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Roshni 21st October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Roshni asking the man to get donor details. She talks to Nick and reminds the old time. He goes to do surgery. Doodle gets the case details. A girl smiles and asks may I come in. He looks at her. She says hello, you are Dr Nitin right, I m Dr. Parvati, and gives her intro. She says Mona appointed me your assistant. He says okay, take a seat. They see a patient. They treat the patient well. Doodle writes the prescription and asks him to come for follow up. Doodle tells Parvati that her diagnosis was right. She smiles seeing him.

Roshni comes to meet him. He introduces Roshni. Parvati says she has heard a lot about Roshni. Roshni says good you got an assistant so soon, I will see you around. She goes signing Doodle. Roshni comes home and gets a call. She asks is this news right. She ends call and goes to talk to Rajat. She asks Rajat to organize small press meet. Mona asks whats the matter. Roshni tells about Nisha’s case, and says this can help our hospital. Mona asks her to give more details.

Rajat and Mona call the press meet. Rajat tells about his hospital, who wants to give a message to people, the credit goes to Roshni this time too. Roshni says every patient is not just a case, our ignorance makes big problem and tells about hiv infection. She says Nisha was admitted here as suicide case, as her inlaws have made her helpless, her character was doubted, she needed counseling, there is difference in being hiv positive and having aids. She says hiv infection does not spread by touch, its either by blood fusion or s*xual contact.

Roshni tells about the investigations, they came to know donor did not have hiv too, the donor had hiv virus and his blood report did not show it, the hospitals having hiv test machines does not show hiv happened 3 months ago, they have to get nuclic acid test before blood transfusion, we tried for Nisha, we spoke to Nisha’s bp company, her inlaws and friends, we made the things fine for her, disease comes once, but our ignorance beats us multiple times, we want to convey message that we saved Nisha, but you all have to give her life. They all clap for Roshni.

After two days in Bhopal, a girl is shown running. The goons follow her. The goons catch her and bring her to Leela hospital. A man comes there with his family. Rajat and Mona come home and are tired. Mona says she wants to have something good today. Sharad calls Rajat and asks him to come to hospital. Rajat says I just came home. Sharad says a big builder Tiwari has come, just come here. Tiwari takes the call and says there is emergency, can you come. Rajat says I just came, I will inform my best doctors. Tiwari says if you are tired, I will come to take you. Rajat says I will come. He tells Mona that he will go and come soon, she can take rest. He leaves.

Doodle does the operation and Parvati compliments him for doing operation so skillfully. Rajat comes to meet Tiwari. Tiwari and his family talk to Rajat. Tiwari tells Rajat that he did not go anywhere else, as he knows Kishore. He says his bahu is pregnant and she has two children, she is not in state to have third child, so he wants abortion to be done. Rajat gets shocked.

Roshni asks Rajat not to do abortion, as girl’s consent is not there. Roshni tells Tiwari that the girl does not want abortion to be done and Nick supports her.

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