Roshni 17th September 2015 Written Episode Update

Roshni 17th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ansal asking Sharad to do something. Sharad says someone is playing against us, its Sameer. Sameer asks Mona why did Roshni not come. Rajat says I have fired her, she won’t come. Sameer asks why, don’t you have reason. He argues with Rajat. He says you are giving the message to people that Roshni was wrong, so she was fired, you are spoiling Leela’s image. He says this is time to support Roshni. Rajat says I don’t mix relations in profession. Sameer says I m not mixing, I want my assistant back. Rajat says she won’t come, its my decision. Sameer says I want Roshni back, else be ready to take my resignation.

Rajat gets angry and asks Mona to let Sameer resign. Mona asks him to understand Sameer’s logic. Rajat asks how shall I face Roshni. Mona says Roshni will

understand you, and calls Roshni by his phone. She asks him to talk. He asks Roshni to join Leela as an employee. Roshni says fine, maybe you don’t need me, but I need Leela and you, thanks. Kishore comes and says he wants to talk to Rajat. Rajat cries hearing him. He apologizes to him and says I could not save the nursing home. Kishore says it all belonged to you, even I could not save Leela.

Rajat says I have to talk a lot, I could not see you. Kishore says don’t cry, come home. Rajat says he was kicked out from home. Kishore asks him not to feel bad, Vasundara stills loves him, and asks him to come home right away, he has to talk to entire family today and hug you. Rajat says I m coming.

Rajat tells Mona that he can’t attend any meeting, Kishore called me home, I m going to meet him. She gets surprised. Rajat is on the way and smiles. He reaches home. He sees the home and recalls Vasundara kicking him out. Rajat comes inside and greets Kishore. He hugs Kishore and cries. Rajat says I will return your nursing home. Kishore says did I ask for it, I want to talk to my family, sit.

Kishore says he wants to tell everyone that he is lucky to have a good family, who doubles his happiness. He says he decided to leave Bhopal and go Sihor. Roshni asks is he joking. Kishore says he is serious, I don’t love Leela nursing home. I will go very far when I don’t love my family, maybe to never return, now I m finding peace which my medical profession gives me. Kishore hugs Anand and asks him to take care of Vasundara. He hugs Roshni and Rajat.

Badri asks Rajat not to neglect a mother and family. He asks him to come back home. He hugs him and they cry. Rajat apologizes to Roshni and says he was angry on himself. He says he can’t tell her everything, but he can share that he can get nursing home back. He asks her to join Leela as a doctor, and not as Sameer’s assistant. Roshni says Mona said Sameer got profits for Leela. They have a talk. Rajat acts like Sameer and they laugh.

Anand and Vasundara cry as Kishore is going. She says he is annoyed as we made Rajat leave the house. Anand asks her to think about Kishore. Rajat comes to her.

Roshni asks Vasundara and Anand to give their stake. Roshni comes to know Ansal is the investor and gets stunned.

Update Credit to: Amena

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