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Roshni 12th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Roshni talking to Nick. He tells about a famous hospital, and he got a job offer. She congratulates him. He says I feel I m dreaming. She says sometimes, dreams complete easily. He says everything is fine there, will you stay there. She says don’t ask me difficult question. He asks does she not miss him. She says I do. He asks why are we not together. She says we will talk later about this, I m in hospital. He says fine and ends call. She comes back to Sameer.

Kishore talks to Badri. Vasundara says Badri has gone out and asks him why did he come without telling her. She asks why did he not tell her if he was annoyed. She says we have accepted Mona happily. He laughs and says you have acted maturely. He asks her to have parathas. She says now I know why you came to Sehore.

An old couple comes for treatment. Roshni asks whats the problem. The lady tells about her husband’s old age problems. Roshni checks him and tells him that he has jaundice. Roshni says his liver has a cyst and explains him about unhygienic things leading to this cyst. The old man cries and tells about his son. Roshni asks him to be careful, and maintain hygiene. She says she has to do operation, and they will get all info at counter. She says we will try our best.

Malhotra brings Pintu to Sharad. They have a laugh. Rajat tells Roshni that Mona for divorce. Roshni pulls his cheeks and rushes to Mona. She hugs Mona and says you will become my Bhabhi now. Mona asks her to sit. They have a talk. Roshni asks for a good treat and a gift. Mona says ofcourse, Rajat already gave you gift, Leela hospital. Roshni says yes, he trusted me. Mona says Sameer really likes you, he trusts you, but he disappointed me. Roshni asks why. Mona says he did not say any plan about finance.

Roshni says the day people trusts Leela, then this will become the biggest. Mona says brand making will need time, we have to get high revenue treatments. Roshni asks her to leave all this, and asks for a gift. She leaves. Mona comes to meet Vasundara. Vasundara says Mahesh called and informed about your divorce, you were always Rajat’s friend, we have seen you as a daughter. Mona says I know, when you did not accept me, I was hurt but not annoyed. Mona clears out few things. Vasundara says I got relieved of a burden. Mona asks for court marriage and Vasundara agrees. Mona gives her shagun and says my mum made this for Rajat’s wife when he was very young and hugs Mona happily.

Malhotra checks a patient and does wrong diagnosis. The man confronts Malhotra. Malhotra asks who is the doctor and fools him for the operation. He calls Pintu and tells him the problem.

Roshni tells about an old patient and makes Anand do the operation, which Mona opposes.

Update Credit to: Amena

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