Rosid TS: Sab Tera

Hi guys
I’m here with rosid is after a long tym
Busy with studies….hectic schedule and also less response made me stay away from writing
Bt now its difficult to stay away from rosid
So I’m here with this..I took 1 week to write this ts still not completed.. now u all may understud..where I’m held..still I wrote with a hope that u all encourage me by comments( positive r negative)
OK I’m stopping here…I’m going into story
I know its predictable story….still I wrote…
Hope u all njy
Sab tera
Rosid ts by Vardhini

Siddhanth bhardwaj
One of d topmost business man
Owner of bhardwaj industries
Its around night 12….
Sidhant is on d way to his house from office
He is so happy
Y not? He got a prestigious deal which he is waiting for
He is on cloud 9
When he is on his happyland
He heard a big sound
He stopped his car with jerk
He can’t understand wat happened
He came out of car
He z shocked

He found a lorry clashed a car
He found lorry driver escaping from there
Sid ran behind him
Bt he escaped
Sid came back
He found car in very bad condition
He was tensed abt the persons inside
He rushed to car
He found none
Sid is confused
Then he heard a voice of pain
Sid went in that direction
He found a girl near by bushes in pool of blood in semi conscious state
Sid immediately rushed towards her
Sid got tears unknown to him by luking at her position
Sid immediately took her in arms and rushed towards his car
He placed her in car n started his car with super fast
Fortunately he found a 24/7 hospital
He took her inside
Attenders placed her on stretcher…she hold sid finger with her pinky
Doctors immediately responded n took her into operation theatre
At that tym pinky finger grip loosened
Sid felt an unknown pain
He looked at his pinky finger n kissed it
He felt strange
He can’t understand…y he is feeling that much pain fr a stranger
His heart asked is she just stranger?
His mind said…he is feeling sad becz he didn’t face like this situation till now…he didn’t c accident like this
Sid brushed his thoughts
Wat ever it is
Right now he just want her to b fine
He went near god idol n prayed fr her safety
Sid called to his father n told abt situation
Sid father too prayed god for girl saftey

after some tym
Doctor came out
Sid inquired abt her condition
Doctor: mr sidhant….u brought her at right tym….she is out of danger….bt her head is hurt as she fell on rocky floor…so to know her condition v have to wait till she open her eyes
Sidhant: OK docter thank u so much fr saving her life
Docter: its my duty mr. Sidhant…in fact u saved her by bringing here at right tym
Doctor left the place
after some tym
Nurse came to sidhant to inform sidhant abt the girl opened her eyes
Sidhant and doctor entered into room
She opened her eyes slowly
She looked around
Doctor: how r feeling now?
She justed nodded her head as she is fine
Girl: who I am? where I am? Y iam here?
Doctor got full clarity
Doctor: miss just clz ur eyes n try to recall wat ever happened with u

She closed her eyes

She got flashes of some one trying to forcing her n also slapping her hard
She shouted loudly n started crying
Girl: no…..plz leave me….plz….
Sidhant is shocked
He immediately rushed to her
N hold her tightly n hugged her
She felt warmth in his arms
After some time she stopped crying
Sidhant found she is unconscious
He z tensed
Doctor: Mr sidhant….let her take rest…

Sidhant made her sleep on bed protectively
Sidhant: bt doctor…wat happened to her
Doctor asked sid to come to his cabin
Sid went to cabin
Doctor: sidhant..she is suffering from memory loss
Sidhant z shocked
Doctor: and by her reaction I understud something big happened to her….she should b treated care fully
Sidhant: but doctor…vl she get her memory back?
Doctor: ya of course..v should make her remember…bt if v force vl effect her mind
Doctor: bt where vl she stay…v don’t know abt her wr abouts too
Then they heard some voice from behind
Voice: she vl stay with us only
Sidhant turned back
Docter: who r u all??
Sidhant smiled
Sidhant: docter they r my family
Docter smiled
Two middle aged men n women came inside
Sidhant introduced rajender n sujatha as his father n mother…n jamanlal n meena as maama n maami…
Docter greeted them
Docter: that means she lives with u all
Meena: ha docter…..v heard ur conversation….how can v leave her in such condition…n she is suffering from memory loss…that too she is in danger….as u said something big happened…it may happen in future also. .so v decided to take her along with us
Sidhant felt happy
He hugged them
Sidhant;Thank u so much…I’m so happy to have u all in my life
Docter: I’m feeling happy…today ur son saved a stranger…n nw u all ready to give shelter to her…nw Im feeling….that….some humanity still there in this world
U can take her today once she got conscious
meena: sidhant let’s go n c her

They all went to that room
She is like beautiful flower
Bt darkness under her eyes n tiredness in her face shows how much she suffered
meena n jamanlal became emotional by Cing her
Rajender held jamanlal shoulder
meena carassed girl for head n lukd at sid
meena: sid…if my roli might be with me.. She might b same like this girl…I’m feeling so strange….sid god took my roli from me…nw I’m feeling…he gave me another chance to njy my motherhood….I’m cing my roli in her….ha…I don’t know who is she…bt I vl give my motherly affection to her…by saying this she kissed on her forehead
She felt sensation by meena touch
She slowly opened her eyes
All felt happy as she opened her eyes
meena made her sit straightly
She looked at all members
Girl: u all???? n who I am
meena immediately: roli
Rajendra sujatha jamanlal n sidhant shocked
Girl: roli????
meena: ha beta …ur my daughter roli…n he is ur father….she showed jamanlal
Girl lukd at them confusingly
Meena; n ur rajendra uncle n sujatha aunty…n he is sidhant..ur cousin
She looked at sidhant
Sidhant looked at her
Their eyes met each other
She is getting an unknown feeling
Girl: bt wat happened to me..I’m not remembering anything
meena: u fought with me n left house…at that tym u met with accident….bt at right tym sidhant saved u…. beta…I won’t say anything again..u do wat ever u want…bt plz don’t go leaving me
meena cried
Girl too got tears
Girl: maaa
Meena z shocked
Meena: wat u said
Girl: maaa
meena: call me once again

Girl: maa
meena hugged her
Girl felt like… this is the hug..this is the luv she is craving from her child hood….she don’t want to loose this luv at any cost
Girl: maa..I promise…ur roli vl not leave u anytime
meena felt happy when she heard…ur roli
all felt happy
Jaman too came n hugged roli
Sujatha n rajender also so they r cing their siblings happy after so many years( sujatha is jamanlal sister…meena is rajendra sister)
Rajender sid n jaman came out leaving sujatha n meena with roli
Jaman: I’m hapie rajendra….by cing meena like this
Rajendra: ha jaman..I’m also happy abt her…I saw her smile after so many years
Sid: bt papa…wat if….girls family searching fr her
Jaman: ur also right as of now….I want only meena happiness
Rajendra: ha sid…..n c…as docter said something big happened with this condition… She vl b safe only with us only
Sidhant too felt rajendra is right
Not to say …infact his heart is started jumping…from the tym meena told she vl stay with them
And how he can frgt that eyelock…
He lost in her eyes fr one second
He felt tym should stop there
maano na maano..sid already fell fr her
In evening
Roli is discharged from hospital
They took her to be house
She didn’t getting feeling that she is in that house once
Bt the love shown by family members
She is getting feeling that
She belongs to them
meena sujatha rajender jaman sid taking utmost care fr roli
Roli felt she is luckiest one in this world
Roli started recovering physically
N mentally too…becz of d love of family members
Ya she get flashes bt all those vanish when she sleep on her maa lap
One of d day
meena is feeding roli
Roli is not feeling to eat

Bt meena is not leaving
Jaman n rajendra also there
Sujatha cutting vegetables
Just then sid came to have cup of coffee
Sujatha gave coffee to sid
meena: roli….come on…eat…wat vl happen to ur health if u eat this much
Roli: no maa….I can’t..already my stomuch filled
meena: hmm if u eat…I vl tell ur childhood acts
Roli: really
meena: ha
Roli agreed
She completed remaining food
meena clzd her eyes n remembered her daughter roli childhood days
She opened her eyes
Roli is very excited to know abt her childhood
meena: roli…u know ur very good girl from childhood onwards….normally babies cry a lot…Bt ur not that typ….u always used to give smile…that smile fills happiness in our house

Roli smiled by hearing this……
like this meena told abt roli childhood acts
Roli z enjoying
While another person also njying
Of course he is sidhant
Not becz of those stories
He is enjoying by cing excitement of roli
He is staring at her
He lost in her
This was not gone unnoticed by meena

She understud something is there
She smiled at sid teasingly
Sid turned his in all directions…to cover up
meena: roli u know one thing
Roli: wat ma
Meena: this sid is there na….all think he is gud….bt no one know he is super naughty
Sid: maa ( he refers meena as maa)
Roli lukd at him and smiled
Roli: maa wat he did
meena: sid shall I say

Sid: maa….noo
Roli: maa plz tell na
Sid: no maa….plz stop teasing me
Roli: plz ma tell
Meena: OK I vl tell
Sid: maa this is too much…u went to her party now a days…before..u used to support me
Roli: maa is it?? U used to support him?
Sid: ya of course…maa is always my support..she luvd me lot by saying this he kissed meena
Roli: no….ma is my party…she luvs only me…hain na maa?
Sid; arey pagli….I told na she is mine
Roli: u called me pagli??? U only pagal..crazy,…idiot….
Sid: oy oy….wat u said….I vl c who vl save u from me
Roli started running
Sid started running behind her to catch
Roli is hiding back elders
Bt sid is not ready to loose
Elders r njying their nhokjhoks
Roli climbed stairs n went into her room
Sid went behind her
They continued chasing
Roli n sid….both r adamant…no one r ready to compromise

Roli entered into washroom to escape from sidhant
When abt to clz door
Sid stopped her from closing by keeping his hand in between
Sid: roli…open door….today I won’t leave u…wat u said..I’m idiot??
Roli: ( without loosing grip on door .) no I won’t open door..sry ur not idiot…ur rascal…stupid…dumb bhardwaj..
By saying this roli started laughing
Sid now used more force
Sid: u ….I won’t leave u…..u vl regret fr calling me like this
Roli can’t able to stop the force given by sid
Roli grip loosened
Sid entered into washroom immediately..
Roli is shocked
Sid moved towards her
Sid: wat u said…come again
Roli started going back
Sid is moving towards her closely
Roli z tensed
When she abt to more back
As its slippery floor
Roli slipped n abt to fall
Sid hold her by waist
Roli opened her eyes n found herself in his arms
They both lost in each other
( rosid bgm)
After some time roli came out of world
She signed sid
Sid too came out of world

He made her stand properly
Roli is abt to go
Again she slipped becz of slippery floor…of course our sid is there to hold her from on time beforefalling
Bt on the same time… save herself from fall she hold shower knob tightly ….bt unknowingly it opened
Water started showering
Both rosid drenched in water
Of course our sid already lost in his romantic world with roli
Roli herself makes him crazy
Now roli in his arms like this
Guess his position?
How can he leave this chance
He slowly moved towards her
He cupped her face
Roli can’t understand how to react
She closed her eyes
Sid moved towards her cheeks
at that tym they heard voice
Roli ……sidhant
Rosid came out of world
Roli: maaa???
Roli pushed sid
N rushed out
Sidhant scoleded himself fr his fate…he missed a chance to get clz with roli
Meena who saw roli in wet dress z shocked
meena: roli….y u became wet …wat happened
Roli: vo vo …washroom….shower….roli is stammering
meena z confused
Then she found sid who is coming from behind
Now she got entire picture
meena: sidhant u too na….wats matter??
She asked teasingly
Sid: vo ma….wash room shower ma..
meena: oh k….wat ever….come on I vl dry hair of both …otherwise u both vl get cold
meena started drying their hairs
Sid want to tease roli
Sid: maa u didn’t say whom u love most….its k no need to tell…I know u luv only me
Roli fumed
Roli stood up
n hugged meena
Roli: ma tell him..u luv only me
Meena smiled
She kissed sid n roli
meena: I luv both of u…u both r like eyes to me…I want u both should b happy together forever
Rosid lukd at each other
meena smiled
Meena: by d way roli…u didn’t ask wat naughty t
hing sid did
Roli: ha….good u remembered me….tell me na
Sid: no maa
When meena abt to tell…sid clzd meena mouth
Roli removed sid hand from her mouth..she hold his both hands tightly n clzed his mouth with her palm
Now how can sid make any noise…r how he can loose this much good chance….rolis clzness making him mad…he sat like a good boy
meena: on day of ur naming ceremony.. I called sid to tell ur name in ur ears…bt u know wat he did
Roli excitingly
Roli: wat he did
Roli: he kissed on ur cheeks n said ur name n ran away
Roli blushed by hearing this
meena observed this
Roli lukd at sid..sid too lukd at her
There is unknown silence
Meena: n u know wat name he said?
roli: wat ma

Meena: misthy
Roli: misthy??
meena: he kept ur name..nw its ur turn…u keep name to him
By saying this meena left
Roli: so u used to call me as misty
Sid nodded his head
Roli: y r u nodding…tell yes r no correctly
Sid signed her
Roli lukd at him confusingly
She felt his lips on her palm
( sid kissed on her palm)
Then she remembered her palm is still covering his mouth
She immediately took it back n blushed remembering sid kiss on her palm
Sid: so.. .miss misthy? Wats next
Roli: nothing yet decided mr sinchan
Sid: sinchan ?????
Roli: when I’m misthy…y can’t u b sinchan??
Sid: if u call .any name is OK fr me
By saying this sid left leaving roli confused

Recap: sid tells meena abt his love…..sid frnd neha proposes sid

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  2. Vardhinirosid295

    Guys sry fr any grammitical mistakes..and also sry if u find any illogical…n plz guys…plz cmnt….if they r still any diehard rosidians like me

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    Bt after reading cmnts here I really felt happy..I vl definitely continue bt need some time..tq so much fr being supportive…stay tuned

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