Roshni 22nd October 2015 Written Episode Update

Roshni 22nd October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Tiwari saying Rajat that he wants abortion to be done as his bahu is also giving consent. Rajat says he wants to talk to woman first. Sharad asks him to come out. He talks to Rajat and says the woman has two daughters, the thing is they don’t want third female child, they want to do abortion secretly, its their family matter, we will get amount, they have come here as they trust Leela, we can make our hospital more clients, and I suggest you do this operation.

Nick and Roshni have a talk. She laughs saying about doodle’s assistant. She says she missed him a lot. He says even he missed her a lot. He says I have learnt no one should be taken granted. She says work can give happiness, it can get double when your loved ones are with you. He says I m your loved one. They smile. Doodle sees the gun man outside Rajat’s cabin. Parvati says its VIP case. She tells about some old incident.

Doodle comes home and joins Nick and Roshni. Nick teases him and they argue. Roshni says please stop. Doodle says Rajat is in hospital, I have seen him, some VIP case has come. Roshni asks what, and calls Rajat. She says he is not taking call. Nick says he maybe busy. Sharad asks Rajat not to think, its small operation. Its their family matter, I will sit outside, come. The nurse talks to Anjali and checks her and her reports. The nurse suggests not to do abortion. Her mum in law says new generation does not want more kids. She gets call and goes out to talk.

Anjali holds the nurse’s hand and signs her no. The nurse understands and nods. She goes out. The nurse calls Roshni and tells her everything. Roshni gets shocked. She says I m coming. Anjali is taken for the operation. Rajat gets ready to do operation. Roshni and Nick come there and ask Sharad where is Rajat. Sharad says he is busy. Roshni asks again. She rushes to stop Rajat. She stops Rajat and asks him not to operate, as Anjali’s consent is not there. Tiwari says this abortion will happen. Roshni says it will happen if your bahu gives the consent in written form. She asks Sharad not to explain.

She says if they are pressuring a woman for abortion, its their concern, she knows Anjali has told the staff that she does not want abortion. Nick stops Anjali’s husband and scolds him. Tiwari says maybe Roshni is saying right. He says let me talk to my bahu, maybe she changed her mind, we will take her. Rajat says talk to her and get her consent. Tiwari goes with his son.

Rajat asks the nurse to take the woman back to ward. Tiwari threatens his bahu about killing her daughters if she refuses for abortion. Anjali agrees for abortion. Rajat asks Roshni why did she react like this by believing the nurse. Roshni says she can’t take any chance. The nurse comes and says Anjali has given consent for abortion. Roshni gets shocked.

Roshni asks Anjali not to worry, law is with her, she has to be strong. Roshni scolds Tiwari for doing child’s s*x determination and forcing a woman to abort her baby.

Update Credit to: Amena

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