Roshni 4th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Roshni 4th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Roshni asking Nick, Doodle and Parvati to shift their discussion, as she has some work. Nick says sure, we will shift to my OPD, but is everything fine. She says yes. He asks her to tell him, if there is anything. He leaves. Roshni tries to get the date of that surgery and sees CCTV footages. She sees Malhotra going for surgery and some man taking the ice box from OT. She calls for Dr. Malhotra.

Malhotra calls Pintu and asks him to be ready. He goes to talk to Roshni. She asks is he involved in kidney theft. He says no. She shows the video and asks who is this man. Malhotra says he is Pintu Ghosh, he gets clients, Rajat knows him, you can ask Rajat. Roshni asks what is he doing in prep room. Malhotra asks how can I tell this. She says great and you call yourself a doctor, you can go. He leaves.

Roshni comes to Rajat and asks who is Pintu Ghosh, will we hire patients agent now, are we so desperate, Kishore and Vasundara’s name is linked to this hospital. Mona argues and says yes, we will have agents, we want to become number one. Roshni says we have to make this hospital good, the companies which get big suddenly gets shut soon. They argue. Rajat says we have to see legal notice, don’t argue.

Roshni tells about footage, she has seen Pintu Ghosh going with ice box, she suspects Malhotra did with Pintu. She asks them to call their broker Pintu Ghosh and leaves.

Roshni thinks hospital image will get spoiled if Nick and Doodle know about this and goes. Pintu comes to meet Rajat. Rajat tells about the legal notice of kidney theft, surgery was done by Malhotra, you were seen with ice box. Pintu says you mean I got this kidney, so be clear, you are saying as if I did crime. Rajat and Mona get shocked.

Pintu says patient is alive, whats the loss, you got money and blessings. Rajat asks why did you do this. Pintu says I did for money and gave cash to Sharad too. Rajat gets shocked and sees Sharad. Rajat asks Sharad did he know this. Pintu takes it light. Mona asks him why did he do this, they did not allow him to take patient’s kidney. Pintu says another man got saved by getting kidney, we got profit too.

Rajat says Mona, this man is sick. Pintu asks Rajat to think, if he frames him in kidney theft, he will not get saved, as some doctor here did bigger illegal work. Rajat asks what nonsense. Pintu shows the video of Anand doing surgery for removing bullet. Pintu and Sharad smile. Pintu says Dr. Anand, your dad removed a criminal’s bullet, if police knows this, you took money too. Pintu asks Rajat to forget this case. Rajat says you don’t know lawyer Anuradha. Pintu says you manage, my name should not come.

Mona gives warning to Pintu. He goes. Sharad says they have to delete CCTV footage by hiding from Roshni. Rajat says do as you want. Mona and Sharad go to delete the footage from Roshni’s computer. Mona asks Pintu not to pass Dr. Anand video to anyone. She asks him to delete it. Pintu agrees. Roshni sees the newspaper in morning and gets shocked.

Roshni talks to Anuradha and gets some solution. She tells Mona that they don’t have any other option.

Update Credit to: Amena

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