Roshni 13th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Roshni 13th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Roshni showing the message to Nick. He says I can’t believe this, Raghunandan is funding this surgery and making the top surgeon do this surgery for goodwill, I knew he will help us. They get glad. Nick says he has sent a sweet message, that this is his gift to a gifted student, he will be proud of you. She smiles. Doodle wakes up Parvati. He pacifies her about her mum. He gets a message and gets glad. He tells Parvati about Roshni’s step to seek help from Raghunandan. He says top surgeon Dr. Patel will do your mum’s surgery for free. She gets glad and tells her brother and calls her dad. She says mum will be fine now and Doodle smiles seeing her happy.

Roshni tells Rajat about Raghunandan sorting everything for them. Mona says very good Roshni, you earn lots of goodwill. Mona says we shall send press release, I have no concerns. Roshni says I will leave, I spoke to Dr. Patel. Rajat tells her about meeting with insurance company next week. Mona asks Rajat about it. He asks her to come along for coffee. She says I understand, Roshni gave you out of the box idea, which you want to tell me smoothly.

Two days later, Dr. Patel comes to Leela hospital. Roshni and Rajat welcome him. Roshni, Doodle, Parvati and Nick assist Dr. Patel in the heart surgery of Parvati’s mum. The surgery is successful. Dr. Patel tells Parvati that her mum is completely fine and asks Roshni to do such next surgery herself. Parvai hugs Roshni and thanks them.

After one week, Roshni thanks Kumar for meeting regarding insurance proposal. Kumar says proposal is interesting but… She says we shall discuss again, I will be grateful. She says weaker section population is high, its time for public private sectors, we can help them, I want insurance policy with low premium, like 20rs per month, it can be much popular. He says your intention is noble, its impossible to sell it. She says we have to make them sure that insurance is their security. He says we are commercial enterprise, such 20rs premium policy is not feasible for us.

She says this policy will be financially feasible for your company, it will have tieup with our hospital, we will see you will not be burdened, we will give 25% less rates for patients, we are walking two steps, you also walk two steps, the way for poor people will get easy. He says we got such proposal for the first time, I will rethink and forward this proposal to head office, committee will decide, I can make an honest effort and get back to you. She leaves.

Rajat relaxes and asks Mona to leave annual reports talk today. Mona says we can’t afford other talks. Roshni comes and Rajat asks about the meeting. Roshni says Kumar asked for time, he looked interested. Mona says he politely said no, he will refuse in few days, there should be someone in deal for both partners. Roshni says this is not charity. We are making weaker section secure themselves, the day this becomes our brand for Leela, trust me, you will get much profit, trust me. Mona says your talk is ideal, I find it less practical. Roshni says I try to make ideal thing practical. Rajat asks them not to argue, maybe she will get someone mad who likes her practical ideal things. They leave to see annual reports.

After a month, Roshni, Nick and Doodle have tea along Parvati. Doodle says I invited her a lot, and she came now. Parvati says I thought to let you all enjoy on Sundays. Nick teases her. Roshni says they are pulling your leg, is aunty fine. Parvati says yes, mum was asking about you. Nick asks Doodle to meet her parents. Mona comes and says you guys are celebrating Sunday. Rajat comes and gives them the good news.

Mona asks him to stop buildup and say. Rajat says Mona and Roshni were debating and the result has come, the poor patient insurance scheme is getting implemented, Roshni’s idea worked, the company is starting this scheme, they sold this to 5 lakh people, they will tie up with Leela hospital. He says because Roshni suggested this policy, they requested health ministry to make Leela hospital to become part of every govt health scheme, its win win situation, Roshni was right, congrats, you did it. Nick says I helped her. Doodle says me too.

Roshni gets emotional and happy. She wishes to treat the boy who had hole in heart. Mona says his files are there with us, we will call her, Leela hospital will pay for his operation, and take insurance from him next year, even when it will be half the cost. Roshni gets surprised. Mona says my maths is good. Roshni says your heart is good too. Roshni says we have to go to work, doctors are never off duty. They all go to Leela hospital and stand united as a team.

The show ended on a happy note.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Awesome show on doctors. Totally inspiring. Salute to all doctors including my dad for motivating citizens like me to become 1

  2. plzz restart the show.Its too intresting.

  3. Ritika Manglani

    It was good show, why its over so early, my favorite serial and roshni is amazing.

  4. Gaurav Agarwal

    It was such a good serial why it has been over.there was such ethics which made this serial popular.

  5. My favorite show.plz roshni come back.I never miss this show .its truely inspiring. For the first time truely nice show had been started n now so early it got finished.plz don’t do so

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