The Royal love birds-episode 15

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Hi every one thank u guys for ur support love..plzz do comment ur views guys n do give ur all the silent viewers need to know ur views u all

Here we go
Bihaan opens the door n sees the person holding a bouquet
Person:hi sir How r u
Bihaan:I’m good but sorry I don’t recognize u
Person:sorry sir..I’m thapki’s close friend..on ur marriage I was not here in India..I came today n thought to meet u n wish u both..
Bihaan:oh ok plzz come in..
He come in..
Person:sir were is Thapki
Bihaan:she is in the room she will come in a while..u plzzz have a seat..he nods n sits..bihaan also sits..
Bihaan:so what is ur name..
Person:sir my name is John..just then Thapki comes down n sees him
Thapki:John…bihaan n john sees her
Bihaan:ah come Thapki see ur friend have come here to wish us..thapki was shocked…John smiles n gets up n gives the bouquet to her..thapki sees him angrily but takes the bouquet n keeps on the table..
Thapki:I’ll bring tea for u both
John:no Thapki it’s ok..y r u making it for me specially..thapki sees him
Thapki:I’m going to make tea for bihaan so I’ll make it for u too..
John:oh ok..bihaan sees her weirdly..thapki goes in the kitchen
Thapki:y is he here now..y did he came to ruin my married life..

On the other hand
Bihaan:so tell me about ur friendship
John:oh sir about our friendship..we were very close to eachother we used to share every secret..we did every thing together
John:n also all our friends used to think that we r in love..bihaan sees him…John smirks
John:n actually we were in love but thapki’s marriage was fixed with u so we broke up
Bihaan holds the chair angrily..thapki comes with the tea n gives it to John he takes it..then she gives tea to bihaan..bihaan was lost in his thoughts..thapki holds his shoulder n shakes him
Thapki:bihaan..bihaan sees her n gets angry..he gets up n goes to his room..thapki shouts bihaan..but bihaan didn’t listen…John smirks..thapki sees him
Thapki:what did u do John..
John:I just said the truth baby
Thapki:what did u said him..y did u came here John..once u spoiled my life n now when I’m moving on in my life u r..she starts crying
John:how can u move on when I dint move yet..thapki sees him
John:yes I want u as my ATM n I’ll be ur’s always..thapki sees him..he comes close n holds her
John:I know u still love me Thapki I will always keep u happy the only thing I want from u is money..plzz come back in my life..thapki slaps him..he sees her
Thapki:How dare u cheap ur..instead of feeling guilty ur saying this..he was holding his cheek n looking at her
Thapki:u know what John ur like the most bad dream I have seen in my life..I never thought that ur this shameless..n yes I’m thankful to God that he brought ur truth infront of me..n shown me that bihaan is my prince..
John:but he is no more ur prince now..
Thapki:just go from here John n never come again..n nxt time bihaan will show u ur path..n I will never stop him even if he kills u..John looks at her
John:I’m going now.but u ll come to me door is always open for u..he goes out..thapki starts crying..she runs to her room..she sees bihaan sitting on the bed n thinking deeply..she goes to him n keeps her hand on his shoulder
Thapki:bihaan I know what ur thinking..but listen to me..he..bihaan cuts her n gets up n sees her angrily
Bihaan:that he is ur boyfriend
Thapki:no bihaan listen..
Bihaan:what Thapki what is left to explain now..i…I never thought that ur such a lier…
Thapki(crying):bihaan listen to me once
Bihaan:no Thapki no(shouts)..thapki gets scared
Bihaan:I will not listen to u.bcoz everything u will say will be lie..thapki cries..
Bihaan:thapki u betrayed me..I..I always loved u trusted u n u betrayed me..once once u would have told me Thapki I would stop every thing but u dint told anything..y…y Thapki y..he starts crying..thapki tries to hold him but bihaan pushes her
Bihaan:every thing u have done was only acting Thapki..was only acting..he starts throwing the things around..thapki shouts.
Bihaan:behaving like a Bahu,wife everything is just acting..then what is the meaning of wearing this mangalsutra.he holds it n pulls it..thapki gets shocked..the mangalsutra breakes n falls down..all its beads spread..
Bihaan:what is the use of putting this sindoor..he tries to remove it but thapki holds his hand
Thapki:u may not trust me bihaan but soon u will..n I know the meaning the value of this mangalsutra n sindoor..i will die but never take it out..bihaan takes his hand with a jerk
Bihaan:I gave u everything Thapki but there is only one option left..thapki sees him
Bihaan:give divorce to me..thapki gets shocked
Thapki:bihaan no never bihaan u may not believe me but u will soon bihaan..please give me a chance
Bihaan:(shouts)to ruin my I will not let u do this..n listen to me I gave u so much love but now the pain is only the thing which u will get from me..becoz u gave me pain..he pushes her she fells on bed..bihaan looks at her angrily n goes out..thapki tries to stop him but he dint listen..thapki gets shattered by his words n cries loudly..
Thapki:kyu bhagwan..there is no happiness in my life.. After John betrayed me I was completely broken..but u have send bihaan in my life as my life partner my love..I thought now I could get the love which I deserve but noooo..(she shouts)..she thinks about bihaan n wipes her tears..she gets up n pics the mangalsutra n collects its beads..
Thapki:bihaan is my love n a misunderstanding cannot break our relationship…I will speak to him I’ll explain him he will…he will trust me..she sits on the bed n keeps the mangalsutra..she takes a needle n thread n tries to join it again but fails..
Thapki:I don’t know to do it..what should I do now..she takes a box n keeps the mangalsutra in it n keeps it safe in the cupboard..

At night..
All the family comes back..thapki brings water for them
Arnav(in a teasing manner):so Bhabi is bhai fine now..thapki sees him
Vasundra:but were is he beta..thapki gets tensed n thinks what to say
Thapki:mom he went to the garden to take fresh air.. He will feel better..Arnav gives a confused look but didn’t say anything..vasundra sees there is no mangalsutra n thapki’s neck
Vasundra:thapki where is ur mangalsutra beta..thapki gets tensed n starts rubbing her hand
Thapki:mom..actually that mangalsutra was very lose so I gave it to a jwellery to repair it
Thapki:u all would be hungry..go n get freshed I will bring food on the table
Arnav:wow again I got to eat bhabi’s hands food..everyone smiles
They all goes to there rooms..after sometime everyone comes to the dinning table n gets seated
Vasundra:thapki where is bihaan he did not come yet..ok call him n ask him where he is
Thapki:yes mom..she calls her..bihaan sees her call n cuts it..thapki continuesly calls him bihaan gets angry n switch off’s his phone
Thapki(in mind):bihaan were r u plzz come back..plzzz I’m worried..vasundra calls her..she comes back in her senses
Vasundra:what happen beta what did bihaan say
Thapki:mom bihaan’s phone is not reachable
Arnav:offo mom Bhabi bhai is not a baby he will come soon maybe his phone battery is dead..don’t worry he will come
Thapki sees the door..vasundra sees her
Vasundra:what r u thinking beta come n eat food..thapki nods..she goes to the table
Bihaan comes..Arnav sees him
Arnav:see i told u bhai will come..Bhabi u were simply worrying..bihaan sees thapki..
Vasundra:come bihaan eat ur food..bihaan nods n sits..thapki goes to him n tries to serve him but he stops her..she stands quietly..bihaan eats the food fastly he starts coughing..thapki gives water to him but bihaan takes another glass.everyone notices that but keeps quiet..they finished there food n goes to there rooms..bihaan also goes..
Thapki:bihaan u r angry with me n did not notice that I dint ate food..she sits on the table n takes food in a plate..she was about to eat but stop
Thapki:I m not willing to eat..she takes all the dishes in the kitchen n goes to her room..she sees bihaan sleeping on the couch…she gets shocked n goes to him..n shakes him
Thapki:bihaan y r u sleeping here..bihaan ..bihaan..bihaan gets irritated n turns the other side..
Thapki:bihaan I know ur angry with me but plzz don’t do like this..bihaan gets up
Bihaan:I’m doing..what I’m doing Thapki..everything is happening bcoz of u..u ruined my life..thapki starts crying..
Bihaan:but noo..I will not keep quiet..he holds her tightly..thapki sees him n tries to release herself
Bihaan:I will never share a bed with u..he pushes her..thapki fall down..bihaan turns..thapki gets up n sees him..she wipes her tears.
Thapki:bihaan plzz don’t do this..ok if if ur angry with me be angry but plzz don’t punish urself..ok I will sleep here it’s…it’s ur room u sleep on the bed I’ll sleep down..
Bihaan:hhh yes ur’s my room y should I sleep here..He gets up n goes to the bed..thapki sees him..bihaan turns n sees her(darmiyaan….plays)bihaan remembers johns word..he gets angry n lays down on the bed..thapki wipes her tears n lays down on the floor..she is feeling uncomfortable down..she keeps turning..bihaan sees her..thapki turns to bihaan n sees him..they have an eyelock(chadarya Jini re Jini..plays)thapki gets tears..bihaan sees that n gets up..
Bihaan(in mind):I cannot see tears in ur eyes..but u r the one one who gave me pain..u deserve it Thapki..he again lays down..thapki gets sad..she turns the other side n starts sleeping…
After an hour
Thapki is sleeping but bihaan is still he cannot se his love is sleeping down..he gets up n goes to her
Bihaan(slowly):y did u do this Thapki..I..I really love u but u never loved me u loved that John..he starts crying..
Bihaan:thapki once..once u have told me about it Thapki I would have stopped everything but..he keeps his hands on his mouth n cries his heart out..he sees there is no blanket on her..he takes a blanket from the cupboard n puts on her..n goes to sleep

In morning
Thapki gets up n sees bihaan.. She sees the blanket..She remembers that there was no blanket on her last night..
Thapki:bihaan I know u put this blanket on me means u don’t hate me.u will soon trust me bihaan..she goes to the bathroom…she comes out n takes a note book n pen..she writes a letter to bihaan about the real truth n keeps it on the table
Thapki:bihaan u r not listening to me this is only the way to tell u the truth..she goes down…bihaan gets up n gets ready..he didn’t notice the letter n goes down
In hall
Everyone is on the dining table..n eating food..thapki n bihaan comes n gets seated.. a servent was holding a jar full of water..he slips n the water fells on Thapki n her food..she gets up..thapki gets all wet..bihaan n balwinder scolds the servent
Thapki:dad it’s ok..he dint do it’s ok…she goes to her room to change..everyone eats there food n goes to there work..bihaan sees there is no food left for Thapki n asks the cook to make something for her..the cook makes food for her n snd to her room..thapki was drying her hairs..the maid come in n gives her food
Thapki:no takes it back I’m not hungry..
Maid:but maam..sir..(she was about to say that it’s snd by bihaan..thapki interrupts)
Thapki:I’m not in a mood to eat anything now..u take it if I feel hungry I’ll eat it later..she nods n was about to go Thapki stops her
Thapki:wait did u saw a paper here
Maid:paper maam yes there was a paper fallen down here.15min ago I cleaned the room n thought it’s a waste n thrown it..thapki gets sad
Maid:was it any imp paper maam
Thapki:no..u can go..she nods n goes..thapki keeps thinking
In afternoon..
Thapki comes down n sits with everyone..they started talking.. thapki sees bihaan..suddenly she feels very uncomfortable..she holds her neck..bihaan sees her..she runs to the bathroom..vasundra sees her n tries to stop but she runs..vasundra goes with her..thapki gets vomits..she comes out n takes towel n washes her face
Vasundra:what happen beta r u alright..
Thapki (pantingly):I don’t know mom..I am feeling very uncomfortable..n I got vomits too..
Vasundra:ok come with me..they comes in the hall,..bihaan sees her.
Dadi:what happen Thapki
Vasundra:maa ji she got vomits n feeling uncomfortable too..bihaan sees her..dadi smiles..vasundra sees that
Vasundra:thapki u take rest beta..go n sleep for a while ok..u ll feel better..thapki nods n goes to her room
Vasundra:maa ji y r u smiling
Dadi:arre Vasu Bahu don’t u know..vomits r a sign of pregnancy..everyone gets shocked..bihaan opens his mouth
Balwinder:but maa how can u say very surely..maybe she is ill
Vasundra:yes maa ji..n soo’s hardly fifteen days for their marriage..bihaan looks on
Arnav:Oho bhai soo fast haan..I’m very I’m going to become chacha..dadi smiles..bihaan was confused
Vasundra:arnav shut up..maa ji how is it possible
Dadi:Vasu Bahu in some cases it happens..vasundra smiles..n goes to bihaan n touches his cheeks
Vasundra:if so I’m very happy..thank u beta..bihaan wants to say but dint have any words to say
Balwinder:but still we should consult a doctor..
Dadi:offo we will call Doctor tonight
Vasundra:bihaan go to ur room beta Thapki needs u..bihaan sees her n goes up..thapki was taking rest..he sees her..he remembers there romantic moments
Bihaan:is it really she really pregnant..he remembers his rude word..n sits on the couch n gets asleep..

Precap-bihaan cares for Thapki..n thapki gets surprised

Guys none intension to seperate thahaan..I’m also a fan like u all..plzz comment about the ff guys n also silent viewers..would love to read them.bcoz I often lose interest in writing it but after reading ur comments I think to write it so guys plzzz do comment ur views about my u all….

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