Roshni 3rd November 2015 Written Episode Update

Roshni 3rd November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Malhotra scaring a man about his health and duping him about tests to get money. The assistant doctor gives the original reports. Malhotra gets tensed and sends the patient after talking well. He tears the papers and scolds the assistant. He asks him to earn money and get OT ready. Malhotra talks to Sharad. Sharad tells him about kidney theft notice. Malhotra calls Pintu and tells the problem. Pintu tells him not to worry, he will manage. Sharad takes the phone. Pintu says its fine if management knows it, I will come there and talk. Malhotra worries.

Rajat comes to Roshni. She says she is thinking whats happening in Leela since few days. She says there is someone who know everything about us, whom we trust, we have to spy on them. Rajat says but how to know him. She says lets see.

Malhotra and Sharad talk to Pintu. Sharad asks how to get out of this problem. Pintu asks him to take less tension. Malhotra says when to say Rajat. Pintu says tomorrow morning. Sharad asks is he joking. Malhotra says Mona, Rajat and Roshni will not keep quiet. Pintu says they will not know, even if they know, they will support us. Sharad asks how is he confident. Pintu says he has something.

Pintu asks them to see a short film. Malhotra and Sharad laugh. Malhotra says Pintu is very smart. Its morning, Sharad comes to Rajat and Mona, and tells about legal notice for blame of kidney theft. Rajat asks what nonsense. Mona says we need legal expert, don’t know about medical negligence they are saying is true or not. Sharad says yes, sometimes people send fraud notices. The lawyer talks to the man and tells about his case. She says he can come next week, she will keep case papers ready. Her assistant Mansi says she has sent legal notice to Leela.

Parvati tells her diagnosis and gives the file to Roshni. Roshni, Nick and Doodle check for the illness based on symptoms. Parvati gives her opinion and tells more about patient. Roshni gets to know the medication of the patient. She says patient took medicine for cold by his wish daily. Roshni thanks Parvati. Nick teases Doodle. Parvati leaves. Nick asks Doodle to think and see Parvati.

Roshni gets the notice that Dr. Kamal joined as cardiologist. She goes to Rajat and Mona and gets to know about the new join. Mona tells about new legal notice. Roshni asks why did we get notice. Rajat says Malhotra referred some case, he has done just minor operation that day. Mona says we have one day time. Roshni says I will check on my level if I could know anything. Sharad worries.

Roshni asks Malhotra did he remove kidney. She tells Rajat and Mona that Malhotra and Pintu did this. Pintu blackmails Rajat and shows the video.

Update Credit to: Amena

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