Roshni 2nd November 2015 Written Episode Update

Roshni 2nd November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pintu getting some doctor to meet Rajat and Mona. Rajat says I heard a lot about this doctor. The doctor flirts with Mona, and Rajat gets irked. The doctor tells about getting patients by fooling them. Rajat says oh so this is your real talent, your ideas are profitable, give us few days to think and decide. He sends them. Mona asks Rajat why did he react like this. Rajat says no, I told them I will talk after few days. Mona asks why did he not give him consent. He says my conscious is not so weak till now. Mona says we should use their services. Sharad comes. Mona asks Sharad to explain Rajat.

Sharad says our accounts are getting down. Mona says that doctor was joking, forget it, some people are fools, we have deal with many type of people. Sharad says think if we can deal with third party directly. Mona says I will confirm Dr. Kamal and calls him to ask him about joining Leela from tomorrow. Rajat looks on.

Roshni sees Leela’s pic near her cabin. She sees Sameer’s cabin which became her cabin now. She sees Kishore’s pic. She sits and recalls what all happened in the past. She recalls Sameer and how she got Leela nursing home back. She tells staff that she will see all patients in this cabin, and her cabin will be Nikhil’s OPD. She says as of now, Nick, Doodle and I will be seeing diagnostic department.

Nick comes to talk to Doodle. He says he has done a complicated surgery and asks for coffee. Doodle says coffee is coming. Parvati gives coffee to Doodle. Doodle says Nick needs it more. She says no, you also have it and divides the coffee from her cup to give Doodle. Nick says how sweet. Parvati drinks coffee by making sound, and says she made coffee with extra milk and sugar. They look at her. She tells about her younger brother, they had coffee making competition, she won by making coffee in less time. Nick teases Doodle and smiles.

Mona comes to Rajat and says we have three doctor’s team, Roshni, Nick and Doodle in diagnostic dept. what are they thinking, there is difference between foolishness and bravery. Rajat says I noticed, you get judgmental for Roshni’s decisions. Mona says you think as a brother, not CEO, ask Roshni to think on her decisions. Rajat says I spoke to Roshni, she said she will talk to Kishore or Anand if she needs help. She asks why is he bringing family. He says if family has best doctors, why can’t we take their help. She says as you say, fine.

Roshni comes to Nick and Doodle, and gives the patient’s cases files. Parvati looks on and hears the case.

Parvati makes them less stressed by cracking joke. Roshni asks her to inform nurse. Nick and Roshni see Doodle and smile. They together go and check the patients. Haan ye rasta hai tera……………plays…………. Roshni says well done Parvati, and makes her part of this diagnostic team. Mona talks to Sharad. He says we have to cut costs. She asks him to increase room charges after 10 days stay. Sharad finds the idea good. She gets a call and goes. Sharad receives a legal notice and gets worried.

Malhotra tells Nick about kidney demand. Nick laughs. Sharad says its blame of stealing kidney. Malhotra says if Roshni knows then… Rajat scolds Pintu.

Update Credit to: Amena

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