the voice. Anirudh gets irked and blasted out once shut up! Stop praising me you people. I hate to see me now you are praising me. Bondita went to Krishnanagar, not Kashi. She went to her home not to sanyasini’s math. Understand! She showed my real face and made me understand that enimity is not a option. No no we will not accept this. The men argued with him. He shouts Bondita wasn’t a spy, she didn’t come here as an enemy we are her enemies she is not. Trilochan with a small angry and happy smile ‘how will you prove it barrister? You don’t know na! Kaka I don’t have but she is our gem and gems don’t need any justification Kaka. Kaka with a fake laugh said ‘Anirudh Words are need in police station not in Tulsipur’ how will you prove that bondita innocent? Kaka Dada don’t have a proof that is why he is doing these action s. Somnath added. On the other hand Bondita brings Sumati home. Thakumaa just comes there and gets shocked. She added Bondita what happened to Sumati. Bondita answered something happened which should not have been happened thakumaa. I will never do that maa.

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