The Royal love birds-episode 17(mega episode)

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Hey guys..I’m really really very sorry..every time I say I’ll update soon but I don’t..I was very I said that I have my practicals..I was very busy in it that I dint even got time to write the ff..m really very sorry guys..hope u understand..I really dint thought that I would take this much time but I was really busy…n thank u for all ur lovely comments..silent viewers plzzz guys do comment n tell what u like about my u all

Here we go
At night
Thapki goes to her room..n sees bihaan sitting on the couch..n she sees a wine bottle on the table but closed..thapki sees him but didn’t say anything..she closes the door n goes to the cupboard to take her clothes..bihaan comes from back n holds her hands tightly..thapki gets tensed..she tries to turn but bihaan holds her tightly..the cupboard door was open..bihaan holds her shoulder with one hand n one hand on her belly..he opens her braided hairs..thapki gets tensed n holds the cupboard door tightly…

Bihaan:u look good in open hairs..he makes her turn n sees her..thapki sees his red angry eyes..bihaan touches her belly..thapki sees him..she removes his hand with a jerk..
Thapki:bihaan what r u doing..she tries to go..but bihaan holds her tightly..n comes close..
Bihaan:y..can’t I touch u..he touches her cheeks while saying this..thapki turns her face..
Bihaan:I’m ur husband right..thapki sees him..bihaan touches her hand..thapki thinks he is drunk

Bihaan:I don’t want to be in senses today..he comes close..thapki closes her eyes
Thapki(in mind):no it’s not correct..she opens her eyes n sees him close to her..she pushes him n tries to go..she thinks he is doing this so that thapki gets irritated n run away from him..thapki thinks that bihaan is trying to force her..bihaan holds her hand..thapki gets tensed..
Bihaan:I got to know the truth..thapki gets shocked n she turns to him..
FB shows(after bihaan n thapki’s fight in the evening)
Thapki goes out of the room n sees Poonam standing there..she was looking very shocked n had tears in her eyes..thapki goes to her
Thapki:mom what happen to u..Poonam holds thapki’s hands n takes her to a corner
Poonam:thapki beta r u happy here..plzz tell me beta
Thapki:mom y r u saying like this..
Poonam:I heard ur’s n bihaan’s conversation..thapki plzz tell me dear there any problem between u he force u

Thapki:mom y r u saying like this..bihaan is a very nice person.he cares for in every marriage there will be some problems..
Poonam:but beta
Thapki:mom yes bihaan is angry with me..but it was my fault..
Poonam:thapki tell me the truth or I’ll take u back home now
Thapki:ok before marriage I used to love a guy..Poonam gets shocked..
Thapki:yes mom his name was John..I always said lie to u n dad n meet him..but soon u decided making me marry with bihaan..I thought to elope with John..Poonam sees her shockingly

Thapki:n I went to his home.n I heard his conversation with his dad..he was backbiting me..he said that he was doing acting of loving me only for my money..I heard it n decided to marry bihaan…Poonam leaves her hands..thapki sees it
Thapki:but mom trust me I was very happy with bihaan..John came here n said some lies to bihaan n he is thinking that I betrayed him..John want only money..he blackmailed me…but mom soon bihaan will get to know the truth soon…n he will accept me..Poonam sees her
Poonam:but he is behaving very rude to u..thapki don’t give pain to urself beta come with us…she holds her hand

Thapki:no mom I love him(shouts)..Poonam sees her..
Thapki:yes mom I love him n I can’t live without him..n trust me we will be together soon..Poonam sees her n smiles fakely
Poonam:ok..but if this does not ends soon then u should come with us …thapki sees her Poonam gestures her to say..thapki nods yes..they both goes down..bihaan was hearing their conversation from a distance..he gets shocked..he goes to his room n sees her photo..n cries..
Bihaan:sorry thapki for doubting u..sorry for giving pain to u but now I’ll give u all the love u deserve..he goes down
FB ends
Bihaan:thapki plzz forgive me I didn’t know the truth n reacted very rude to u plzz forgive me he holds his hands before her…thapki holds his hands n gestures him “no” bihaan sees her..thapki hugs him bihaan hugs her too(pal do pal plays)bihaan n thapki smiles..
Bihaan:now I will always trust u thapki..thapki hugs him tightly..
Bihaan remember how she said Poonam that she loves him..he smiles n seperates her..thapki sees him..bihaan wipes her tears n kisses her forehead..thapki smiles..he gets close to her he holds her face n kisses her cheek.thapki closes her eyes..bihaan bends down to kiss her lips but thapki moves..bihaan holds her from dupatta..thapki gets tensed..he comes close to her from back n hugs her..he keeps his hands on her belly..thapki was standing there like a statue..thapki gets nervous.she starts breathing heavily.bihaan takes out the pin from her dupatta n kisses her neck n rubs his hands on her belly..thapki gets nervous n removes his hands..she runs to the window..a colds breeze hits her face..she takes heavy breathing..bihaan smiles n goes to her..he stands behind her n takes out her earrings..thapki looks down..he takes out her necklace n kisses her neck..thapki holds her lehenga tightly n closes her eyes..bihaan kisses her back..bihaan holds her hand n kisses it..thapki takes her hand..bihaan sees her..he bends down n holds her waist..thapki feels his touch n gets nervous..bihaan opens her waist chain n kisses her bare waist..thapki gets super nervous she starts going bihaan holds her..he gets up n pulls her close..thapki holds him around his neck..bihaan holds her around her waist thapki sees him..he gets close..thapki closes her eyes..bihaan was about to kiss her but sees her lips r shivering..he sees her n smiles..he kisses on her eyes..thapki opens her eyes..they smile bihaan bends down n kisses her neck passionately.thapki holds his collar..she was smiling..

Thapki:bihaan I love u..bihaan sees her..thapki gets shy n hugs him..bihaan smiles n hugs her too..he takes her in arms n goes to the bed..he puts her on the bed n he was on her..thapki sees him..her heart start beating fastly..she could feel it..she gets nervous.. bihaan comes close n kisses her forehead..he sees her lips thapki sees that n gets nervous she turns her face..bihaan kisses her neck n takes out her dupatta..thapki holds him..he comes close n kisses her ear….thapki closes her eyes tightly..bihaan makes her she in his eyes..he sees her lips n gestures her..thapki sees that n holds him..bihaan comes close n kisses her on lips..he holds her face..thapki holds his shirt.he gave a small kiss…bihaan seperate n sees her..she had tears of happiness n a smile..thapki sees him..bihaan sees her n smiles..bihaan again kisses her with more passion..thapki also participated..they seperate as they can’t breath..but bihaan’s lips were pleading for more..thapki sees him n smiles..she hugs him..bihaan gives wet kisses on her neck..he turns her n opens her blouse Dori he kisses her back..they holds eachother hands n consummate
Next morning
Our Royal love birds were hugging eachother n sleeping.thapki’s back was attached with bihaan’s chest..his hands were wrapped around her waist thapki was holding his hands..bihaan’s head was on thapki’s neck..they were smiling while sleeping..thapki wakes up…n sees him..she remembers there moments last night..she smiles widely..she wanted to go but don’t want him to wake up..she slowly frees herself..n start going..suddenly she feels some big soft hands on her belly pulling her back..she realizes it’s bihaan..bihaan pulls her back..bihaan holds her n turns thapki was facing bihaan..she sees a naughty glint on his face n gets shy..she hides her face on his chest..bihaan smiles
Bihaan:good morning Mrs thapki bihaan pandey..thapki smiles..
Bihaan:n y r u going leaving me alone haan..he questions her..thapki sees him n points towards the clock
Thapki:it’s 8..I have to go
Bihaan:no U will not go anywhere leaving me..he hugs her tightly..n kisses her shoulder
Thapki:bihaan plzzz Leave me..everyone would be waiting down
Bihaan:acha..u want to go..thapki nods yes
Bihaan:ok but first give back my shirt..thapki realizes that she was wearing his shirt..she sees him..bihaan pulls her..for support thapki keeps her hand on his bare chest…he gestures her naughtily..n comes close he put his head on her shoulder..n hugs her dragging her close..thapki gets shy
Thapki:plzz bihaan I have to go leave me
Bihaan:on one condition …thapki sees him

Bihaan:u have to give me a kiss..thapki widens her eyes..she tries to free herself but his grip was very tight..bihaan pulls her..she fells on him..bihaan kisses her ears..thapki smiles..she move n sees him..bihaan sees her..she comes close..bihaan gets happy n his grip around her becomes lose..thapki pushes him n runs bihaan tries to catch her but she runs to the bathroom…bihaan smiles n rubs his hand on his hair..
After sometime
Thapki comes out of the bathroom..she stands infront of the mirror n dries her hairs..she takes her earrings n was about to wear it..bihaan comes from back n makes her wear the earring..thapki sees him in the mirror n smiles..bihaan hugs her from back..n sees her in the mirror

Bihaan:what happen there is a different glow on ur face today..thapki gets shy..
Bihaan:u look so cute when u get shy..thapki sees him..she looks down..bihaan smiles
Bihaan:it was the best night of my life thapki..thank u for forgiving me..thapki sees him
Bihaan:n I promise I will always trust u..I will always love u thapki..thapki smiles n holds his hands tightly

Thapki:bihaan I’m very lucky to have u in life..I know u will always love me.n when u were angry u always cared for me bihaan(she remembers how bihaan puts blanket on her when she was sleeping down)bihaan smiles..thapki turns to bihaan
Thapki:acha now leave this..bihaan we should gift something to Arnav n Julia..don’t u think
Bihaan:hmm yes n i have planned something to
Thapki:I have also planned something…n mine will come soon..but what did u planned
Bihaan:wow very fast..I got Arnav fav sports car that he will arrive soon..but what u got for them
Thapki:I got honeymoon tickets for them..

Bihaan:correct choice..they smile..
Bihaan:so what do u think about our honeymoon..he wraps his hands around her neck..thapki sees the naughty glint on his face..thapki remove his hands n starts going..bihaan holds her hand n pulls her back..he holds her around her waist n drags her closer..thapki holds his shoulder..bihaan comes close he was about to kiss..thapki hears a car horn voice..thapki moves
Thapki:bihaan I think the car have come..lets go down..she takes him..they goes down n sees the car..they hide it in a corner where no one can see it..
Thapki:bihaan when my gift will arrive we will give them together.they will be so happy
Bihaan nods..they were going inside..a servant comes with the honeymoon tickets..they take it..n goes in to give it to Arnav n Julia..every one was sitting in the hall..bihaan comes there Arnav sees them n gets up
(Bihaan n Arnav together):i have a gift for u both..they gets shocked..
Bihaan: u have a gift for us
Bihaan:but we have two gifts for u..Arnav makes an angry face..everyone laughs
Arnav:ok ok I don’t know bhabi’s taste so I got a single gift for u both..
Bihaan:but y r u giving gift to’s ur marriage
Arnav:because this marriage could not happen without bhabi’s help..I was breaking up with Julia but Bhabi explained I got encouraged n thought to talk to u all about our relationship..Arnav sees thapki
Arnav:thank u Bhabi..thank u for giving me my life..thapki smiles
Thapki:May god bless u both..Arnav smiles n gives the gift to bihaan..bihaan takes was an envelope…Arnav forwards his hands
Arnav:my gift..bihaan sees him..everyone laughs
Bihaan:u will never change Arnav..he gives him the envelop..Arnav takes it
Arnav:wow both got envelopes what is in it..they open it..Arnav sees the honeymoon tickets to New York..bihaan open his envelope n sees honeymoon tickets to Dubai..
Arnav:wow same gift..bihaan smiles.
Arnav:but the other one..
Arnav:bhai stop playing games plzz tell me I’m very excited to know..
Bihaan:ok ok come with me..they all goes out..bihaan gestures a servent to take out the car’s cover..he takes it out..Arnav sees it n jumps in happiness…bihaan smiles..Arnav hugs him
Arnav:thank u bhai thank u soo much..he goes to the car n hugs it..
Arnav:finally..I got it..he shouts..everyone smiles..
Arnav:thank u bhai thank u Bhabi..they smile..
Vasundra:ok ok come in now breakfast is on the table..they all goes in.. bihaan n thapki’s room
Thapki was packing their bags for honeymoon.bihaan hugs her…thapki sees him
Thapki:bihaan don’t u have any other work..u always start romancing anytime..
Bihaan:so what it’s my right..thapki turns n sees him without top..thapki gets shocked n turns ..bihaan smiles
Thapki:bihaan y r u with out tshirt
Bihaan:I came out of the bathroom to change n saw u..
Thapki:ok first wear a tshirt..bihaan smiles n takes a tshirt n wears it..
Bihaan:I wore it..thapki signs in relief..bihaan hugs her again..
Bihaan:y r u soo shy darling..thapki sees him..he holds her hand
Bihaan:we became one yesterday but still ur behaving like a new bride..thapki smile..
Thapki:bihaan let me do packing..we have to leave early in the morning..
Bihaan:do u know y we r going there..

Bihaan:yes y we r going there..thapki sees him
Bihaan:we r going there for our honeymoon..thapki gets shy
Bihaan:but ur not at all romantic thapki..thapki makes a cute angry face
Thapki:how can u say this bihaan..
Bihaan:yes see whenever I come close to u..u always ask me to leave so I got a doubt..
Thapki:no I’m romantic.
Bihaan:acha I told u in the morning to give a kiss but u didn’t gave yet..thapki remembers n gets nervous..
Thapki:stop this childishness n help me in doing packing..she pushes him..bihaan smiles n helps her ..thapki sees a cockroach on the floor n gets scared..she shouts..bihaan sees her

Thapki:bihaan see there is a cockroach..she hugs him n closes her eyes..
Bihaan:thank u cockroach ji for coming..u r the reason she hugged me..thapki move n sees him angrily..bihaan sees her..she sees the cockroach is coming towards her..she shouts n fells on bihaan..bihaan fells on the bed..thapki was on bihaan..thapki hugs him tightly n her eyes were closed.she holds his tshirt..bihaan sees her n smiles..thapki opens her eyes n sees him..they have an eyelock.(ranjha naa plays)thapki leaves the shirt..
Thapki:I’m sorry..I..I got scared of that cockroach n fell on u..bihaan tucks her hairs behind her ears
Bihaan:but I loved it..plzz cockroach ji always come n thapki plzz do this kind of mistakes everyday..she sees him..n hits his chest with her hand..bihaan smiles n holds her around her waist..thapki tries to get up..bihaan turns bihaan was on thapki..
Thapki:bihaan leave me some one will come the door is open.thapki pushes him .bihaan in a sec he comes close n kisses her on lips..thapki gets shocked she widens her eyes..bihaan seperates..thapki sees him..bihaan smiles
Bihaan:I love u thapki …thapki smiles..they smile at eachother..Arnav n Julia come there n sees them..they turn
Arnav:sorry sorry sorry…bihaan n thapki gets up n gets tensed
Arnav:bhai Bhabi continue we will come later..come Julia they starts going..thapki stops them
Thapki(hesitatingly):no Arnav..come na plzz do u need some thing..they turns n sees them
Arnav:bhai before romancing u should close the door..
Bihaan:Arnav nothing like that..n y r u both here
Arnav:arre Bhabi bhai we r going out in the sports car..u guys also come with us na..we both r newly married let’s enjoy the day together…bihaan smiles
Thapki:no Arnav I have some work..n bihaan also have some work
Bihaan:but I don’t..thapki gestures him
Bihaan:yes I have work
Arnav(in mind):acha they want to spend time together..he smiles
Bihaan thinks the same n smiles
Arnav:ok as u wish..he goes with Julia.
As they leave Bihaan holds thapki..
Bihaan:kya baat hai..suddenly u started behaving very romantic..hmmm
Bihaan:u stop me to go with them so that we spend some time together
Thapki:bihaan First listen to me..i stopped u to say..because I want to go some where else..

Thapki:to my mom n dads home..bihaan gets confused
Thapki:bihaan mom was very worried about I want to meet her n say that everything is soutout between us..bihaan smiles
Bihaan:ok darling as u say..thapki smiles..bihaan gets a call
Bihaan:u get ready n come down I will be there..thapki nods bihaan goes out..
After sometime thapki comes down n goes to vasundra
Thapki:mom..vasundra sees her
Vasundra:haan beta
Thapki:mom I wanted to go to meet mom n dad..
Vasundra:thapki beta no need to ask..u can go anytime u like..
Thapki:thank u mom..vasundra smiles n goes..thapki also comes out of the palace n sees bihaan..she goes to him
Thapki:bihaan..bihaan sees her
Bihaan:oh ur ready…come lets go..she nods n sit in the car
They reach thapki’s palace n goes in..Poonam n krishnakanth were sitting in the Hall n having tea.,they see them n gets happy..Poonam goes to Thapki n hugs her…they sit together n talk..Poonam takes thapki in a corner
Poonam:thapki is everything fine there beta..y r u here..I mean without any information
Thapki:mom everything is fine..n I came here with bihaan to show u that everything is soutout between us..n we r very happy together..Poonam smiles..
Thapki:mom can I ask u somethings plzzz
Poonam:haan beta
Thapki:plzz make my special wali kheer today..plzz..I’m missing it very much..Poonam smiles…
Poonam:ok u sit with ur dad I’ll bring it.,thapki hugs her n goes in the hall..
At night..thapki n bihaan takes there leave from Poonam n krishnakanth.
They were on there way..bihaan turns the car..thapki gets confused..
Bihaan:thapki there is one more place we have to go today
Thapki:where bihaan..
Bihaan:I’ll show u..he stops the car infront of johns house..thapki sees it n looks at him bihaan sees her
Bihaan:thapki this man gave u a lot of pain u have to go to him n say that we r together n no one can seperate us..thapki smiles
Thapki:but bihaan how do u know his address
Bihaan:I made a servent to search his come..he starts horning…John comes out hearing the voice..thapki sees bihaan..he gestures her to go..thapki comes out of the car..John sees her
John:I knew it thapki u will definitely come to me..n see u came..bihaan comes out of the car..John sees him
John:Oho so prince bihaan himself came to drop u here..very nice..he holds thapki’s hand …thapki sees bihaan
John:come thapki..bihaan goes to him n removes his hand from thapki’s hand..John sees him
Bihaan:we came here to show u that we r together again..he holds thapki’s hands n shows him..John gets shocked

Bihaan:n don’t ever dare to come between us or blackmail thapki or else u can’t even imagine what will happen to u..he takes thapki with her..thapki sees bihaan n smiles..bihaan opens the door for her..thapki sits..bihaan also sits in the car n they goes from there..John curses himself n goes in
In the car
Thapki sees bihaan..bihaan sees her
Thapki:thank u bihaan for every thing…bihaan smiles..he opens the radio..jeena jeena was playing..bihaan sees her..thapki was looking out..bihaan holds her hand..thapki sees him..bihaan gestures her to come close..thapki smiles..he holds her hands n pulls her slowly..thapki comes close to him keeps her head on his shoulder she wraps her hand around his arm…thapki smiles..bihaan holds her hand on his heart while driving..they reach palace..n goes to there room..they sleep while hugging eachother..

Precap-honeymoon trip begins

Hey guys it’s a big one because I actually took a long time..sorry for this comment dears plzz..n about honeymoon I don’t know about places..I know about Dubai so thought to write it in the ff..but actually it’s not a honeymoon spot..sorry for u all..plzzz comment..silent viewers plzzz do comment guys…

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