Royal Love Birds – TS By AngelAshu & Zara (Epilogue)

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We came with Epilogue of #Royal_Love_Birds TS..
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So, be ready to read Romantic swasan sence with cute disturbances of Ishi and Tweety..
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Let’s starts Epilogue Of #Royal_Love_Birds

After some dayz they went Rajasthan..?? With cat and parrot..??
In Her behavior no his care no change..??
RajaSanskar only manage his queen..? He only makes her calm down when she irritated or angry..??
The both Royal Love Birds living happily together..?
She start feeling comfortable in Rajasthan..
RaniSwara playing with Ishi and Tweety in her room..
Suddenly she felt 2 strong arms around her waist..
RaniSwara well know who hands are that..
RaniSwara: (shy tone) leave me.. They are here… (Pointing towards Ishi and Tweety)
RajaSanskar not in a mood to leave her..
RajaSanskar: I don’t care..
RaniSwara about to say something..
Meanwhile Ishi and Tweety ran from there..
RajaSanskar: see princess.. Ur cat and parrot also giving green signal to us.. (Kisses her nape)
She feeling shy.. Start blushing..
Her cheeks turns into red..
He start moving his palms on her waist..
He makes her hair one side and kissing her bare back..
She smiling shyly..
He makes her turn and pulls her close to him..
She closed her face with her palm due to shy..
He kisses at her both back palms..
And gently removed..
He ups her by his arms and placed on bed..

Both faces are much close..
They about to meet their lips..
Tweety came between them by flying..
Their kiss disturbed..
RaniSwara takes Tweety in her palms and start caressing..
RajaSanskar glaring angrily on them..
RaniSwara: y r u staring like that.. My Tweety will scare..
She start talking with Tweety..
RaniSwara: don’t worry.. He will not harm u.. Am with u na..
RajaSanskar holds her arm and pulls in him..
RajaSanskar: princess.. Am planing to shift ur cat and parrot to another room..
RaniSwara: why..
RajaSanskar: servents will take care for them na.. We will live here happily..
RaniSwara: nnnnoooooooooo
RajaSanskar: but y no..?
RaniSwara: if u want u go to another room.. My Ishi and Tweety will live here with me happily..
(She kisses Tweety.. Tweety again flying from there)
RajaSanskar relaxed now..
He pulls her by her waist..
RajaSanskar: ur Tweety went na.. Now we can continue our..(winks)
She became red again in shy…
RaniSwara: if Tweety again came.. Then..
RajaSanskar: then… Then.. Haa.. I will take u in another room..
She blushing more…
He leaned to her and softly placed his lips on hers..
She too responding..
Both kissing each other passionately… He pulling her more and more by holding her waist..
She brushing her hairs..
Both lost in each other passion

BG plays..

In lamhon ke dhaman me..
Pakai ja se Rishtey hai..
Koi kalma mohabbat ka..
Dohraate Farishtey hai..
Nag me hi nag me hi
Dumbi hi saari fizaaon me
Husn hi sari adaaon me..
Ishq hi jaisi hawaon me

Both parted due to lake of oxygen..
Both breathing heavily..
She downs her face..
He enjoying her state…
He ups her face by chin with his palm..
She closed her eyes..
He slowly start kissing her neck..
She moaning in pleasure and grips his hairs..
She start giving wet kisses on his neck..
He offs her shoulders and placing kisses softly..
Again both cane to lips and giving butterfly kisses on each other lips..
They disturbed by some sound..
They saw there..
They notice Some plate thrown by ishi..
Ishi stood there with moving her tail..
RajaSanskar: aapke hi kami tha.. Aagayee…
RaniSwara about to go to take Ishi..
He pulls her on him..
She falls on him..
Both have a sweet eye lock..
Meanwhile ishi sounds again “Meww..mew”… RaniSwara immediately gets up..

RaniSwara: Awweee ishiiii my lil kittuuu…(she goes to ishi n take her n cuddle )

RajaSanskar: ?(jealous)…. suddenly he was called by rajat (royal office watchman) to Dharbar for imp work.. He leaves….

After Sometime..

RajaSanskar comes at room after done all his work… as soon as he entered his mouth was ” O”.. To see the scenario…

The room is fully messed by RaniSwara’s dresses jewellery and everything… And RaniSwara sitting on floor by wrapping her legs in Indian style.. Like stubborn kiddo… and crying cutely..

He rushed to her….

RajaSanskar: what happened angel.. y u sitting here n roo kiu rhi ho.. kya hua(hugs her)..?

RaniSwara: ???? ahan ahan aaa….

RajaSanskar angrily glare a servants…

RajaSanskar:??? what the hell is happening here.. I told u no to took care of her until I came back.. Then y y she’s crying…

Kavita: wo..wo…??…

RajaSanskar: ?? shutup …and get lost..

All servants leaves..

RajaSanskar take her in arms and make her sit on couch n he kneels down n asks her what happened

RajaSanskar: kya hua Shona.. tell na

RaniSwara: sanskaar… sansskarrr???…my…my dupattaaa??

RajaSanskar: what..

RaniSwara: my dupatta is no more… I lost it.. kahi nhi mili….(sobbing)

RajaSanskar: duppatta ke liye ye sab.. (Watching whole messed room)
RaniSwara: aaaahhhhaaann.. Meri duppatta. Kal my kya wear karu.. (Cute crying face)
RajaSanskar: Ek duppatta hi to hai.. U have more na..
RaniSwara: nhiiiii… Mje wohi chahiyeeee..
RajaSanskar: okk we will buy new one.. Happy..?
RaniSwara: really..?
RajaSanskar: yes..
He calls Royal designer immediately and buy new cloths for her..
She felt happy..

After some time

RaniSwara: sanskarrr

RajaSanskar: ha princess
…. (seeing some papers)

RaniSwara: Sanskaar ?

RajaSanskar looks at her: kya hua?

RaniSwara: y don’t u love my cat?

RajaSanskar: what ???

RaniSwara: ha…ishi is hungry na..but Tweety too crying.. do m feeding her.. Y cnt u feed ishi…

RajwSanskar: nooo.. how meee??

RaniSwara: go?… Nhi toh I will tore ur papers..

RajaSanskar gulps n goes to feed ishi..

The next day..

Swasan sitting in royal dining room…. All kinds of royal foods r served.. RajaSanskar eating but kiddo devil (RaniSwara) is just playing with it…

RajaSanskar: shona.. hv lunch.. don’t play with it..

RaniSwara: (innocently) but m eating only n see I already eat a huge… so now am done ?

RajaSanskar: what done Han???.. I saw u.. U didn’t even take one tiny bite… Just playing with the spoon…

RaniSwara: uff am not hungry?…bl bye am going to feed ishi n Tweety

RajaSanskar: (stops her) u won’t listen Na.. Now I will feed u…

RaniSwara: no no no… I won’t eat ?

RajaSanskar: do u want me to try another way?
RaniSwara: huhhhh
Rajaanskar: fine.. today ishi n Tweety won’t get food
RaniSwara: what ??(teary eye)
RajaSanskar: eat then..

RaniSwara wipe tears n angrily starts eating..

He smiles to see her innocence..

At night..

RajaSanskar came in room… RaniSwara combing her long silk hair shez wearing a long pink night gown.. He smiles to c her n back hugs…

RajaSanskar: u look beautiful…?

RaniSwara: ???dont talk with me…. Go.. I will sleep with only ishi n Tweety.. huhhhh

RajaSanskar: ???? but what happened princess (gulp to c her super angry)

RaniSwara: ? I hate u… U blackmailed me Na by saying u will suffer my cat n bird.. now I don’t talk with u.. (keep hands on waist)

RajaSanskar: princess u were not eating food Na that’s y I.. (Interrupted)

RaniSwara: then go n sleep with food.. don’t sleep with me ?

RajaSanskar:?what.. u r impossible… Haha (pulls her nose)

He takes RaniSwara in his arms.. she is struggling…

RaniSwara: choroo.. chorooo mujeeee?

RajaSanskar put her in bed n sleeps over her…(ishi Tweety already sleeping)

RaniSwara: aahhh u r heavy.. huhhh khadus, idiot, bad, stupid.. I hate u

RajaSanskar: but I love u angel ?…. (he placed a tight kiss on her lips)

RaniSwara’s big eyes became more big:???
Next mrng …

RajaSanskar wakes up first n see her kiddo sleeping beside like a small baby.. He smiles n kisses her forehead n stare her innocence….

RaniSwara smiles in sleep n forward her hands and hugs his face..
He just shocked plus super happy
RaniSwara: (sleep talk) awweeee ishhiiii my kittyyyyy… I love uuuuu …(she kissed Sanskar thinking him as ishi..)

RajaSanskar: damn jealous ?(mind: huh again that cat ??)

RaniSwara:(feels sanskar beard )…?ishiii what happen to ur soft feathers

Suddenly opens her eyes and realized him..
RaniSwara: uuuuuu… What r u doing here and where is my ishi..?
RajaSanskar: leave about ur cat and think about ur prince.. (Leaned to her lips)
RaniSwara: (full nervous + blush) u.. Go na.. Leave me..
But he captured her lips..
Both enjoyed and broke kiss lake of oxygen..

He start kissing her neck..
She enjoying while clutching his top..
After sometime..
He tightly hugged her..
RajaSanskar: yesterday I scared to see u like that..
RaniSwara: (behaving normal in his closeness) ohh.. But u made me like that na..
RajaSanskar: I did like that for u only..
RaniSwara: okk.. I will not repeat again..
He broke hug and peaks her forehead..
RajaSanskar: thatz like my princess..

After 2 dayz..

RajaSanskar passing by the garden area… The he saw RaniSwara sitting in front of a pool n slightly crying.. he goes to her…. n placed hand on her shoulder..

RajaSanskar: kya hua..?
RaniSwara: kuch nhi (tells between her sobs n wipes tears)
RajaSanskar: (concern) bolo..
RaniSwara: papa?????.(crying)
RajaSanskar feels bad for her.. he sits beside n takes her in embrace..
RajaSanskar: ur papa is here only (pointing towards sky) nd hez seeing you every time… And hez so happy to c u playing with flowers cat n bird nd being u happy… But u know now he seems sad u crying alone here… he can’t see ur tears Na..

RaniSwara: (cries more n hugs him tight ) : ahan aahan aaaa?

He hugs protectively..

RajaSanskar: shhh.. Shhh.. Don’t cry..

RaniSwara: iam not able to control..???

Somehow he managed her and makes her calm down..

After sometime..
She slept in her room due to struggle..

At night..

She makes her cat and parrot sleep..
She remaining Swasan moments..
She smiling and blushing..
At that time he entered into room and notices her..
RajaSanskar: lagta hai koi thinking about me..
RaniSwara: nooo.. Y I will..?
RajaSanskar: (comes to her) achaji.. Then y r u blushing alone..
RaniSwara: (tries to escape) woo… I have some work.. I just come..
She about to go..
He stops her by holding her wrist and pulls her to him..
RajaSanskar: (romantically) accept my words na.. U was thinking about me..
RaniSwara: (avoiding eye lock) WO . my.. My.. WO..
He coming close to her more..
He rubbing her cheek with his cheek..
Her voice start shivering..
She wraps her hands around his neck..
RajaSanskar: bolo na.. U was waiting for me..
RaniSwara: (unknowingly) yesss…

He smiles..

RajaSanskar: now I came na.. The y u waiting for me..? (Naughtily)

RaniSwara: wooo.. Woo my.. My wait kar rahi ti for u.. Coz.. Coz.. Coz..

RajaSanskar: haan coz..

She said in one breath..
RaniSwara: I wanna torch u..

She pushes him and start run..
He runs behind her..
Both running whole room like a kids..
She throwing cushions on him..
He catches perfectly..
She ran again..
Finally he catches her hand and pulls her on him..
Both falls on bed..
She full top on him..
Both having a sweet eye lock..
He playing with her silky hairs..
She avoiding eye contact and trying to getup.. Again falls on him..

He smiling to see her.. Where she staring him angrily..

RajaSanskar: (pulling her nose) ur angry makes u more cute..

RaniSwara trying to get up.. But he holds her tightly..

RajaSanskar: acha u was waiting for me torche na..?

RaniSwara: leave me na.. (Start blushing in his closeness)

RajaSanskar: hmm bolo..?

RaniSwara: haan toh kya..? Can’t I torch my prince..

RajaSanskar: (melted) hann.. U can.. U can do what u want with ur prince..

He suddenly places a soft kiss on her right cheek..

Her face full turns into red.. Due to shy..

RaniSwara: what is this..? Haan..?
RajaSanskar: as like u.. I can do anything with my princess..

RaniSwara: what u wanna do..
RajaSanskar suddenly peaks his lips..
RajaSanskar: let me think.. (Winks)
She blushing more..
He sensually caressing her hairs..
She smiling little..
He rolled her..
He comes top on her..
She closes her eyes in shy..
He start kissing her neck..
He kisses her lips again..
Both start kissing passionately..
Soon they became naked in each other embrace..
He caressing her each and every part of body and kissing by leaving his marks..
She moaning in pleasure..
They gets intimate..
She slept by hugging him tightly.
He kisses her forehead and tights his grip.. Slept..


Their love for each other always exit..
Love not need any perfect boy/girl
Love need a true soul..
Which made by god..
True Love Can Change Everything..
Thatz only happened in This Royal Love Birds Life..

Love u all for encourage us and support us always..
We will come with new TS Soon..
Thanks to each and evey one..
Do comment please..

With love

#AngelAshu & #Zara

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