The Royal love birds-episode 16(mega episode)

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Hey guys thank u for the comments ur support n sorry for being late again because of my studies..I have my practicals again in this won’t be able to post asap..I’m really sorry guys I’ll try to update soon

Here we go
Thapki gets up n saw bihaan sleeping on the couch..she gets up n goes to bathroom..after sometime she comes out n sits on the chair combing her hair..she holds her head..
Thapki:God y I’m getting headache..bihaan gets up n sees her..suddenly Thapki ran to the bathroom..bihaan sees her confused..he goes to the bathroom n knocks..thapki again gets vomits..thapki comes out of the bathroom n sees bihaan
Bihaan:r u ok
Thapki:I don’t know bihaan…y I’m getting vomits again
Bihaan(in mind):how can I tell u..but I have to tell her it’s her right..
She sits on the bed n drinks water..
Bihaan:ur getting vomits because ur…ur(he tries to say)
Thapki:becoz I’m
Bihaan:ahh ur..dadi n vasundra comes there..thapki n bihaan sees them
Vasundra:thapki u got up beta how r u feeling now
Thapki:better mom

Vasundra:see I got food for u..come eat it quickly..
Thapki:mom I’m not feeling like eating anything..I will eat later
Vasundra: but beta..dadi stops her
Dadi:it’s ok beta..u take rest..she smiles n takes vasundra with her..
Vasundra:ma ji y did u stop me..if she will not eat food properly she can get ill
Dadi:arre Vasu Bahu…usually the mother don’t feels like eating at the time of pregnancy.. We should not force let her rest..vasundra smiles..bihaan hears that n goes to his room..he sees thapki..he gets confused..he started walking fastly in the room..thapki sees him
Thapki:bihaan y r u roaming in the room..
Bihaan:thapki I want to talk to u..thapki gets happy
Bihaan:every one in the house is saying that u r p..he sees her..thapki looks at him confused..
Bihaan:nothing..he runs from the room..thapki gives a weird look..bihaan goes to the balcony.he remembers their moments..he punches the wall..
Bihaan:how can this happen..everyone is saying that she is pregnant..but y am I not able to accept..
Bihaan:she is the one the betrayed me.but I have to accept her for my child..he cries..
On the other hand
Thapki goes to washroom..after sometime bihaan comes in the room n sees water on the floor..he sees the whole room..the water was coming from the bathroom..he goes to bathroom n pushes it..
Bihaan(in mind):it’s closed..I think thapki is in..he knocks the door
Bihaan:thapki r u in..
Thapki from inside the bathroom
Thapki:yes bihaan..
Bihaan:What happen.y is the water coming out
Thapki:bihaan this tap is broken n the water is flowing..I tried to closed it but it’s not happening..
Bihaan:open the door I’ll see once..thapki opens the door bihaan comes in n tries to close the tap..a servant comes there n sees the water
Servant:sir what happen..

Bihaan:the tap is broken a plumber…n clean the room
Servant nods n goes out..bihaan holds the tap..thapki goes out n bring a piece of cloth
Thapki:bihaan tie this on the tap..bihaan takes it n ties it tightly..the water stops flowing..bihaan signs in relief..bihaan holds the shower tap n the shower opens..thapki was under the shower n she gets wet..she starts going but she slips..bihaan holds her..they have an eyelock..(ranjha naa plays)they were under the shower..bihaan holds her belly
Bihaan:careful thapki our child..he shouts…thapki gets shocked…she stands n looks at him..bihaan sees her..
Thapki:what did u said..our child means what..bihaan sees her
Bihaan:I’ll tell u everything first go n change..she sees herself she was all wet..
She nods n starts going she feels pain in her leg she holds it n shouts ouch..bihaan sees her
Bihaan:what happen
Thapki:my leg is paining again..bihaan sees her leg..
Bihaan:I think it’s bcoz u slipped it started paining again..thapki tries to walk but she cannot..bihaan sees that n takes her in arms..thapki holds him n sees him…(darmiyaan plays)he takes her to the bed n puts her on it..he gives her clothes to change..he closes the door..n he takes his clothes n goes to bathroom..thapki also gets up n changes
Thapki changes her dress..bihaan comes out..thapki goes to him
Thapki:bihaan plzz tell me what were u saying…bihaan sees her..he holds her n makes her sit on the bed
Bihaan:thapki u r getting vomits from morning n dadi n all r saying that it’s a sign of pregnancy..thapki gets shocked..she holds her tummy..bihaan sees that
Thapki:but so soon..

Bihaan:dadi said that it happens in some cases..thapki sees him..
Bihaan:mom said that she will call a doctor for the checkup.. u take rest..he gets up to go thapki holds his hand..bihaan turns n sees her..they have an eyelock(na na naa plays)
Thapki:r u happy..bihaan sees her
Bihaan:u do not value my love but I this child matters me a lot..thapki gets teary eyed
Bihaan:I’m forgiving u only for this child..thapki gets shattered n leaves his hand..bihaan sees her (hamari adhuri kahani plays)bihaan turns n goes out..he stands in the balcony n cries a lot..on the other hand..thapki sees her wedding album n cries she remembers his words again n again..she holds her belly n cries
Thapki:he forgave me only for the child..she cries a lot..after sometime bihaan comes in the room with some food n sees her sitting on the bed holding a pillow n lost in her thoughts…her face was full of tears..bihaan realizes it’s because of him…he sits beside her..thapki sees him..bihaan shows the food..thapki sees it n looks at him..bihaan feeds her..thapki sees him..he gestures her to eat..thapki eats it…she feels spicy n starts coughing..bihaan makes her drink water..thapki holds his hand..they see eachother(darmiyaan plays)..bihaan makes her eat the food..thapki sees him
Thapki(in mind):maybe for the baby but at least ur talking to I can tell u the truth..
Thapki:bihaan I want to talk to u
Bihaan:no first take rest we will talk in the morning..
Thapki:but bihaan its..bihaan puts his finger on her lips
Bihaan:shhh..nothing is imp then ur health so sleep..he makes her lay down..he was going out vasundra comes with a doctor..
Vasundra:bihaan thapki Doctor is here for thapki’s checkup..thapki sees her.the doctor examines thapki..bihaan goes to thapki…
Doctor:actually there r signs of pregnancy but still we have to do pregnancy test..
Vasundra:ok Doctor then do the test..
Doctor:we will do a blood test..n we will send the reports tomorrow..bihaan n vasundra nods..she collects thapki’s blood sample n goes..
Vasundra:thapki bihaan there is a puja wake up soon ok
Bihaan:puja..for what mom
Vasundra:arre for the child’s safety..thapki gets confused
Thapki:but mom the news is not confirmed yet..vasundra sees her
Thapki:I mean..the reports have not come so
Vasundra:arre thapki beta this type of news will usually be the reports will also be positive…n see Doctor also told naa that there r signs of pregnancy..u don’t worry my child u take rest ok.thapki nods..vasundra goes..bihaan closes the door..he sits on the couch reading a book..thapki sees him
Thapki:bihaan u sleep here I’ll sleep down

Bihaan:no thapki ur preg..he stops..thapki sees him
Bihaan(hesitatingly):u should not sleep down in this state..u sleep on the bed I’ll sleep here..thapki sees him..bihaan sees her..
Bihaan:I said u to sleep not to stare at me..thapki nods n sleeps
Next Morning
Thapki n bihaan comes down n does the puja together..everyone sits on the dining table for breakfast..thapki feels dizzy..bihaan holds her n makes her sit..thapki sees him..he makes her drink water
Bihaan:r u ok..thapki nods
Dadi:see I told u all..everyone sees her
Arnav:what dadi
Dadi:that thapki is pregnant..vomits..dizziness.r all the signs of pregnancy..everyone smiles..but thapki is tensed..
Vasundra:thapki come eat ur food beta..thapki nods n eats..
After sometime
Thapki n bihaan comes down in the hall n sees the hall full of toys..teddys..bollons flowers.thapki smiles..bihaan gets confused but smiles
Arnav comes from back n shouts surprise..they see him..every one comes in the hall
Thapki:surprise but y..
Arnav:Bhabi I became chacha..dadi became great grand n dad became dada n dadi..bihaan bhai became papa n of course u became mom..bihaan smiles..thapki smiles fakely
Thapki:but mom dad the news is not confirmed..
Vasundra:thapki beta don’t think so much..the reports will be positive because u r showing all the signs..
Thapki:but mom still..dadi cuts her
Dadi:u should not think so much it’s not good for the child..n y r u standing..Vasu Bahu make her’s not good to stand for a long time
Vasundra:ji maa ji..she makes her sit
Arnav:Bhabi bhai I have also decided the names..n I decided everything n it should go the way I planned..he started sharing his plans everyone listens him.but thapki was lost
A servent comes with thapki’s reports..bihaan takes it..
Vasundra:open it bihaan..

Dadi:arre I know the reports will be positive..bihaan smiles n opens it..thapki stands..
Bihaan sees the report n gets shocked..every one gets super excited
Vasundra:what happen beta..the reports r positive naa
Bihaan:mom wo…the reports r negative..every one gets shocked
Bihaan:she is not’s becoz she did not ate properly that y she was getting vomits n dizziness..thapki gets tears..vasundra sees her
Vasundra:thapki it’s ok beta it happens was a misunderstanding..maybe next time beta..don’t take it seriously…
Thapki:mom I..I told u all not to expect soo much but u dint listen to me..n now u all r in pain..she runs to her room..bihaan sees her..he goes out..
Arnav:we actually expected a lot in such less time..we should apologize to Bhabi..every one nods..they goes to her room n sees her crying..
Balwinder:thapki betiyaa..thapki sees them..they comes to her
Vasundra:beta plzz forgive us we expected a lot without conforming..
Thapki:mom it’s ok..n never ask sorry to me..she smiles
Thapki thinks about bihaan..

Arnav was talking to someone on phone
Arnav:no I cannot come..
Person:u need not to come..I’m here in India
Arnav:what where r u
Person:just outside ur palace..n I’m going to come in
Arnav:no don’t come in I’m coming out..he cuts the call n goes out..
Arnav comes out n sees the girl..he holds her n her to a corner
Arnav:what r u doing here Julia(Julia is his girlfriend..she is from London n a Christain)
Julia:how can u come India without informing me..u know how much I was worried..I was trying to contact u but ur phone was unreachable..I got to know that ur In India so I came here taking the first flight to India.i got ur address from ur friend..Arnav I love u a lot.i cannot stay without u..I left my family for u..
Arnav:I know Julia I love u too but u r a Christain n I m a family won’t accept it’s better we breakup
Julia:how can u say this Arnav..where will I go..Arnav do u really love me
Arnav:yes I love u a lot..more then anything in this world
Julia:that’s it nothing should matter or come between our relationship..they hug eachother..thapki comes there..n sees them angrily
Thapki(angrily):what’s happening here..they seperate
Arnav:Bhabi nothing..Bhabi she is Julia my friend n Julia she is your sister in law..Julia smiles at her..thapki sees Arnav
Thapki:friend or something else
Arnav:Bhabi y r u saying this..
Thapki:bcoz I heard ur conversation ..Arnav sees her
Thapki:but still I want to ask..Julia do u love Arnav
Julia:yes yes I love him a lot..
Thapki:Arnav do u love her

Arnav(hesitatingly):yes Bhabi I love her..thapki raises her hand..Arnav closes his eyes thinking she is going to slap but she hold his hand n keeps in Julia’s hand..they see her
Thapki:then nothing should matter..Arnav gets surprised
Thapki:Arnav we don’t love seeing the religion or culture or anything else love just happens..she keeps her hand on Julia’s shoulder
Thapki:Arnav she left her family for u..she left her hometown n everything only for u should respect her feeling..n I’m sure mom n dad will see ur love n accept u both..they smile n goes in..
Thapki introduces Julia to everyone
Arnav:mom dad I want to say u something
Balwinder:what is it
Arnav:I love her.n she love me too..I want..I want to marry her..I cannot imagine anyone in my life except her..they gets shocked.. Vasundra comes to him
Vasundra :what did u say..
Balwinder:didn’t u heard vasundra ji he said he want to marry..arnav n Julia looks down..thapki gets sad
Balwinder:my sons r this big that they started to take there own decisions..
Arnav:nothing like that dad..balwinder cuts him
Balwinder:so u want to marry her..u have planned everything haan..Arnav nads “no”
Balwinder:then when did u planed to get married..Arnav sees him..they all starts laughing..Arnav gets confused
Dadi:arre beta we r just kidding..don’t worry. Julia smiles..
Vasundra:yes we have accepted her Arnav as my second Bahu..Arnav smiles..thapki calls a maid n asks her to bring a dupatta..she bring it n give it to Thapki..thapki takes it n makes Julia wear it..n gestures her to take blessing from elders..Arnav n Julia takes there blessings..they comes to Thapki n takes there blessing too.
Thapki:arre bas bas..Khush raho..
Julia:thank u Bhabi it would not be possible without u
Arnav:thank u Bhabi ur the best..thapki smiles..bihaan comes home n sees them he gets confused..vasundra says him everything..bihaan sees Arnav angrily..Arnav sees down n hides behind Thapki..thapki sees bihaan
Bihaan:Arnav don’t u need my blessings..Arnav gets shocked..thapki smiles..they take his blessing n sits together..
Balwinder:so Arnav when have u planned to get married..
Arnav:dad I know I always plan everything but I didn’t planned this..
Vasundra:acha..they laugh..Arnav get shy…
Dadi:arre we should call pandit ji for the wedding date..they nods
Next day
Pandit ji comes n give a mahurath after 2 days..everyone starts preparing..
It’s there engagement..Arnav n Julia exchange rings n every one celebrates..
In Thapki n bihaan’s room
Bihaan was not talking to Thapki

Thapki:bihaan y r u not talking to me r u still angry
Bihaan ignores her n starts going out..thapki holds him
Thapki:bihaan plzz give me a chance to prove my self
Bihaan:I don’t want to talk to the people who betray me..
Thapki:but u said u forgave me
Bihaan:I also said that I forgave u for the child..n as there is no child y should I give u a chance..
Thapki:will u stay angry with me the whole life bihaan
Bihaan:no..thapki gets happy
Bihaan:our relationship won’t exist..soon we will be divorced..thapki gets shocked..bihaan tries to go..thapki holds his hand
Thapki:but I m not giving u divorce
Bihaan:u will soon bocoz I will give to soo much pain that u will give me divorce forcefully n run away from me..he goes out
Thapki:let’s see bihaan pandey..u will give me pain n I’ll give u love..she smiles seeing her photo..
It’s the wedding day..thapki gets ready n goes to help Julia..she makes her ready..n goes to Arnav..arnav was confused in his sherwani
Thapki:Arnav u r not ready yet..what were u doing
Arnav:Bhabi Mom gave me soo many sherwani’s that I’m confused which one to wear..thapki smiles..
Arnav:Bhabi stop smiling n help me..thapki sees the sherwani’s she selects a dark green sherwani with red border..
Thapki:This one
Arnav:Bhabi u choosed very soon
Thapki:bocoz green is a Royal colour..n Julia’s fav colour too..
Arnav:how do u know
Thapki:arre a girl who is dressed completely green on her means it’s her fav colour
Arnav:hmmm smart..thank u Bhabi..thapki smiles
Thapki:get ready soon ..she goes from there..she goes to her room n sees bihaan sitting on the floor with wine bottle in his hand..she goes to him
Thapki:bihaan y r u drinking it’s Arnav’s marriage today n u r drinking..
Bihaan(drunken voice):hey dont give orders to me..who r u to order me haan..I’m drinking wine to forget u..thapki sees him
Bihaan:yes I saw the decoration down n I remembered our wedding so to forget u I’m drinking’s very nice u also try..he give her..she takes the bottle n throws it from the window..
Bihaan:how dare u..he raises his hand..thapki gets shocked..bihaan takes his hand back
Bihaan:how dare u throw my bottle haan..
Thapki:bihaan I’ll snd lemon juice for u..she starts going
Bihaan:n add some poison in it..thapki sees him
Bihaan:as ur adding it in my life..u ruined my life..he shouts n sits on the bed..thapki cries n goes out..
Bihaan gets the lemon juice n drinks it after sometime he gains senses..
He comes in the wedding..after the wedding..thapki takes Julia to her room..n Arnav comes there..thapki sees him n smiles
Thapki:so Arnav do u remember how u teased me n bihaan on our first night..
Arnav:ok ok Bhabi what do u want..
Thapki:hmmm nothing just be happy n together..they smiles..thapki goes out..n locks the door from outside
Thapki:all the best Arnav Julia..
Arnav goes to Julia n hugs her

Precap-bihaan n thapki gets intimate

Hey guys sorry for again being comment for this u all

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