Royal Love Birds – TS By AngelAshu & Zara (Part-2)

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Hellooo Friends…
We are #AngelAshu & #Zara
We came here with part-2 of Royal Love Birds..
We know we know.. U guyzz are waiting badly for it..
After all this is Our Swasan Love story.. Wait karna is a art… Adad karlena.. Haha..
Okk okk.. We stopped our bak bak..
Coming to story..
Recap – ohhooo.. We told na.. We will never give precap recap in our TS..???

Let’s starts Part-2 of #Royal_Love_Birds

Both lost in each other beauty..
He smiles n goes to touch her cheek but RaniSwara immediately got up.. She about to go.. RajaSanskar also sits… And he held her

RajaSanskar: wait wait wait where u going? N what was u doing ? (Naughtily but pretend to strict)

RaniSwara: wo..wo… Haa wo Mei cat n parrot KO dekhne ayi thi n I slipped..

RajaSanskar: (raise his eyebrows) accha ! But their bed at ur side na…

RaniSwara: Haa wooo.. then I came to drink water.. jug is here Na thats y.. saying this she immediately goes to her side n sleeps by covering her face.. Then after 10 sec she again peeps from blanket… Nd see RajaSanskar staring her n she again cover her face… RajaSanskar brust into laughing seeing his wife cute anties…

RaniSwara: ( in mind ) arrggh y hez staring me..

Next day.. at early mrng RajaSanskar wakes up n does his daily routine… Soward practice etc.. n goes to DHARBHR for imp cases.. At midday lunch time he got free n passing through his room… n hears some noise… He goes there to see the scenario…

The room is fully mess RaniSwara standing on bed keeping her hands on waist.. with angry cute kiddo devilish face..

Servant kavita: please RaniSwara eat Na… RajaSanskar ordered us to take care of u n make u eat..

RaniSwara: no I won’t eat it.. n am not RaniSwara am RajkumariSwara

” not any more sweetheart u r RaniSwara now” said RajaSanskar frm behind…”

He takes the plate from servant kavita n tell her to leave.. then he feed her by his hands… She eats quietly as she saw a sword with him n scared of that..

At one corner..
Servents talking..
Kavita: see how much RajaSanskar take caring his wife..
Kavya: yes.. RajkumariSwara is very lucky.. Oops.. RaniSwara..

After feeding her he left …
RajaSanskar claps.. 3 servants came

RajaSanskar: m leaving now take care of her n be with her…

Servents nodes..

Next day…

RaniSwara: think something cat.. we hv to plan against RajaSanskar……

Suddenly something strike in her mind n she starts going towards royal kitchen

servant kavita also following her as RajaSanskar ordered not to leave her alone

RaniSwara: y r u coming behind me ?

Servant kavita: wo his highness said…

RaniSwara: Get lost…

She get scared n left.. then RaniSwara enters kitchen.. All shocked to see her there…

All servents: your highness (bends down ).. why u came here… hame bula lete… we r all time at ur service .. if emperor RajaSanskar get to know u had to come here in our presence he will kill us

RaniSwara: shut up ur nonsense n give me egg

Kartik (RoyalCook): ofcours Mahrani Saheba.. how would u like the egg ? I mean omelet /boil egg/ egg roll..
RaniSwara : Arrgg… stupid give me 1 egg.. not cooked egg.. she took an egg n leaves.. All shocked..
Then she goes n secretly break the egg inside RajaSanskar
ar shoes..
(Shoes means Royal foot wear here)
Later he wear those n eeg pop..

He shocked plus angry

RajaSanskar : who is there ?..
He Claps

A servant came.. named Rajat
He scolds him that how could this happens when he (rajat)was outside of his room.. (hez watchman if room )
Servant Rajat: but emperor no one came here.. except RaniSwara..

After sometime…

RaniSwara hammering the hot water tap of RajaSanskar’s bathroom…

RaniSwara: haha I ruined the tap now it will give cold water instead of hot heheh…

Later RajaSanskar goes to take bath.. shocked as there cold water n then he saw the hammer in corner… he undarstood it’s also RaniSwara’s work …and smiles

After some time..

Then RajaSanskar calls RaniSwara to royal dining room to eat lunch together… she goes with him… They starts eating.. n RaniSwara just staring his juice glass

RaniSwara (in mind) : uff y hez not drinking the juice I mixed salt n chilli powder in it.. hehe

RajaSanskar: what happened Shona y u r not eating?

RaniSwara: wo… my eating na… you drink the juice it’s very yammy

RajaSanskar: Accha how u know ? (Raise his eyebrow )

RaniSwara : ha i know.. wo wo…I saw mine na.. Its looks tasty

RajaSanskar : looking tastyy.. haha OK.. (he drinks it fully )

RaniSwara: is something happening to u ?

RajaSanskar: No
RaniSwara: (in mind)how it possible.. Huhhhh

Then she sadly sips her juice but spilt out it immediately as there was salt n chilli… She starts caughing

RajaSanskar looks at her n smirks.. Then he make her drink water n sweet to reduce chilli

RajaSanskar: hmm seems like someone plan failed

RaniSwara giving angry + shocked look..

RajaSanskar smiles to see her..

Another day she was catching a glitter butterfly in garden n running behind it RajaSanskar seeing her from place balcony..

RajaSanakar: Aww how cute she is.. my angel.. hmm it will so hard to handle her n understanding her… As shez like kiddo devil sometime n sometimes scary chicken.. Haha

RaniSwara suddenly falls down n got hurt…nd starts crying…

RaniSwara: Aaaannnn

RajaSanskar rushed to her

RajaSanskar: ssshh shh na na kuch nhi hua dont cry chup santh hojao shona clam down (meanwhile she falls unconscious on his embrace) hez shocked as it’s small wound y did she get faint

he takes her inside palace n calls Rajvaidhy

RajaSanskar: what happen to her… y did she faint

Rajvaidhy: hiss Highness actually her highness is weak shez having anemia.. it actually happens with teenage girls for lack of blood n protein n unhealthy diet.. This causes dizziness ,weakness n short breath etc..
Servant kavya: yes RaniSwara was feeling dizzy at mrng also

RajaSanskar: what!.. y didn’t u inform me then.. useless (angry)

Rajvaidhy: actually that time also she feels dizzy n falls down then faint coz of weakness… She should eat properly..

He leaves.. n RajaSanskar orders all servants to leave..

RajaSanskar: m sorry angel… I should hv take care of u more… I couldn’t take care u like ur dad (RajaShekar).. but from now wards I myself with see ur diet..

After sometime..

RajaSanskar: no more argue eat means eat…

RaniSwara: but…

RajaSanskar: no buts and ifs

RaniSwara: fine I will eat..

RaniSanskar: Good girl (smiles n pats her cheeks ) I hv an imp work will just be back.. U eat till then OK…

Kiddo devil Swara nodes… n he leaves…. As soon as he leaves she hides the plate under bed…

RaniSwara: huh .. when m saying I will not eat means I won’t… m not hungry now but this Godzilla king dnt understand.. Huh

After sometime RajaSanskar comes back n see Swara playing with some dolls… n her cat parrot… He smiles n goes near her n sits…. She sees him n scared n more scared when she saw hez looking down as he noticed the plate… n taking out it

RajaSanskar: (angry) what is this shona…. U didn’t eat ur meal… I told u na I won’t bear any ignorance towards ur health.. Rajvaidhy ji said Na u r not OK u hv to eat then also (Shout angrily)

RaniSwara got scared n starts cry by rubbing her eyes with plams

RaniSwara: aaaaaahaann aaannn (she sobs n leaves)

RajaSanskar: Shhonaaaa Shoona.. oh god I shouldn’t shout at her like this.. she like a kid.. I made her cry..
He goes to find her n tells all servnts to find her but is no where… he gets worried.. Her cat n parrot also searching her… N finally they (cat and parrot) got her in the corner of garden behind a tree..

RaniSwara see her cat n stop sobbing…

RaniSwara: my cattt.. u came here..(takes cat in lap… meanwhile parrot goes to inform RajaSanskar)

RaniSwara (to cat): dont worry i will make a new plan n go from here with u too.. waise where is tweety (parrot )?? Oh she musy be sleeping…

Parrot goes n signs RajaSanskar.. RajaSanskar follows her n reach there n find his angel…

He relaxed to see her.. He listening her words..

RaniSwara: u know he scold me today… huh I hate him.. Papa never scolds me… I love papa.. but I miss him.. papa said mumma leaves me but he won’t leave me ever.. But he also leaves me (cries)

RajaSanskar felt much bad for her..

He rushed to her..
Seeing him.. She scared and stood..

She holds her cat tightly..

Cat skips from her hands and ran from there.. She about to go behind of cat.. RajaSanskar stops her by holding her wrist..

She surprised to see him with teary eyes..

RajaSanskar bend by his knees..

RajaSanskar: shonaa am sorry… I scolded u na.. That was unknowingly happen.. I never wanna hurt u.. Please.. Maaf katdo….

RaniSwara: leave me.. I don’t want to talk with u.. Go away from me… I don’t wanna see u.. U always scolds me.. U always makes me fear.. Ahhaannnn.. (Start crying little)
RajaSanskar: please don’t cryyyy.. I cant see ur tears.. If u want u also scold me.. Beat me.. Put eggs into my footwear.. I will drink juice with chilli powder.. But please don’t cry..
By listening this.. She start remember something..
*** Flash Back Starts ***
RajkumariSwara: ahhaannn.. Ahhaannn… Nhiiiiii papa.. I want parrot.. I wanna play with parrot…

RajaShekar: (wiping her tears) shonaaa… I ordered that.. Parrot will reach soon here..

RajkumariSwara: nooo… Ahhhaaannnn.. I want now..… Ahhann ahhaannn..

RajaShekar: areeee rote nhi beta… I can’t see ur tears na.. Please don’t cry..

RajkumariSwara: y u can’t..?

RajaShekar: coz I love my Shona.. We can’t see tears in their eyes.. Whose we love most..

*** Flash Back Ends ***

She lost in thoughts..

RajaSanskar: please forgive me angel.. Please.. I promise.. I never shout on u again…

She nodes her head as yes unknowingly..

He felt happy.. He stood and hugs her…

This is a magic hug..

RaniSwara: (in mind) ohh goddd.. What happening with me.. Y am feeling new.. Now am feeling much love and affection in his hug.. Which I never feel before.. According to papa words he loves me na.. Butttt.. I was don’t like him na.. Yes… I was.. I was…
She slowly hugs him back..
He noticed and felt happy..
After sometime they broke hug..
He peaks her forehead..
RajaSanskar: let’s go..
She slowly nodes as yes without any argue..
She stepped.. Her leg slipped she about to fall.. He holds her by her waist..
Both looking into each other eyes..
RaniSwara: (in mind) y his eyes showing care for me.. I want to hug him.. Yes.. I need his embrace now..
He makes her stood properly..
RajaSanskar: r u okk angel.. I.. I mean Shona..
She immediately hugs him..
He thoughts she scared..
He hugs her back..
RajaSanskar: shhh.. Shhh.. Don’t need to scare.. Am here with u na.. Nothing will happens to u..
RaniSwara: (in mind) am feeling very new now.. Why am feeling like this.. His hug makes me fall for him..? No no.. This is happening due to my fear.. Nothing else..
She broke hug..

Both goes to RajMahal.
At night…

She makes her cat and parrot sleep..
She half lied on bed..
She closed her eyes.. Tears falling from her eyes to remember her Papa words..
At that time RajaSanskar came there..
He noticed her silent tears..
He goes to her.. He slowly touched her Shoulder..
She opens her eyes.. By seeing him she immediately wipes her tears..
He feeling bad for her..
RajaSanskar: r u okk..?
RaniSwara simply nodes as yes..
RajaSanskar: they why r u crying..
RaniSwara: WO.. WO.. I remembered Papa’s words..
He softly placed his palms on hers..
RajaSanskar: hum kisse pyaar karte hai.. WO humse door hokar bhi door nhi hote hai.. U loves ur papa na.. (She nodes) then he always with u..
RaniSwara: if I was want something I always asked to papa.. But now..? Kisse puchu..?
He smiles..
RajaSanskar: am here na.. U can ask me anything u want.. I will arrange for u what want..
RaniSwara: I want prince..
RajaSanskar: (shock) whaattttt…
RaniSwara: yes I want my prince right now.. Papa said me.. One day my prince will take me and he gives me all happiness..
RajaSanskar: hmm..

RaniSwara: what hmm.. I want my prince…
RajaSanskar: am ur prince…
RaniSwara: don’t play jokes.. I know.. U king.. U are not my prince..
RajaSanskar: I was prince.. I recently became king.. Like after our marriage u became RajkumariSwara to RaniSwara (PrincessSwara to QueenSwara) na.. like this..
RaniSwara: really..?
RajaSanskar: yes.. When u r Princess am ur Prince.. When u r Queen am ur King..
RaniSwara: then my papa said about u..?
RajaSanskar: exactly..
RaniSwara: (sadly) okk..
RajaSanskar: u want anything more..?
She nodes as no..
RajaSanskar: then sleep..
He makes her sleep and he too sleeps beside her

The next day..

RajaSanskar enters in room n ask for RaniSwara? Parineeta said shez giving bath to parrot n cat…

RajaSanskar: what????? if she hv to give bath then what r u doing !!! Its ur work Na (shouts )

Parineeta scared..

RajaSanskar: u go..

She left silently..

He seated and waiting for RaniSwara..

After sometime she came out while rubbing her parrot and cat with towel..

RajaSanskar: angelll.. I.. I mean shonnaaa…

She came to Him..

RajaSanskar: what ware u doing.. Thatz servents work na..

RaniSwara: WO.. I was giving bath.. (Interrupted)

RajaSanskar: noooo… From now u are not doing this.. Okk..?

RaniSwara nodes as yes without any argue..
He noticed her sadness..

RajaSanskar: shonaaaa… Okk.. If u want I will allow to give bath them.. Sometimes only..

She smiles..

He surprised to see her reaction..

RajaSanskar: (in mind) what happen with her.. Y she is became silent.. I noticed from yesterday.. She was not like this..

RajaSanskar: by the way.. Angel.. Sorry.. Shonaaa.. My cousin sister and her husband coming from Gujarat to see u.. Coz of some imp work they didn’t attended our marriage.. They are coming today.. Be ready.. Okk….

RaniSwara: its okk.. U can call me angel..

RajaSanskar again surprised..

RaniSwara: or by any name what u want..

RajaSanskar stood and came near to her..

He placed his both palms on her both shoulders..
She feels new..

RajaSanskar: (with care) r u okk..?
RaniSwara: hmm…
RajaSanskar: then y r u behaving like this..
RaniSwara silent..
RajaSanskar: u always doing fight with me na.. Now y u became silent..?? Still angry on me..? Or still in that sacredness..?
RaniSwara: am fine.. Papa said.. I have to obey my prince.. Am silent coz.. I don’t want to hurt my prince.. If I silent.. No fights will occur na..
He again surprised to listen her talks..
RajaSanskar: (in mind) my kiddo.. Devilish.. Angel became soooooooo sweet now.. But I like my old kiddo devil..
He lost in thoughts..
At that time servent came there..
Rajat: sorry for disturbance RajaSanskar.. They reached Rajasthan..
RajaSanskar: okk..
He left..
RajaSanskar comes little close to her…
RajaSanskar: if u want something ask me.. Darne k koi jaroorat nhi hai…
He lefts a peak on her forehead..
He leaves..

The episode ends..

Precap: bola nna.. No precap.. Itna hi samjo.. Last epi..
So, friends how was the epi..
Is she realize her feelings towards him..? Who are coming into their life..? They will create new problems.. Or not..?
What will happen in Swasan life now..?
Stay turned…
Don’t forget leave comments…

#AngelAshu & #Zara

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