Roshni 16th October 2015 Written Episode Update

Roshni 16th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Roshni asking Rajat for nek. She bargains and Rajat is not ready to give her. She pulls Rajat’s leg. Mona sings a song with Rajat. Roshni asks them to enter the room now. Anand comes to Leela. Sharad says patient is serious and operation is necessary. Anand does the operation. Sharad, Pintu and Malhotra look on. Malhotra says if Rajat knows that we did not call police. Sharad says I will manage. Its morning, Roshni greets Rajat and Mona. Mona says I m glad that the family accepted us. Rajat jokes and Mona and Roshni ask him not to joke and fight. Rajat says I will cancel your surprise gift. Roshni asks what is it. He says I will tell in evening. She leaves.

Mona asks what surprise gift. He asks her to see in evening. Anand tells Rajat about emergency at night, Sharad requested me to do operation. Rajat says Sharad did not inform me. Anand says its fine. Rajat says fine. Anand says Mona has come home now, spend time with her. Nick talks to Roshni and Doodle. Nick says he wants to tell something. He tells her about his plans and asks about Leela hospital. Doodle says when I have seen patient not getting surgery done without insurance, I felt bad. He tells the worse case by the protocols. Rajat meets Sharad. He asks how could he forget to call police.

He asks for details and Sharad says I told uncle about it. Rajat asks why did you make dad do this operation. Sharad says the patient party has offered 1.5 crores to hide his identity. Rajat says we will call police. Sharad says we need the money, I m CA and I know our financial condition. He asks Rajat to manage everything if he wants, they saved the patient. Rajat says fine, and leaves. Sharad asks Malhotra to discharge the patient and laughs.

Vasundara and Anand talk about sending Rajat and Mona for some time. She asks him to come along to help her, she is mentally exhausted and want to get some time away. Anand agrees. Roshni talks to Dr. Mishra and asks him to talk in detail about saline. Rajat calls her and asks him to come to his cabin for her surprise gift. She comes there and sees Nick and Doodle. She asks for the surprise gift. Rajat says he decided to hire qualified doctors from UK and US. He says he has hired Nick and Doodle, congratulate them.

She gets glad and asks about their license. Nick says all done. She hugs them happily. Mona comes and asks whats happening. Roshni says Nick and Doodle joined Leela, thanks Rajat, he is best brother. They leave to celebrate. Rajat tells Mona he is glad that they accepted his offer. She asks why do they want to join here. He says they are mad like Roshni to practice in India, Nick and Roshni are in love. She says you did not tell me. She says she does not like this family joining mentality, they are professionals. He says they are skilled doctors and well settled, they have bonding with Roshni, we don’t have to worry, you can even scold them. She says I hope nothing wrong happens.

Roshni talks to Nick and Doodle. A girl commits suicide. The goons go to that girl to inject something.

Update Credit to: Amena

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