Roshni 15th October 2015 Written Episode Update

Roshni 15th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Champak asking his mum not to worry, as Malhotra is a good doctor, he has 20 years of experience. Nick and Doodle have a talk about Roshni. Nick says she has gone to talk to her staff. Roshni tells the staff about global hygiene day and tells them about hand hygiene. She says they have to wash hands for 10 seconds before touching the patients and they can prevent infections. Pintu meets Malhotra and asks does his team has just his people. Malhotra laughs and says he has his loyal people, he gives them money to shut mouth. Pintu wishes him all the best for the operation and smiles.

Malhotra goes to do the operation and does the operation of Champak’s mum. He gets the kidney and gives it to Pintu. Pintu says I m glad. Malhotra asks him not to be seen here for few days. Pintu leaves. Malhotra tells Champak that operation went well. Champak thanks him for doing the operation well. Malhotra says she will get discharged in few days.

Nick comes to Rajat while he is talking to Mona. Rajat ends the call. Nick says I came on wrong time to break your romantic conversation. Rajat says we are just talking about work. Nick says I have come to thank you for calling us here. Rajat says so you came to meet Roshni, not to attend my marriage, I understand, long distance. Nick says I did not talk to Roshni, I did not get chance, I will talk after your marriage.

Nick and Doodle sleep and Roshni comes to them. She asks them to wake up. Doodle jokes on them and asks them to marry in registrat marriage to save money. Nick asks how will she marry then. She says I did not think. Doodle says girls think a lot about marriage. Nick says even guys decide, I have thought I will come on white horse, and wear black sherwani. Roshni and Doodle laugh. She says leave all this, we have to go now for Rajat’s marriage.

Rajat and Mona sign on the register and get married. Kishore and Mahesh sign as witness. Everyone clap and congratulate Rajat and Mona. Nick and Doodle stay at home to help Vasundara. Rajat and Mona come home. Vasundara welcomes them and does aarti. Everyone get happy. Roshni says she will call Mona by her name. Rajat jokes. Kishore says we shall get inside now. Mona’s grah pravesh is done. Vasundara talks to Roshni about Nick.

Rajat jokes saying they will get Roshni and Nick married soon. They smile. Champak asks his mum does she have pain. She says no, but I feel light here. Champak says it means your system is getting well. Malhotra comes and checks the lady. He calls Pintu and says no one has doubt on me, no one knows this in hospital, its all fine, send more patients. He sees Sharad and asks him to talk in his cabin. Sharad asks him to come to his cabin. Roshni says we will click pics and they all pose for pics. Sharad asks Malhotra what game is he playing with Pintu. Malhotra tells him everything about kidney theft. Sharad makes plan to get their work done by some other doctor, so that they win. Malhotra says not a bad idea.

Pintu calls Malhotra and tells the case. Malhotra says I don’t want any case related to police. Sharad talks to Pintu and does the deal. He asks him to send patient and plans with Malhotra. Kishore talks to Leela’s pic and gets emotional. Anand gets Sharad’s call who calls him for the surgery. He convinces him to come. Anand agrees to operate the patient and asks whether he informed police. Sharad lies to him. Malhotra laughs as Sharad has trapped Anand.

Roshni says Nick and Doodle have joined our hospital. Mona says I don’t like this family joining hospital mentality. Rajat confronts Sharad for making Anand do surgery.

Update Credit to: Amena

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